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  1. Bring it on Airfix! The Scimitar is one exception to the looks right/flies right adage. I think around half were lost in accidents and it was a maintenance nightmare. That said in a war it may have faired better and it suffered the fate of so many British post war aircraft in being over specified with insufficient funds for development. That canopy is well done.
  2. That is a really nice Vixen. How did you do the canopy so well? My love affair with the Scimitar started with the Airfix Victorious as well. Will
  3. I hassle Airfix every year at Telford for a Scimitar - you are definitely not the only one.
  4. Keep the faith! If Trumpeter can do a very good Wyvern in 1/48 anything is possible. Given the number of builds/demand for the Dynavector one I would suggest that of all the Dynavector kits the Scimitar was the most popular and look how many of those have been kitted. Will
  5. I think that you can have problems with PVA as well as I have experienced something similar in a F-84 with PVA and was told that Cyano was the way to go! Will
  6. I agree with all other comments here - that is stunning. Looking carefully at the detail shots I am struggling to see how you went about making up the parts. How did you make the two 'Dishes' on the UC door/airbrake also how did you deepen the canopy framework? Could you share any details or is there a WIP? will
  7. Hi

    I produce custom decals Parkes682Decals have a look at my section in Vendors and Manufacturers

    There are some photos of my work


    My email is



    1. Scimitar F1

      Scimitar F1

      Hi Paul


      habe sent you an email - let me know if you haven't received it yet.



  8. Thanks for the responses - I will be in touch!
  9. I thought they had released this back in 2007. They have a -40 listed currently. Are we sure that this is not a new tool?
  10. Hi I have found some publicly available artwork from MAI for some FJ-4B Furies but only have a bubblejet printer which I fear will end in disaster. Would anyone have an ALPS or other quality laserjet colour printer and could print a sheet out. I would cover costs and be eternally grateful. Many Thanks Will
  11. Saw that too - a little surprised - will just have to get the high tech one. Whirlwind and Balt - REJOICE!
  12. I need to get this done too. I have the artwork that was made available by Model Aircraft international in 2008 for a FJ-4B. It needs to be sharpened up somewhat. Is there anyone who could help with this. I only have an bubblejet printer and really would like it done on a calibrated LaserJet. I would, of course, pay for this and would be eternally grateful. Will
  13. I have to say this leaves me scratching my head in that they just do not seem to be able to get it right compared with their own product from 20 years ago and Colourcoats etc. I found a massive tin of gloss orange (18) that dates from 1979 and decided to do a comparison to the new tin from Hannants I had unnecessarily bought. I was expecting the old tin to be better. I have to say that there was no difference at all - if anything the new tin was better. I think the lead must have been taken out earlier. We just bought a new car and I was amazed to find out that car paint is water based for environmental reasons. I am sure that we will benefit from some trickle down - there was an Italian company at Telford selling water based paint that looked amazing so this may be happening already.
  14. I think he is talking about the 1/48 B IV that came out in the last few years.Time will tell. Will
  15. A life lived well! Time to watch the film again.