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  1. Enjoyed most of his books, Rendezvous South Atlantic always brings tear to my eye. Calm waters sir.
  2. Its a smashing little kit, I've built two of them but am too scared to contemplate the AA paint scheme, so good luck. I did some representative rigging as well. I'll be watching this one with great interest
  3. In the Sheffield Hobbycraft it is the reverse of newish Airfix, Spitfie 1s, Hurricanes, Defiants in 1/48th and Whitleys, Jet Provosts etc in 1/72nd( I didn't really look at the 1/72nd stuff).
  4. Thanks to the guys who did the hard yards organising and running a great day. It is much appreciated.
  5. This is my latest attempt, it is the Tamiya IIIN converted via the Belcher Bits conversion set to an early model. The set was a joy to work with all errors are mine. Just waiting to buy a commander figure, probably at Huddesfield in February. Thanks for looking.
  6. Please be very gentle with me as I haven't done any maritime modelling for years and I know this isn't very good. I picked this little Leander up on a whim at Telford this year and had great fun with her. Inspired by but not a patch on the great work by MollytheDog I give you HMNZS Canterbury. The pennant numbers are too big but all I had and I just couldn't paint the kiwi on the funnel small enough. Just need a 1/1250 scale Wasp. It is amazing that the lens has caught all the brush marks that are invisible to the naked eye! I'lll try for better photos under natural light
  7. Nice work and good to see the Polar Bears represented in model form.
  8. My latest AFV is the lovely Tamiya 1/48th Humber. As always the fit is excellent but the marking choice is very limited. Mine is a machine of the 49th Reconnaissance Regiment in Northern Europe in 1045 and the markings were hand painted. I used some Red Zebra stowage and the commander is from the Tamiya Dingo. Thank you for looking
  9. Exactly my reasons as well IanC. Yes I think a lot of the Tamiya figures are undersized and two dimensional but the chap from the Dingo is one of their better efforts IMHO. Remembering also that there is no exact size for humans and diet/rationing etc means that people were smaller. If I stood next the chap I used to work with you would think I was 1/48th scale and he was 1/35th
  10. Still fabulous work. Most of my cars got thrown out when I was at school, my mum was quite ruthless when she cleaned!
  11. Fabulous work brings back lots of memories, I had this as a Christmas present too many years ago. One thing, surely its either a Morris Oxford or an Austin Cambridge not an Austin A40
  12. Take care mate. Plenty more model shows to go to once you are a bit more mobile.
  13. looks a very interesting project, I'll pull up a chair. If the Belcher conversion is as good a conversion as his armour ones I've used recently, it will be quality. Hope you are going make it to Huddesfield on Sunday
  14. Looks fabulous, glad I could be of service.
  15. Very cunning, I'll certainly give it a try, when I make mine. Ventura decals is assume?
  16. Lovely build and finish, and I like the way the folded wings show off the target tug stripes. Do you know how he blanked out the turret? I've been contemplating build a TT for a few years and have been stymied by turret plating.
  17. That is an unusual Meteor, nice find on the scheme and the model is up to your normal excellent standards. Must drag mine out of the loft and get it started.
  18. The New Zealand SIG will be there at one of my favourite shows.
  19. That is really excellent work and to cut up so many hard to get kits shows true dedication.
  20. Buggars up my local newsagent who gets my support through ordering my newspaper and the magazine. We have so few shops in the area that we need to support them or we will loose them.
  21. If you over on the nice side of the Pennines, you might want to find an excuse to go to the South Yorkshire Air Museum/Aeroventure at Doncaster. It is about 5 minutes from Junction 3 of the M18 and you don't have to pay to go into the museum or to park. Concur with Mark re Marcway, here is the address 598-600 Attercliffe Rd, Sheffield S9 3QS. Again it is easy to get to just about 7 minutes from Junction 34 of the M!, just watch out for al the Meadowhall traffic and now they are building an Ikea o the same road.
  22. Good call using the Ventura decals, they are much better than the Sky Model attempt at RNZAF Roundels.
  23. Did Whirlybird Models ever do the 535? I know they took over some of the Maintrack range and have added to it.
  24. Thanks chaps for the kind words. I had a lot of fun building her and I am looking out for the fighter version when I go to Huddesfield Show. Troy thanks for posting the photo, it would have been an easy alternative if the decals had not worked. I tried on of the unused alternative schemes decals on a test mule so I was confident they would not shatter but I was still worried about them conforming, which they did with just a coat of Klear. Glyn the camera windows didn't fit too well so I merely painted them and filled the hole with Glue 'n Glaze. I was surprised how well they turned out.
  25. I've been working my way through some long term residents of my stash and this little gem of a kit has been with me since late 1999. Bought at the long closed model shop in Bath one evening on a work trip, I was worried the decals would be unusable and I could find no alternative. Luckily they were brilliant, thin and pliable, a joy to work with. The kit itself is a modification of the original Monogram Panther -5 and fits together beautifully. It is almost out of the box, just some aftermarket belts and an Eduard masking set, A total joy from beginning to end. Even Photobucket worked perfectly. Thanks for looking