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    World domination... it's a long term goal.
  1. The Royal Air Force Centenary GB

    If possible I'd like to sign up for this? I've never done a group build before but this seems like a great one to get started in. I'm thinking about maybe doing the Eurofighter Typhoon but perhaps from the 2015 markings for J Nicolson. That might change though.
  2. Selecting acrylics

    Hi all, So I'm just getting back in to the world of painting model kits but I've come across from the world of table top miniatures. I'm very used to using acrylics because of this and for now would prefer to stay using what I know (acrylics) while I start getting my head around what seems like the apparent minefield of colour accuracy, colour codes, colour matching etc. In the short term however I do want to paint some of the kits I'm working on and have them look acceptable. For my minis I generally use army painter and I'm familiar with Vallejo but for aircraft my current paints are all the wrong tones and colours. I'm looking at both the Vallejo and AK interactive RAF WW2 sets to start with, but I'm mostly painting RAF cold war jets like the Victor and Jaguars at the moment. If I go down this route which would be the better set to go for, both in terms of accuracy and being a better brand to potentially build up with over time as my knowledge and skill improve? Oh, should probably mention that I do also airbrush. Any advice is really appreciated.
  3. I'm not up to speed with any rumour mill or anything, but on the theme of V bombers I hope they do a 1/72 retooled Vulcan some time soon. At IPMS I asked a guy at the airfix booth about the current Victor and how easy it was to convert it to the tanker variant, he said an upgrade kit was 'coming soon' to do just that, maybe that's going to be announced. I'd also like a decent new tool Jag at any scale from 1/72 to 1/32. That's pretty much all that's on my wishlist. Oh maybe another run of the Valiants. I can't find one at all now.
  4. Saunders Roe SR.53 reference thread

    Thanks, will do it now
  5. Saunders Roe SR.53 reference thread

    Er would love too? But being a newbie I'm not actually sure who that is or how to do that?
  6. Saunders Roe SR.53 reference thread

    So I saw this thread while I was waiting for my membership to be activated. Today I took a full collection of images at RAF Museum Cosford of XD145 for anyone that wants to use them for their models. I've hosted the photos on my google images as a shared folder so you should be able to see them. https://photos.app.goo.gl/50DnVm1lGpE0nuCO2 Photos are taken starting at the front, going around the port side, around the rear to the starboard side then returning in reverse taking pictures of underside / wheel details. If anyone would like me to get any others send me a request and I will do my best. I haven't added any cockpit pictures as I can't really do any better than the museums 360 photo on facebook linked above. Enjoy! Stuart
  7. Hello

    Thanks for the welcome guys. Yes the Revell Victor has been a challenge, but I've enjoyed it because it's allowed me to practice some skills again like fitting, sanding and filling models. It's also reminded me full about the joys of raised panel lines! The Victor is a plane of interest for me at the moment and I do have my eyes on the Airfix kit, and will probably get it in the not too distant future, but the Revell was much cheaper to have a go at and not worry about messing up while getting back in to the hobby.
  8. Hello

    Hi, I'm Stuart I'm based in Telford, After 11 years of globe trotting I settled down a bit. I got back in to tabletop miniature painting about 18 months ago and have now started getting back in to my model kit making too. Currently half way through on of my first kits, a Revell 1/72 Victor. I have an interest in aircraft and sci fi modelling at the moment, not to fixed on a scale yet, but I like the idea of larger more detailed kits. Nice to meet you all.