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  1. Great to see this one finished, looks great.
  2. Mr Hobby Color is my paint of choice for this build, by luck I'd just ordered the colours for what was going to my next build but he now been cancelled!
  3. I'm off for 4 days now so should have the camo at least part done by the weekend. The GBU-10's are OOB as they look pretty good and the GBU-24's are from the Hasegawa set, the kit GBU-24's aren't as good as the 10's for some reason.
  4. I too have the affliction, think about 80% of my builds in the last 6 years have been Mig's or Sukhoi's. I feel better now someone has put a label on it, I knew things were going down hill when I started buying books on the subject. Still with a little help and by participating in GB's like this, I think I'll get through it, be strong everyone.
  5. Nice work on the canopy Glynn, the exhaust cans are looking very tidy too, the PE looks like it'll be a huge improvement on them.
  6. I'll be building the new Kitty Hawk release of the Su-17 Fitter which will be built as a Polish Air Force Su-22M-4 from 8.elt. I have ordered Model Maker decals and I have the Hataka paint set specifically for this aircraft. I also have some Armour wheels, Master pitot set and a few other bits n bobs but I'm not sure what will be used yet.
  7. Black primer on the main airframe and some more work required around the canopy. Found good photos on the reference thread of this GB (after spending ages searching the net๐Ÿ˜ฅ) for positioning of the lumps and bumps under the front fuselage. The strike camera is just a solid bit of plastic so I've removed the centre section and will add some clear windows later.
  8. Was just thinking the box art and text looks like Academy from years back. It's always quite exciting to see a company like Meng doing something in my scale and genre, like AFV Club doing the F-5 series. Nice to see a company doing up to date weapons as well and not just the usual fair. Muzz
  9. I had this boxing many years ago and it was a single kit, I later bought a twin kit boxing which was the S2A/B/C boxing with the box art for the RN aircraft. My kit had the bulged bomb bay and flat option. Muzz
  10. Glynn, you planted the seed in my head, you're responsible!
  11. My mum always told me it was polite to ask!๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks
  12. I'd like to join the group build please? My entry will be Kitty Hawks newly released Sukhoi Su-17 Fitter kit which I intend finishing in Polish markings in the classic camo scheme.
  13. Thanks for all the positive comments and likes folks, much appreciated. Muzz
  14. Should probably have specified 'o-rings' rather than washers, here's the kind of set I'm talking about -
  15. Decals look great, what would be perfect would be if Begemot started doing some nice coloured plans instead of the black and white!