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  1. Wow I do not know ow where e to start What did you use for glue?
  2. Army Air Corps Green/Black scheme - what green?

    From memory it was NATO IRR Green. Tamiya XF-81is a good match.
  3. RAF100 special tails. Don't get excited. No, really.

    I cannot believe that this is the case and that things have got so bad . Remember how the USN marked their Aviation Centenary. More so that the RAF was the first major independent Air force. Is this the best that the UK armed forces can do?
  4. Weight issues

    Very glad to hear that - I know that PVA is a problem
  5. Weight issues

    Whatever you do avoid using PVA and lead. I used it in an F-84 and after a while it expanded and caused the fuselage to deform. I understand this may also happen with cyanoacrylate. I suggest lead or steel and epoxy. Will
  6. That is a nice selection of schemes it must be said! Another must buy. I read a first hand account that some Tempests were fitted with methanol injection giving short bursts of 3,000hp. Bring on the Whirlwind!
  7. Airfix QC issues strike again. Defective Sea Fury kits.

    I am a great supporter of Airfix but I am perplexed. Airfix started on their current journey in terms of approach a decade ago. I really like the use of LIDAR and many of their subject choices. But we are kidding ourselves if the rate of progress and the number of errors is anything but disappointing. In the intervening years we have had RMF, Thunder models, Meng, Takom, Amusing, Miniart amongst many others appear and offer comprehensively better engineered kits. Look at Eduard, ICM and while they were around have got better in the intervening decade. Am curious more than anything and something I truly want to understand. Will
  8. Falcon Heavy Success!

    Well I am impressed. This was Sci-fi when I did my Aeronautics and Astronautics degree and here we are. What is impressive is the rate of development and that it is not a national enterprise undertaking it. I have lost count of the number of paper ideas that I have read over the years - Hotol anyone? - but to have actually done this is impressive. Will
  9. Bpf and East Indies FAA Roundel on Blue

    That makes sense as it was more likely they had Roundel blue in the stores than GSB. That poses an interesting question what dis they use to touch up Repairs?
  10. Bpf and East Indies FAA Roundel on Blue

    Hi Working towards starting my 1/32 scale FAA Hellcat. Was wondering for a GSB airframe would the blue of the Roundel be the underlying GSB colour or would it be Roundel blue? Will
  11. DIY project: plasticard printing/cutting machine

    Sounds interesting - which Silhouette cutter did you get - the Portrait or the Cameo?
  12. Now that would be something!
  13. December's special offer - RPToolz leaf maker set

    Just received mine - very nice thank you
  14. Airfix 2018

    No just that they could make money doing this. Why should they not branch out. It would be epic!
  15. Airfix 2018

    It may be too soon after the 1/48th one for the Sea Fury but they make money on the big kits. Left field would be a 1/32 A4 pacific