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  1. Su-34 weapon options

    There a topic in the Real Aviation thread for Latakia Airbase, Syria, (link below) quite a few photos of Su-34's flying with operational bomb loads, probably not as heavily loaded as you'd think, a good reference point. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234992769-russian-aircraft-at-latakia-ii/ Muzz
  2. Modern Polish Mig-29 Scheme

    Having looked at the Polish Wings Mig-29 book again I think I have the answer, there is currently two camo schemes, the 3 tone grey scheme which is well documented with the Gunship Grey patches on the upper surfaces and a new scheme introduced in 2015 which appears to be two tone and lighter shades of grey. The aircraft in the new colour scheme have grey side numbers instead of red. You can see the difference in the colours in this photo.....
  3. Modern Polish Mig-29 Scheme

    Thanks for the replies folks, the Caracal decal sheet says 3 tone the Model Maker set which I have says 2. I'll have another look at that book Jabba, don't remember seeing anything in it before.
  4. Modern Polish Mig-29 Scheme

    Looking to see if anyone can tell me info about the Polish Mig-29 'Heroes' schemes, it appears that some airframes are 2 tone grey and some are 3 tone grey, the third colour being a different light grey for the underside, is this correct? Not or sure if there all 3 tone and errors have come about as the two light greys are so similar. Muzz
  5. Mig-25RB Foxbat 1:48

    Great review and a nice re-tool of a lovely kit, looks like I'll have to build another in UAR or Iraqi markings with bombs, lots of bombs! Muzz
  6. I recently bought their updated release of the Su-25UB and they certainly look to have cleaned up the molds or something as the detail is a bit more consistent and defined than on previous boxing I've had. Muzz
  7. Double Fulcrum Build

    Forgot to add the photos of the intake/engine trunking. Academy first...... And GWH..........
  8. Double Fulcrum Build

    Last update until next weekend as I'm away with work. Both kits are at the same stage more or less so I'm happy with that. The intake trunking attached to both kits without issue, the Academy required some clamps told everything in place and will need a spot of filler near the main gear doors. The lump and bumps from the Armoury set attached to the Academy kit. The Quickboost nose cone was sanded to blend with the fuselage. Quickboost clear seeker head also added.
  9. Double Fulcrum Build

    Cheers Jabba, its certainly not coming along quickly, going to be struggling to get these finished in time! The Academy kit with Quickboost radome attached, going to need some sanding.
  10. Double Fulcrum Build

    The GWH kit, cockpit also fitted, still need to finish painting the avionics behind the cockpit. I've built a GWH 9-12 kit before and found it well together quite Well, mainly I think as I left the engines out. I'm planning on doing this again but also decided to try assembling the engine/intake trunking before joining to the lower fuselage, initial testing shows good results!
  11. Double Fulcrum Build

    Finally an update, I was concentrating on finishing my Fitter build and struggling to find time for any modelling but managed a mammoth session yesterday! The Academy build is more advanced, resin cockpit fitted. Gear doors fitted in closed position, not as bad a fit as I thought it would be. Intakes are really trying my patience, spent quite a bit of time getting a reasonably seamless finish only to realise there is no upper section it's just a big gap! The pilot figure waiting to be painted, my first one!
  12. My latest completed build which was done as part of the 'From Russia With Love' GB. An enjoyable build and despite my initial reservations, a nice kit! I added the HAD Models shock cone, Model Maker Decals and I had to use a set of pylons from the KP kit for under the fuselage as the kit doesn't supply enough to go round. Finished with Mr Hobby Colour Aquious paints. Comments welcome.
  13. All finished guys photos in the gallery, thanks for all the comments and assistance.
  14. Gallery

    Kitty Hawk, 1/48, Sukhoi Su-17 Fitter, Polish Air Force, Model Maker Decals Built to represent this aircraft........ https://img.planespotters.net/photo/480000/original/3713-polish-air-force-sukhoi-su-22_PlanespottersNet_480429.jpg
  15. Very nice, as previously mentioned the wash has worked exceptionally well with that scheme. Always liked the look of the Hungarian Mig-29's a very clean attractive look. Muzz