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  1. An Even Worse Worst Pun In The World

    Entrapment! O.M.G.
  2. GeeBee R1 1/48 Dora Wings

    Ooh, Ooh! This is the new Dora Wings kit, correct?
  3. Commission Builds

    That is my favorite quote. Sadly, program managers don't often appreciate the humor, let alone the author...
  4. Nice rescue! What miracles occurred between "attack of the rattle can" and "fast forward to today". Did you strip it or just rub it down? What about the transparencies, which also appeared to suffer from rattle can pox. Also, what clear-on-paint combination did such unspeakable things?
  5. Tips needed for finishing Albion AM463

    Nice Albion! Is that the Airfix 1/48? BTW, I usually apply decals to vehicles by first brushing on a little Future (or other brushable gloss clear coat) just where I'll place the decal. It will need a flat clear coat after to seal it all, including the weathering, but that can come from a rattle can.
  6. Bravo! You've demonstrated some outstanding building skills! The result is quite unique and fascinating.
  7. Using Eduard Etch sets

    The film usually goes behind the PE. Take a look at page 6 on the instructions for that set, it shows the PE IP part 23 plus the film plus model part G6. The film usually has clear bits, I'll generally paint the film backside or the backing plastic part white or silver.
  8. Indeed, Yahu IPs are truly amazing. Master barrels, pitots, &etc. are also amazing, but I too will make a judgement on whether they're called for. I used their MiG-21 pitot for an Academy build, and the Master bits were truly stunning and readily built.
  9. Looking forward to seeing this! IEspecially the Eduard PE, which I didn't get. I did get the Yahu IP, so I'm curious about the rest of the PE bits, which are adding nice interest so far...
  10. Next Build

    If you're doing the B-18, Douglas B-18 Bolo: The Ultimate Look: from Drawing Board to U-boat Hunter will be a good reference. I have the B-25 book from the series, and it's outstanding. BTW, love the era, it's one of my favorites! HTH -- dnl
  11. Storage of super glue and super glue gel

    Using desiccant is a great idea! My current method is only buy a small bottle so there's less to loose when it gets too thick. Also, make sure the lid and cap are clean and fully closed.
  12. Engine Exhaust Metal?

    MIG Productions have a large assortment of dry "pigments". Apply a base color and then apply the pigments. You can dry brush them and then rub them in. Use a clear coat to seal them. I get them at my LHS, but they're also available from Sprue, Ebay, &etc.
  13. Boulton Paul Defiant Cockpit Photos

    I've got AM markings for the 1st kit so I can do Mk.I N3437 EW-K 307(Polish Night Fighter) Sqn RAF Jurby IOM 1941. I see on the Airfix website there are 113 parts in the 1st kit and 158 in the 2nd. While Airfix posted the instructions for the 1st kit, they didn't (yet) for the 2nd. Hobbysearch (http://www.1999.co.jp) doesn't have anything either. What are the differences in parts?
  14. Iwata Eclipse HP-BCS intermittent spray

    Don's Airbrush Tips' Troubleshooting page...
  15. Anti-Virus Software

    I've been using Bitdefender on my wife's system for many years now. It's been quite successful.