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  1. Wellington info required-Specifically 1/72 Italeri/MPM Mk.X kit

    It never made it through the paint stage, though constructionally it was all finished. The white paint reacted badly and that was the straw that broke the camel's back. I still have it, doubtful I'll ever get back to it though, especially not now Airfix are entering the game. I'm always surprised how many people remember it. Cheers, Bill.
  2. Wellington info required-Specifically 1/72 Italeri/MPM Mk.X kit

    If you are bothered at all by accuracy, this falls a long way short. The most obvious fault is the way the nose slopes markedly downwards in profile, I also recall it being somewhat narrow which is why a speciallu undersized turret was tooled for the front. The cockpit canopy is far too deep and long, the cockpit internals are entirely fictitious. The rear fuselage lacks a significant amount of depth underneath the turret. Before the introduction of the Trumpeter Wellington, this was probably the best of a bad bunch, though the old Matchbox kit was better in some respect. This was the case when I built mine, though the Trumpeter kit arrived mid build, which at least allowed me to use that kit's 'spare' canopy to get it finished, albeit with a lot of hacking plastic. Trumpeter's kit is by no means perfect - engine nacelles and undercarriage are undersized, yet it's a quantum leap over MPMs tooling. Cheers, Bill.
  3. Any 'early' Spitfire IXc on D-Day?

    Other photos of MJ series Spitfires all have the smaller bulges, looks like they're too late for what I need. Cheers, Bill.
  4. Wellington info required-Specifically 1/72 Italeri/MPM Mk.X kit

    The Italeri Mk.X I built included the earlier turret design, or at least the glazed parts. Using these parts isn't such a bad idea as the fuselage requires modification to fit the 4-gun turret, something which isn't mentioned in the instructions... The Pegasus engine parts are included, but they're not very good. Whichever variant you build, the kit has a lot of shape issues; I'd argue that having the Hercules engines in place of the Pegasus, would be less obvious as an inaccuracy, than the shape of the nose or tail as supplied. Cheers, Bill.
  5. Any 'early' Spitfire IXc on D-Day?

    Having robbed a few spares out of a 1/48 Eduard early Spitfire IXc to complete another project, I've accidentally started building the donor kit... Problem is, I rather fancy something with D-Day stripes, and I can't find anything to suit what Eduard put in this particular boxing. So were there any early IXcs, those with the large cannon bulges, left in service by the time D-Day stripes were applied? Cheers, Bill.
  6. Another He-111 cockpit colour question

    I believe the He-111P-2 at Gardermoen has been (correctly) restored with RLM 66 as the interior colour. This aircraft was shot down in April 1940. I don't have a link to the research which led to this, but I recall it being discussed with reference to the same museum's Ju-88A-1, which is another aircraft with RLM 66 interior predating the directive for this colour. Cheers, Bill.
  7. Opinions required please ?

    Hasegawa's B-25J gun-nose was issued in Revell packaging, much cheaper if you can find one, Cheers, Bill.
  8. Any crosskitted the MPM and Trumpeter Wellingtons?

    How desperate are you? May be worth waiting a little longer...
  9. Vintage Airfix Kits

    I raised an eyebrow at this one as well. While I didn't buy the latest ICM Do-17Z, I have it's big brother in 1/48 and understood it carried over that kit's deficiencies in terms of accuracy, Cheers, Bill.
  10. Airfix Wimpy for 2018

    Same here, then I could model the 75 sqn aircraft that came down near my family home in the first week of WW2. I still have bits of it around the house just asking to be built into a display base, Cheers, Bill.
  11. Best BP Defiant in 1:72?

    I can't answer that, but what strikes me is the glossier finish in it's older presentation. The fixed lighting in the museum may be responsible for playing tricks with that finish, Cheers, Bill.
  12. Best BP Defiant in 1:72?

    This image from the BM walkaround of the same aircraft gives a somewhat different impression. I have both Airfix and MPM (Mk1) Defiants, albeit both are unbuilt. My impression of the latter is that the nose is a bit skinny over the top, Cheers, Bill.
  13. New 1/48th Scale Blenheim Announced by Airfix!!

    The differences between a metal and fabric-winged Hurricane lie a lot deeper though, new wings and new fuselage to take account of all the changes. Airfix have demonstrated how much commonality there is between the Mk1 and MkIV Blenheims in the way the 1/72 tooling was broken down. I don't see them missing a trick with this one, especially with their having studied the survivor in Finland. Either way, I'll be more than happy with a Mk1 Blenheim or two. Cheers, Bill.
  14. New 1/48th Scale Blenheim Announced by Airfix!!

    I'm absolutely delighted, my most wanted subject (albeit as a Mk.IV) ever. I've never been quite ready to start the CA kit sat in my loft, I should be able to get half a dozen Airfix subjects built in the same timescale as one of those... Truly fantastic news for this man, Cheers, Bill.
  15. 72nd New Tool Vulccan - Airfix 2018?

    34 years old now, they've already replaced a few younger tools such as the Lancaster and Spitfire Mk1 in 1/72. The difference with those is that other companies were competing for a share of those markets, Airfix has the Vulcan market all to itself with the old kit. While Airfix play their cards close to their chest, rumours have emerged in the past after sightings around particular airframes. Question is, has anyone spotted team-Airfix clambering over one of the preserved Vulcans? Cheers, Bill.