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  1. Iruma J.A.S.D.F. Airshow and rehersal

    Fantastic and rare photos from what looked a great vantage point. The elephant walk is particularly impressive. Mark
  2. Great shots as ever and some excellent memories to boot. Hard to pick a favorite but the SHARs are particularly nice as of course are the VC10s1 Cheers Mark
  3. Gloster Javelin T3 - Airfix 1/72

    A lovely Javelin and your build captures the lines well. Wouldn't it be good though if Airfix would downsize their fantastic 1/48 kit to make a state of the art kit in 1/72nd? Mark
  4. Fairey Gannet AS.4, Marineflieger

    A cracking Gannet in rarely seen markings. You've done a great job despite the fit issues. Mark
  5. Red Flag 81-2 Jaguars

    Lovely evocative photos and excellent scans. What equipment do you use to do your scans? Mark
  6. Beagle Basset 206R - 1/72

    A beautiful Basset that just shows taht with patience and skill some 1960s era models look every bit as good as stuff from this century. Sadly such esoteric subjects just don't seem to get covered as well these days. Mark
  7. Aston Martin Ulster, Matchbox, 1/32

    A lovely Aston, beautifully built and its looks just right. Thanks for sharing. Mark
  8. Lovely model of what is definitely an aircraft only its mother could love! Mark
  9. Victor SR.2

    Chaps Many thanks for the replies, it sounds like not too much work is required providing I keep the bomb bay zipped up. Mark
  10. Victor SR.2

    I have long wanted to build a Victor SR.2 in 543 Sqn mks from RAF Wyton, my local airfield. I had begun work on a conversion from the Matchbox K.2 but that project stalled and remains on the shelf of doom. Following release of the lovely Airfix B.2 I would imagine this forms a much easier basis for a conversion to the recce variant being that it has the correct wingspan and no need to remove the centreline HDU. Does anyone know whether the SR.2 can be built from the box 'as is' and if not do you think it likely that Airfix may issue an SR.2 conversion like they did for the recce Valiant? I am aware that the major difference would be to create the camera arrays and extra fuel tank in the bomb bay but I would be content to leave this closed as it looks like a major scratch build beyond my skill level. So if not displaying the camera bay open what other changes would I need to consider? Mark
  11. Airfix 2018

    A perennial subject and lots of familiar responses. FWIW Please Airfix let's have 1/72 Canberra B.2 (can't believe that there is still no mainstream kit of the bubble canopy version and think of all the markings and overseas operators there have been) Sea Vixen (down scale the excellent 1/48th version). Javelin FAW.9 (as above) Venom FB.1/4 Chipmunk T.10 Sentinel R.1 Buccaneer S.2 Mark
  12. 1/144 Roden BOAC Super VC10

    A gem of a Ten Ian, nicely presented and in what I agree was the ultimate livery. Beautiful work and thanks for sharing. Mark
  13. Lightning OCU Squadron Numberplate

    Rumour has it that a further Hawk T.2 Sqn will be formed alongside IV(AC), I would bet one of the currently disbanded sqns in the 20 series will be earmarked for that (if true). Mark
  14. RAF Cosford Air Show 2017 (Statics Added)

    Lovely shots as usual. Shame the weather didn't really play ball for the bombers,but I think the Whirlwind and AMI Tornado more than make up for it! Cheers Mark

    Terrific shots Seamus and in lovely weather. I hope to get down there this week if possible but I doubt I'll get anything close to the quality of your pix - thanks for posting. Mark