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  1. Can i just confirm its 1/72 and a conversion? And will it fit onto the Airfix fit without too much trouble? Echo Mike with the red tail has to be an option along with some camo options. Arabest, Geoff.
  2. Has Airfix gone Hollywood?

    On first sight of this thread, my thoughts were to an extent Hasegawa in reverse. But then i dont know how much a comparable Hasegawa kit is in Australia. Arabest, Geoff.
  3. Fujimi 1/72 British Phantom - Nose too short?

    The reason i chuckle is that the 1 or 2 mm brigade are the ones who shout the loudest. And its a personal hate of mine when anything is changed to percentages to make a point. You write of the mm in the radome, but we are supposed to be modelers and this is not an insurmountable issue, be that a cut n shut with a shim, a swipe of filler and file or just live with it as. I must have built 10 Fujimi Phantoms over the years with 5 more in the stash and having sat on the fence at Leuchars, i see no issue. Its funny that the Tucano thing has come up as we used to handle quite a few of them at Dundee. I have seen for myself how different they are, and its not tiny percentages between the long and short of it! Arabest, Geoff.
  4. Fujimi 1/72 British Phantom - Nose too short?

    As a young light aircraft engineer, i picked up many nuggets of info that have stayed with me over the years. One of these things related to Leuchars Phantoms, from someone who worked on them, and is the very same info about each airframe being different enough that new skins had to be prepped for each airframe. This was easily related to the Cessnas i worked on as the 2 or 3 skin panels we kept in stock had only the bare minimum of pilot drill holes in them. I always have a chuckle at the rivet counters when a kit is a mm or 2 out, as in reality, you would have to physically go out and measure the specific aircraft being modeled to ensure accuracy. Understandably, 1 in 10 Spitfires off the production line might need a bit of adjustment before release to service. Phantoms need an oversized panel reworked to fit and even the Typhoon has had issues when brought together! In this case, the Phantom that Fujimi measured might just have the wee "mistake" in it that nobody has noticed. Arabest, Geoff.
  5. Paint match for RAF Phantom fibreglass nose

    All down to how the aircraft is primed then painted. Im sure there are a couple of people on here will know more, but this is what i remember from what i was told when i asked the question. All the metal parts were primed then top coated in whatever shade of grey that area required. The radome being brown when ready for paint and not subject to as many coats of paint as the rest of the airframe, would sometimes show its base colour through the top coat. Differences in batches of paint then dirt, wear and tear will also show itself through the life of the airframe between servicing. Arabest, Geoff.
  6. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    I thought it was Leuchars at first look but i was mostly only an Airshow visitor. I would say the 2 pictured are parked at the west end of what i think was the old 43 line with the rear most hangar being the one that held vehicles for most of the shows i was at. Arabest, Geoff.
  7. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    Thank you very much for the reply, The info you have provided confirms that XV406/AV was more than likely the FGR2 that i saw working out of 111. In the bigger scheme of things, as i mentioned previously, my notes from my teenage years were not the greatest and usually restricted to serial/code as most of the time the code tied in to the unit an airframe was allocated to. At the time, seeing AV working out of 111 was of passing interest for the first occasion, then as it appeared to be the norm probably didnt even make the notebook! At the time though, i never ignored the 228 ocu line as they were quite regular at swapping airframes. The day i nearly forgot to check that line is the day the plane spotter in me nearly missed 4 new airframes! Im sure there are others that do this, but in choosing how i want to finish the FG1 i have and the FGR2 i will buy, depicting a plain Jane airframe wont cut it for me, but the added interest of a 111 FG1 with a brown nose and FGR2 AV that i remember working with the other side will keep the 30 year old memories strong from an airfield that might not even be there in a few years time! Arabest, Geoff.
  8. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    Its at times like this that i wish that my days spent on the fence at Leuchars were covered by more comprehensive jottings on what i was looking at. Regarding the 2 43 sqn FGR2s, i seem to remember XV470 as working out of 111 more often than not during my frequent visits. My recollection is that 111 had an FGR2 in 43 sqn marks for longer than is documented for XV470 so can anyone confirm how long XV406 was in 43 marks for. Arabest, Geoff.
  9. Scone airport HS trident

    If you didnt know already, the Trident at Scone was G-APRX and the Viscount F-BGNR. Sure ive seen photos on the net of both, but sadly when i saw them, we didnt have a camera so cant help there. Im sure both were scrapped but maybe the Viscount nose survived somewhere. Arabest, Geoff. Edit, Just found out F-BGNR survives at Coventry!
  10. Phantom FG.1 XV571 43 Sqn 1986 special markings

    Should have been specific meaning one with the 60th anniversary zap! Certainly dont need an excuse having sat on the fence at Leuchars during the best years. Arabest, Geoff.
  11. Phantom FG.1 XV571 43 Sqn 1986 special markings

    I hope there is a decal provider out there that is paying attention to threads like this. It just the excuse i need to build an Airfix Phantom and finish it in camo! Arabest, Geoff.
  12. Phantom FG.1 XV571 43 Sqn 1986 special markings

    This is where i wish digital cameras were available when i were a lad. I have a very hazy memory of seeing this with the full spine and being told that it was only for the anniversary as mentioned in the initial post. Always liked Zulu from across the road better! Arabest, Geoff.
  13. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    I cant believe you countered with a company thats not been around for 26 years in its own right! That would more than likely put their newest moulds in the 30-35 year bracket, and i was one who was able to buy the kits when they were new. Since then, research can be better but more expensive, tool making can be better but more expensive, and all the raw materials and manpower is more expensive with the greedy man at the top wanting something for his money as well. Prices for everything in the background have soared, even since the 2004 Academy F-8. I could also argue that the Esci moulds more that likely produced an initial run in excess of 10,000 units, where i expect this Phantom run will only go to 5,000 units in a second run. Never been one to ignore the reason why prices over here are so much more expensive than whatever home market, but i have suspicions that other forces are at work here as well. But the way our world market works, i have never paid a UK price for Hasegawa or Fujimi since they became hiked as they did. Im not worried in this case that we appear to be getting decals for some vents that are at the wrong end of the aircraft to worry too much about. I along with a good few others will build it and use the decals, others will buy some Eduard and the cream of our crop will add the details themselves. Arabest, Geoff.
  14. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    I wonder if those that use "company xyz managed this 30 years ago" to make their point, consider the difference in technology used to attain the differences in the level of detail. I would expect in this case, that the cost of these vents finding their way onto the tooling these days is something that Airfix could not justify in passing onto us mere modelers. Arabest, Geoff.
  15. John, I think this is the scheme you are referring to, https://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/61632/wv908-uk-navy-historic-flight-hawker-sea-hawk-fga-6/ Hope people dont mind me posting the link but i know not where the original is and photobucket is not an option. Arabest, Geoff.