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  1. The Italeri kit builds into a nice model, not sure what one of the previous posts is referring to when it mentions problems with the new Revell Tornado IDS/ GR4 kit, other than the forward wing sweep (which is easily corrected) I'm not aware of any. Muzz
  2. Somebody kindly pointed me in that direction thanks. Great photos.......... ASC&show=12&min=0
  3. Ah, perfect, thank you very much! Murray
  4. Enjoy you're build Mike, I'm at the painting stage with mine and have posted this question elsewhere on the site....... Its regarding the painting of the upper fuselage as there's no top profile in the instructions with the kit. Looking to find out what panels, of any, are natural metal at the rear upper fuselage?🤔 Murray
  5. Looking to see if anyone can point me in the direction of an accurate colour profile for the Foxbat. I'm particularly in need of information on what panels are natural metal on top of the fuselage between the twin fins. I'm happy with the fact the natural metal area extends from the afterburners to the main wheel wells on the lowere fuselage but there's very little of photos and info available about the top! The ICM kit only provides side profiles and the upper/lower main wings in the paint section which isn't ideal! Murray
  6. The post by ABeck seems to suggest he has specific information that the new parts are to be produced for the Revell release. If this is the case I wonder if it's ICM or Revell who are responsible?
  7. Great looking Fencer, a lot of effort gone into it with all the KZ parts. I like the bomb load, is the photo of the kit in the Ukrainian scheme you're build as well? If so wondered how you compare the builds with and without the KZ parts versus the end result? (Not including the exhaust area which as you've already shown is a clear improvement!) Muzz
  8. Stunning looking Aardvark, lovely finish and great detail in the wheel bays, cockpit etc. It just looks big, heavy and powerful! Muzz
  9. I think the only changes Revell will make, if any, will be colour schemes, no new plastic.
  10. I found that you can leave out the vast majority of the engine area (which won't be seen anyway), if you ignore the instructions, you can leave off the main engine and only fit the rear most part where the visible exhaust area attaches to. Muzz
  11. Are you fitting the complete engines or is that fit of the engine covers without them fitted? You can obviously see that some plastic needs removed from the covers but I also found I achieved a better fit without the whole engines fitted. Muzz
  12. Thanks Werner, I'll just leave them as they are to keep the momentum going, my Mig-25 is attempting to get my attention and keeps calling on me to continue with it! Thanks Glynn, the weathering still there I think the clear coats just reflect the light making it hard to see in photos.
  13. Some more progress....................... Alclad Semi-Matt coat applied as well as the pitot tube and the black anti dazzle paint in front of the windscreen. A few other probes added and the light grey fin top painted, this is supplied as a decal with the kit but it was too big. The maskings also been removed from he canopy and camera units in the nose. On with the undercarriage now and hopefully finished in the next couple of days.
  14. Very nice Rene, you've made a cracking job of that. Muzz
  15. I'm having the same problem, wouldn't mind posing the canopy open but want to have it closed and masked for painting. Going to be a pain masking off the canopyless cockpit, I may try to remove the 'hinges' for the open cockpit with a razor saw and fix them back in place after. Great links too! Muzz