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  1. good progress.
  2. Congratulations, looks good. Mick
  3. Nice work it is looking good. Mick
  4. looking good, great progress. Mick
  5. looks great with the decals on and nice work on the cockpit canopy. Mick
  6. Good progress and nice detailing with the springs. Mick
  7. Agreed, it looks great. Mick
  8. Coming along nicely. Looks like a nice kit, shame they don't make one in 1/48. Mick
  9. Absolutely fantastic! I love it. So much detail.
  10. Good progress I had the same problem with my mossie regarding the control wheel that goes on the floor to the left of the pilots seat. Luckily it is not noticeable with the canopy on. Mick
  11. Thanks Col. I have made quite a bit more progress. The fuselage is closed up and the wings and horizontal stabilisers are on. The bomb bay for the Highballs has been put in and primed.. These are the bombs. and this is the bomb bay cowl. The cowl and the bombs had substantial pour stubs on them which were a pain to remove. I cut too deep into one of the bombs but, luckily, it shouldn't be seen with the cowl in place. In this last shot I have temporarily fitted the bombs and cowl to check for fit - seems ok. You can just see the cut on the rear bomb. It will be rotated out of the way when they have been painted. Cheers Mick
  12. Great work so far that looks like an awful kit, congrats on persevering! Mick
  13. That's coming along nicely Hans. Mick