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  1. Wow the fourth in a raw Nice project for a very good kit. I have started mine for a norvegian F-84G. Go with this new iranian project!
  2. Yeah, orange is a cool color! ...except for photos. But your Phantom is nice in his colors too Lolo
  3. That's a clean build for a nice scheme for a Sabre! Lolo
  4. Hello, I love this color scheme and you did it very well! I guess it's the same camouflage for your Sabre (One of my project, too), right? For your pictures, I think your yellow backgroung changes them and your model looks yellowish too... So, I will return to have a look to your Sabre build Lolo
  5. Wow, as usual, it looks like the real one! Very good job for this hard kit. I hope to see your Su-22 and meet you at next Merchweiler show! Lolo
  6. Tornado F.2 Prototype

    Very nice and interesting, this F.2 prototype! Great job till the end with your own decals. I used to have a project of one of the firsts Tornado prototypes in white and red colors. May be one day..! Well done, Nocoolname Lolo
  7. Hasegawa MFG1 F-104G, 1/48

    Great, thank you, David. I will have a look to your link tomorrow Lolo
  8. Hasegawa MFG1 F-104G, 1/48

    Wow, that's a really good job!! Details, paint, pictures, everything is nearly perfect! tell us more about the built and weathering. Lolo
  9. P-47D - 1/32 Eduard

    That's a really nice P-47! Well done, Artur Lolo
  10. Mirage 2000B Kinetic 1/48

    Nice job on your 2000B Lolo
  11. Wessex Mk52 Iraq correct nose?

    You are very welcome to share your photos, if you still have them. I only know 3 or 4 pictures in iraqi colors... Lolo
  12. Wessex Mk52 Iraq correct nose?

    If there are some, they have to share!
  13. Wessex HAR.2

    Wessex fans on Brimodeller? Nooo! As I am a fan too, I find this Wessex very well done. Thank you for sharing the build of your friend, there are some interesting tricks. Lolo
  14. Wessex Mk52 Iraq correct nose?

    Ah, good question! But sadly, there are no pictures available with filters. As they serviced the Wessex since the 60' and as it was the same theater of operation, so we can ask ourselves, why did they add filters on their Wessex? Regards, Lolo
  15. Heller 1/24 Citroen Fourgon H Van

    Thank you, Mark Hope my pictures can help modellers A direct link: http://www.mct57.org/autos-motos-camions/citroen-type-h-ou-hy/msg11366/#msg11366 So, have you got new ideas for good color schemes? Regards, Lolo