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  1. How accurate Frog's Me Bf 110G4 painting instructions?

    I often feel the pull of aesthetics on the one hand and accuracy on the other.
  2. How accurate Frog's Me Bf 110G4 painting instructions?

    In that case,l perhaps the researcher at Frog discovered something no one else has, so I feel very temped to stick with the suggested legend/scheme.
  3. How accurate Frog's Me Bf 110G4 painting instructions?

    G9+AA the first 'A' is green, the second is grey on the decal sheet. Does that sound possible? Cheers everyone Thanks Troy for reposting pic
  4. How accurate Frog's Me Bf 110G4 painting instructions?

    Thanks B.K. A helpful friend suggests: Light Blue = RLM 76 = Humbrol 247 Light Grey = RLM 75 = Humbrol 246 Dark Grey = RLM 74 = Humbrol 245
  5. Hi all I have decals for Schaufer's 110 but cannot find any images online. Any help appreciated http://s1079.photobucket.com/user/HappyBunny26/media/ME 110g_zpse2ekspni.jpg.html Thanks in anticipation
  6. Hi ChocksAway


    Please can you pop up a pic of Pollock's Hunter flying through Tower Bridge?


    On BBC Look East news they interviewed him, and it be great to provide a link so others can hear him.


    Thanks in anticipation


    Please PM me


  7. Mig 19 ordered from Poland


    Hi John

    Did your Mig-19 arrive?

    I've just ordered a mig-17pf probably same manufacturer and retailer.  Not yet arrived




    1. John D.C. Masters

      John D.C. Masters

      I think so...Which manufacturer?  All my Migs are present and accounted for...

      I have bought all of them via Ebay or Hannants and those are all here.

      Sorry your's hasn't.  It probably will soon.

    2. MigModeller


      Hi John

      Thanks for replying

      Yes, Mister Craft Mig-17pf did arrive.  I cannot be sure if it's the KP mould, no KP logo on the inside.  Inscribed panel lines.  Annoyed at the air intake shape, not very accurate and will need filler to make the contours correct.  Something I've never done before

  8. UK importer of Tally Ho! decals. Is there one?

    Thanks everyone! The Czech retailer Super Hobby had a nice Wellington decal sheet ideal for the forthcomming Airfix release. When I tried to eliminate P & P by adding more and more items to the order, the minimum order value kept changing. So I just hope a decal producer that retails throughout the UK sees the opportunity and we get a choice of Wellingtons.
  9. P. & P. make purchasing one-off orders prohibitivly expensive, regardless of how much one spends. Thank you for reading this.
  10. Converting Mig-21R to Mig-21RF

    In a current modelling magazine I noticed that KP have released a new Mig-21R. What do I have to do to convert it to a Mig-21RF? Alternatively, has anyone made the R.V.Aircraft 1/72 Mig-21RF? I have exhaused my reference material. I know Egypt was the sole importer of this lesser-known version. Thank you in anticipation
  11. Tornado GR1A best 1/72 kit?

    Thanks Serge, I hope some trader is selling this at Detling Military Odyssey.
  12. Tornado GR1A best 1/72 kit?

    Thanks Andre When you say "bits" the ECR does not solve the nose shap problem then. Or? Which of the two provides the main source (fuselarge, wings) of the GR1A?
  13. Tornado GR1A best 1/72 kit?

    Hi Andre Please might you elaborate on this? I'm assuming the decals come from the GR.! and the nose from the ECR? RoG stands for?
  14. Tornado GR1A best 1/72 kit?

    Hi All Just discovered my Modeldecal sheet with 13 Squadron RAF Tornado markings (not roundels and fin stripes). Only which is the most accurate kit? I read that Revell has an inacurrate nose. There are severl Airfix GR1s on that terrible online market. Talking of noses and Airfix, a badly made MRCA is part of my loft insulation! I hope my Modeldecal sheets of postwar RAF codes are still usable. I look forward to your suggestions M.M.
  15. Source of exhausts for Revell P-70 conversion to Havoc II

    Luckily, not yet! Sound advice now I'm appreciatng how far from straightforward this is turning out to be. Thank you everyone for your comments.