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  1. Hi Vitaliy It's a TIALD designation pod, was carried before the Sniper pod. Here's another photo of ZD378 from the other side in different configuration, TIALD pod is there but difficult to make out. Muzz
  2. No more photos as such but this link has a photo and explains where you can get the store (Shaun, a member on here casts his own resin DJRP). The aircraft in you're picture appears to be Dark Sea Grey (bs381 638) over Dark Camouflage Grey (bs381 629). Muzz
  3. Thanks for the photos Gabor, it confirms what I thought about the bottom strakes. I'm happy with the join I have between the front and main fuselage. I was pointing out that to get that join I had to remove part of the internal frame which you can see in my first photo. Cheers Muzz
  4. Hi Gabor I had a look at Dylans post and we're talking about the same part, F11, I followed the kit instructions and ended up having to cut the curved section off to get it to fit, Dylan suggest that attaching F11 to the rear fuselge first would solve the problem. Photo's attached to explain. And the join, not fixed in place yet.
  5. Hi Vitaliy It looks like a CRV7 training pod, there smaller than the operational pods, think they can only hold 5 or 6 rockets. They were used operationally in Afghanistan as they could be fired in single shot mode whereas the bigger operational pod couldn't. Just realised you might be talking about the pod under the fuselage which is DJRP recce pod. Muzz
  6. Hi Gabor Where are you up to on the build process? I've found a couple of little anomalies and wondered if it was just me! The front fuselage lower main fuselage just wasn't matching up for me due to the internal frame that holds the air intakes in place, I ended up having to remove the lower centre (curved) section which seems to solve the problem. I also now realise you need to paint the outside wall of the main undercarriage bay as it completes the air intake trunking. I'm enjoying the build, I'll need to get a Master pitot, it looks good. Currently waiting on the New Ware mask set arriving. Muzz
  7. There's a few sets out there, the Model Alliance sheet with anniversary schemes......... and this 111 Sqn sheet with some standard squadron schemes from Xtradecal........
  8. I know exactly what you mean Gabor, I quite enjoy doing WIP builds but once its done it's nice to do a build without the hassle of Photobucket etc, those builds seem to go so much quicker! Muzz
  9. But is it?! Posts in the last day or so suggest it will be out sooner than you may think.
  10. Is this possibly the original Hellfire missile that's stopped production as the Hellfire II is now in use which comes in 5 variants one of which being radar guided. Muzz
  11. I'd wait for the Revell one too, I've built the Italeri one and it goes together fine and looks good when built but lacking in cockpit detail as well as the refinement of what the Revell kit should bring. Muzz
  12. Started mine yesterday, putting a few bits together here and there, I think I'm going to enjoy building as I think you will. I'll be following with interest! Muzz
  13. Thanks for that link Rudolf, I didn't realise such a set existed! Order placed! Muzz
  14. I seem to recall they didn't have one in the early days!