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  1. DH Devon 1/72 decals

    Lord Riot I don't believe that there are any aftermarket decals out there at present as I too am eagerly looking. The good news though is Air Graphics are planning to produce a set, see link beneath. https://www.facebook.com/airgraphicmodels/?ref=nf&hc_ref=ARRh72AHowf3XNoLnt2cVS24geUdbhlGIZW74CmnYN-pZZvxrLY36SlDBw3Sgu4hj6E Mark
  2. Very rare bird

    Lovely pic of the Skycrane on duty in Scotland. And without wishing to hijack the thread here's a couple of S-64s I photoed in the last couple of years: This bird was seen on duty at Long Beach Ca in Nov 2014 CH-54A seen last year at the Ft Rucker Al Army Museum. Mark
  3. A400M R.A.F. colours

    Graham Leased initially but subsequently bought outright. Mark
  4. RAF Scampton 1969. Summer ATC Camp

    Paul In answer to tour query about the operators of Chipmunk WP970, it seems to have been 12 AEF from Edinburgh Turnhouse. There is a picture of this craft in 1967 at the link beneath. https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1386840 Mark
  5. Vulcanicity's Chipmunk

    A lovely Chippy and in the markings of one I flew in as a CCF cadet back in the 70s. Inspirational, must start on mine soon. Mark
  6. Duxford in the snow December 2017

    Lovely evocative shots as usual - thanks for showing. Mark
  7. Eglin AFB - USAF Museum Collection

    Thanks F-32 and all for the comments and likes. Mark
  8. NAS Jacksonville - Orions and Poseidons

    Andy It was a base visit we had arranged via the RAF guys. Thanks all for the comments and likes. Mark
  9. Eglin AFB - USAF Museum Collection

    Thanks Alpha Delta! October was certainly an action packed month filled with some great visits and opportunities. That's it though now till next Spring, I might now be able to get back to some modelling! Mark
  10. The US Air Force Armament Museum is the only museum in the world dedicated to the collection, preservation and exhibition of artifacts and memorabilia associated with Air Force Armament and its platforms of delivery. The museum was conceived and approved in 1974 but there was no suitable structure available on Eglin Air Force Base until 1976. In the spring of that year, an old Enlisted Club facility became available and the Armament Museum became a reality. To help fund and perpetuate this Museum, the Air Force Armament Museum Foundation (AFAMF), a philanthropic non-profit organization, was established. The U.S. Air Force Armament Museum is located outside Eglin AFB on the Emerald Coast of the Florida Panhandle. There are over 29 different aircraft that have found a home at the Air Force Armament Museum including an AC-130, B-17, B-25, B-52, P-51, A-10, F-15, F-16, F-100, F-101, and many other aircraft from the WWII era to the present. There are also several hundred pieces of armament to include a gun collection, bombs, bomblets and missiles to include the Sparrow, Sidewinder, cluster bombs, Bunker Buster and the MOAB. I visited the SE USA in October 2017 and this museum, on our visits itinerary, certainly didn’t disappoint. Best of all it was free to enter! B-17G 44-883863 marked 230180/C For many years this F-111E 68-0058 was assigned to the 20th TFW at RAF Upper Heyford. Its later service was spent with the 40 FLTS/46 Test Wing at Eglin AFB. This C-47K has been modified and painted to represent an AC-47 gunship 'Spooky' 43/010/OS as used in SE Asia. F-86F 52-5512 'Beauteous Butch II' marked as F-86A 51-9210 B-52G 58-0195 'El Lobo II' still wearing the markings of the 2 BW at Barksdale AFB A-10A 75-0288.ET, an example of the Warthog previously employed by the 46th Test Wing at Eglin om armament trials. Beautifully restored RF-4C 67-0452/ET also formerly of the 40 FLTS./46 Test Wing. Star attraction for many is this SR-71A Blackbird 61-7959. MH-53M Pave Low 73-1652 UH-1B 66-15186/ET EB-57B 52-1516 RB-47H 52-4296 with F-4C, F-100D and F-101B in the background. Wearing the markings of Eglin AFB's 33rd FW, a base once synonymous with the Eagle before the recent arrival of the F-35A. is this F-15A 74-0124/EG. Thanks for looking. C&C always appreciated. Mark
  11. Micro Mir 1/144 RAF Argosy

    Just ordered mine from the Ukraine, many thanks John for the tip off, reckon they'll sell like hot cakes! Mark
  12. NAS Jacksonville - Orions and Poseidons

    Gents, Thanks all for the comments and likes - much appreciated! Mark
  13. Matchbox 1/72 Piston Provost

    A terrific Provost and nice to see in IAC markings. Despite its flaws its still one of my favorite Matchbox aircraft models. Mark
  14. NAS Jacksonville in North East Florida is the largest USN base in the South East US, and third largest overall. Over 20, 000 civilian and active-duty personnel are employed on the base. Also of note is the fact that a small contingent of RAF personnel is currently assigned to VP-30 as part of Operation SEEDCORN, to ensure that ASW skills and currency is maintained and developed after the demise of Nimrod MR.2, and ahead of the RAF’s delivery of P-8A Poseidon later this decade. With the closure of NAS Brunswick, Maine by mid-2011, VP-8, VP-10, VP-26, VP-62 began relocating to NAS Jacksonville in 2007 with their P-3C and C-130T aircraft, with all of these squadrons in place by late 2010. NAS Jacksonville also remains home to VP-45 and VP-30 mentioned above. This is the Navy's largest aviation squadron and the only P-3 Orion and P-8 Poseidon Fleet Replacement Squadron that prepares and trains U.S. and NATO/Allied pilots, air crew and maintenance personnel for further operational assignments in the P-8A, P-3C Orion and EP-3E Aries in the U.S. Navy, and P-3B, P-3C and similar variants in various NATO and Allied navies and air forces. VP-30 is the first squadron to operate the U.S. Navy's new P-8 Poseidon aircraft, and commenced training flight crews and maintainers in this replacement for the P-3C in 2012, with all U.S. Navy patrol squadrons eventually slated to transition to this new platform. NAS Jacksonville is currently in transition from the venerable P-3 Orion to the P-8 Poseidon and some 70 P-8s have been delivered so far. There is also a rather excellent heritage part near the main entrance where many WWII and postwar USN aircraft are preserved. I visited NAS 'Jax' in October 2017 where these photos of operational aircraft and the heritage park were taken.It was a great opportunity to see the latter days of the P-3 and the gradual build up of the very impressive new P-8, and ahead of the type's arrival at RAF Lossiemouth from 2019 onward with reformed 120 and 201 Sqns. The old and the new share the VP-30 ramp together. P-3C in the markings of VP-30 Recently delivered to VP-30 is this unmarked P-8A BuNo 169330 A VP-45 Poseidon seen departing Jacksonville A few from the Heritage Park beginning with S-3B Viking wearing the marks of the type's many operators. A-4C Skyhawk in the markings of VA-106 EA-6B Prowler BuNo 161609 still wearing the USN Centennial scheme F-8A Crusader in the colours of VF-174 P-3A BuNo 151374 with special mks. Hope these have been of interest. C&V always welcomed. Mark
  15. Moody AFB Open House - the locals

    No, the base was not open to the public on the Friday, just those that work there. I am fortunate in having a pass. Thanks everyone else for the kind comments and likes - much appreciated! Mark