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  1. VC10 K.3 ZA150 Open Day and Taxi Run (More added 15/03)

    The RAF VC10s in common with Comets, Britannias, Tristars and probably other troop carriers I've forgotten, all had rearward facing seats. It's only with the arrival of the civil owned Voyagers that this policy has changed. The RAF view, was that rear facing seats offer greater safety in the event of a forced landing or ditching. Mark
  2. Airfix De Havilland Chipmunk 1/72

    Looks great and just shows that with skills, hard work and patience, despite its vintage, the old Airfix Chippy can still give the newer AModel kit a run for its money. Mark. Mark
  3. DH Sea Devon C Mk.20

    A cracking Sea Devon and thanks for showing and inspiring . I can't wait for the aftermarket decals to arrive as there are so many schemes to choose from. My preference would be a 207 Sqn RAF scheme from RAF Wyton in the early 80s. Mark
  4. VC10 K.3 ZA150 Open Day and Taxi Run (More added 15/03)

    Lovely shots AD. It's good to see that the Brooklands team are looking after ZA150 so well. She is an historic example and was the last of just 54 Tens built and served faithfully for many years with East African Airways before the RAF acquired her for K.3 tanker conversion. She was also the last VC-10 I ever had the privilege of flying on in 2013. This is a picture I got of her overflying the Falklands with 1435 Flt Typhoons in tow. look like a great day out despite the weather. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for future events. Mark
  5. Chinooks by night (more added 13/02/18)

    Great shots as ever AD that show creativity and clever use of the available light. You were lucky with the special scheme a/c as well Thanks for sharing Mark
  6. A cracking build of a rarely seen model. Thanks for sharing. Mark
  7. F-35 Question ?

    Dennis No 2 seat F-35s will be built. All training will be done synthetically using simulators. The designations so far are F-35A (USAF), F-35B (STOVL USMC) and F-35C (USN) with foreign operators using variants of the F-35A and F-35B. Regards Mark
  8. Simply lovely M'Lud! As others have said that original white/grey scheme really suits the Nimrod. Well done and thanks for sharing. mark
  9. An absolutely stunning build John. Out of interest which Roden boxing of the Britannia did you use and do you need to make many changes to RAF spec C.1? Mark
  10. DH Devon 1/72 decals

    Lord Riot I don't believe that there are any aftermarket decals out there at present as I too am eagerly looking. The good news though is Air Graphics are planning to produce a set, see link beneath. https://www.facebook.com/airgraphicmodels/?ref=nf&hc_ref=ARRh72AHowf3XNoLnt2cVS24geUdbhlGIZW74CmnYN-pZZvxrLY36SlDBw3Sgu4hj6E Mark
  11. Very rare bird

    Lovely pic of the Skycrane on duty in Scotland. And without wishing to hijack the thread here's a couple of S-64s I photoed in the last couple of years: This bird was seen on duty at Long Beach Ca in Nov 2014 CH-54A seen last year at the Ft Rucker Al Army Museum. Mark
  12. A400M R.A.F. colours

    Graham Leased initially but subsequently bought outright. Mark
  13. RAF Scampton 1969. Summer ATC Camp

    Paul In answer to tour query about the operators of Chipmunk WP970, it seems to have been 12 AEF from Edinburgh Turnhouse. There is a picture of this craft in 1967 at the link beneath. https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1386840 Mark
  14. Vulcanicity's Chipmunk

    A lovely Chippy and in the markings of one I flew in as a CCF cadet back in the 70s. Inspirational, must start on mine soon. Mark
  15. Duxford in the snow December 2017

    Lovely evocative shots as usual - thanks for showing. Mark