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  1. CF-104 (Hasagawa, 1/72)

    Grrr.... Now I've got the roundels on, it makes the red bits look very rust colored. So now I'm afraid I'm going to have to paint them again. It's not quite as bad in this picture, but in person, it's more noticeable. I thought I had the red pretty close, but once the decals got on the plane the red seemed to get much brighter (maybe because of the white on the wing as opposed to the gray/blue decal paper). So now I've got to try and figure out the red to use. Maybe just a straight up red? Repainting the tanks and horizontal stabilizer won't be a huge deal, but the squares on the side of the plane will be problematic because there are decals next to them. Masking and decals never go well together. I also managed to wipe out a decal. I bumped it while it was still soft from the solvent. You can see it on the wing in this picture. It's one of the "no step" stencils. I have tons of those, but none the same size.
  2. CF-104 (Hasagawa, 1/72)

    This picture may seem a little redundant with the last, but I was able to gloss coat the fuselage Wednesday night. I painted Alclad aqua gloss on it with a hand brush, and here is the result (with dry-fit wings, etc. on it): I've found Aqua Gloss to be the best clear coat for any of the mirror-like (or near mirror-like) finishes. Still, every time I apply it, I have to convince myself that I haven't ruined it. The Aqua Gloss doesn't cut down the "shine" (or lustre or reflectivity... I'm not sure what to call it), but it imparts a very slight "artificial" look. I think its because our brains know what reflective metal looks like and when there's a thin overcoat that is providing some of the reflection (a very sharp reflection, but only a hair above the actual metal), our brains get confused and it seems artificial. Is it that dramatic? not really, I think I worry too much about it and blow it all out of proportion in my head. I mean, when I walk into my son's room and look at the F-86 I did using the same technique, it looks totally normal. I'm just being a worry wart. (here's the F-86): Wow! I've got a friday off with no one else at home! I'm going to try and make some real progress on this CF-104 today.
  3. Little Luftwaffe

    Great canopies! The paint is nicely done also. I've done a couple 1/144 and it takes a different type of patience to work with parts that small.
  4. Aifix Spitfire Mk1a. 1/72

    Fantastic! Again, the stand makes it very dynamic! I also like your weathering and you seemed to get the color of the exhaust stacks spot on.
  5. Airfix Hawker Typhoon Mk1b 1/72

    Looks very nice. The Airfix kit is great isn't it? I just finished one myself. I love what you did with the stand -- the dive angle really gives it some action. This is not a criticism, but an observation -- I noticed in some of my reference photos that the exhaust staining kind of arched up and then back, which is how I chose to do mine. Yours looks fine too. Great job.
  6. What a great job! The detail in the cockpit is stunning and your paint and weathering is very realistic.
  7. CF-104D Starfighter 1/48 Hasegawa

    Glad I could be of service! ...and may I say "Holy Cow!" The detail in those landing gear bays is stunning! I'm excited to see how this one shapes up!
  8. Canadair F4 Sabre 1/48th scale

    I've been trying this approach too! I did a Typhoon and Spitfilre (both in the RFI section) that turned out pretty well, but I think there's still room for improvement. I haven't quite gotten the hang of marbleing the paint on the black base, but I'm getting closer! The F-86 looks great. Is the beaufighter a current build? (I guess I could go check...)
  9. Canadair F4 Sabre 1/48th scale

    Superb job! I am impressed by the different tones in your paint job making it look appropriately worn! I hope to paint as well as that...
  10. I am extremely impressed by your attention to detail! the Fiddly bits really make it... well, that and the beautiful paint/bare metal foil job! Nothing like real metal to look like real metal!
  11. That's really great! I love the long-nosed P-40s and the early paint scheme is neat looking. How did you do the antenna wires?
  12. Beautiful paint job! I saw an F-5E in this very color scheme at the Evergreen museum in Oregon.
  13. Bf-110, Minicraft 1/144

    Got a few minutes to fix the propellers. As polo1112 pointed out, there were no yellow tips on the Bf-110 propellers. So here's the finished product!
  14. 1/144 C-135A

    That's really great! I just finished a 1/144 myself and it's quite the challenge. This one looks very realistic, and the backdrops for the photos make it look very convincing!
  15. CF-104 (Hasagawa, 1/72)

    I was able to get the Alclad on this weekend! On Friday I had a couple more ideas about how to make it look worn. I thought of trying to marble on various clear coats over the Alclad. I tried Testors metalizer sealer, testors enamel clear and decanted dull coat. The first two had no effect, the dull coat looked terrible. I then thought to put an extremely light marble coat of dull coat over the gloss black base and put the Alclad over that. It turned out very promising, so I stripped the paint off my test pieces and tried again. Here's the Tamiya Gloss Black base (I wish I could get it this smooth when I put it through my airbrush!) Here's the dull coat marble coat. Well, it's more of a "scribble" coat. The dull coat has to be super thin, otherwise it looks terrible in the finished product. It's like a film of dull coat. This is the finished product. It's very subtle and hard to capture on camera: It looks much more convincing in real life. This was the approach I decided to go with and applied the dull coat in the same manner on my CF-104. The only place I could get a good picture of it was the tail: Some panels that were supposed to be darker I masked, then after applying a couple of coats of the Polished Aluminum, I took the masking off and added a couple more coats of the polished aluminum. Because the paint is translucent, the panels that were masked let more of the black through and appear darker. It's a nice effect. One of the areas I did this was the center panel of the tail fin. After painting with polished aluminum, I masked to paint some panels with a dusting of regular Aluminum: Then masked others for Dark Aluminum. All these were based on dozens of photos I've collected for reference. At last the moment I've waited for for a month now! Taking all of the masking off. It turned out really nice, with only two little fixes I need to make. It's hard to see the areas that were dull coat underneath, but in real life it makes a subtle effect of wear. I'm glad I did it because otherwise it would look too clean next to the wings. Next time I might try to make the marbling a little bit more tightly packed. Right now they're loose scribbles. And, because I can't wait, I dry fit one of the wings and the fuel tanks on. Can't wait to glue it together! Next up: after a 24-hour wait, I'll hand brush Alclad Aqua Gloss on it to seal it in preparation for decals.