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  1. Hi, can I join the build please, due to take part in another 2 group builds this year so I wasn't sure about this one, however, I've had a Hobby Boss F-111D/E in the stash for a long time along with some Afterburner decals and I have always planned to build it as a Lakenheath F variant. Muzz
  2. Great work, looking forward to seeing the results after the wash. Muzz
  3. Well that definitely isn't the Hobby Boss fuselage as can clearly be seen from this photo of the sprues taken of the HB site.......
  4. In stock now at Hannants.......
  5. Think this is a first for me putting up two completed builds in 24 hours! I bought this kit purely down to the box art and then built it in a different scheme to that on the box art, not sure how that happened! It's Kinetics Mirage III RS in Swiss markings. Kit went together pretty well and it's built totally out the box to the extent that I was too lazy to scratch some seat belts for the ejection seat. Painted with Mr Hobby Color paints for the camo and AK Xtreme Metal colours for the undercarriage etc. All comments welcome. WIP build can be seen here-
  6. I believe they are but don't know what they refer to, the conflict with Georgia perhaps or maybe notable missions the aircraft has carried out over its lifetime, I'm sure somebody will be along that knows the answer. I sprayed both sides of the lenses with Tamyia Smoke first then masked the inside (there's a specific mask for this in the New Ware Mask set) and sprayed a dark grey circle on the inside of the lens. Thanks for all all the comments.
  7. I bought this as soon as it was released as I was impressed with the look of ICM's product, I wasn't disappointed. A really enjoyable build with great fit and no real need for AM parts, I added some PE belts to the seat and that was it. As I wanted to build a true representation of an RBT I decided to scratch build the sensor bulge missing from under the nose and I'm happy with how this turned out. Finished with Akah paints for the colours and AK Extreme metals/Alclads for the metal area's. My only extra spend on this kit was the New Ware mask set which came in very handy. All comments welcome.
  8. This could be edging it over the Kitty Hawk kit, the one piece fuselage half looks far more appealing to me than the KH multi part option.
  9. Apologies for hijacking the thread, I've got a Starfighter question too. About to start the Eduard boxing and trying to decide which scheme to do. The front runners are the Belgium, Turkish and Dutch markings but quite fancy doing a four tank fit with dual sidewinder rails under the fuselage. Which airforces used the fuselage dual missile rail? Thanks Muzz
  10. That two seater is a mighty fine looking beast!
  11. Hi Vitaliy, how about pale burnt metal followed by a Matt varnish? Alclad paints also do a good colour in their range call Exhaust Manifold which would suit. I doubt an operational jet would be quite as rusty as the example shown in your photo. As I'm sure you're probably aware this where the hot air nozzles would be and as such the area would be bare metal. Heres another view of the same area......
  12. Nice finish, don't see many done in this scheme, a nice change. Muzz
  13. It is more the concave bend along the length of the lower fuselage that is shown corrected in the above post. When you see photos of the aircraft such that below the kit outline looks correct to my eye.
  14. I'm still not convinced the shape is that wrong to merit surgery.