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  1. Hawk T1a

    This one has been sitting in my stash for quite a few years, , pretty much straight from the box, but I did use Neomega Martin Bakers and Xtradecals to finish it as a display machine from 2TWU based on a set of photos I took more years ago than I care to remember. Sadly for me the internal blast shield has moved during painting but I don't think I can remove the canopy without doing more damage. Thanks for looking.
  2. Hawk T1a

    PBS, it's the Italeri in 1/48th. Remember the camera does lie, it's not that great.
  3. Hawk T1a

    Thanks for the kind words folks. Very jealous of your flight Simon.
  4. Ratch's 1/72 (1/76) Napoleonics

    I've been eyeing up the Travel battle set and am very tempted now I know you can get extra figures and terrain sections. It's the painting that puts me off, I almost completed a 10mm Prussian army but gave up as I was staining my eyes. I stick to 28mm now.
  5. Whats the best 1/48 Avenger?

    The Accurate Miniatures Avenger IMHO. Re-boxed by Italeri a while back. The same combo is good for the Dauntless.

    The sun shone as always and the show was a really enjoyable affair. Well done Neil and your crew.
  7. This is nothing to a modeller of your calibre, I am watching in anticipation as always. Cheers Andy
  8. Academy Lockheed T33

    Nice work as always Ian. Good choice of markings as well.
  9. Float planes and a bear

    Beautiful pictures, brought back lots of memories.
  10. Lovely work in such a small scale, I have very similar figures in my army but in a massive 28mm.
  11. Shorts Sunderland MR5, RNZAF 1960's

    Great subject, I look forward to watching this one.
  12. Passed it!!!!

    Oh gosh Harehills!. I hate driving round there, I've done it for years to get to friends but it can still catch you out. Well done.
  13. Handley Page Hastings C Mk1, Mk2. 1/144

    Another plea for an RNZAF option please.
  14. Special Hobby Airspeed Oxford Mk I/II 1/48th

    Looking good. I built two of these, one with turret, one without. I found the seat supports too weak and reinforced them with scraps of sprue to give the seat something to sit on. Mind you, I cant see the supports through the canopy. Watching with interest, I'm sure you make a better job of it than I did.
  15. VW 67 Pickup

    Lovely work, I learnt to drive in one of these.
  16. Canberra T13

    From other end of the scale after working on my Monogram F-106 comes this 1/144 Canberra. It is by A-model and I think I used nearly as much filler on this as I did on my Airfix 1/48th Canberra. To allow for multiple variants the nose centre section and tail are separate assemblies so alignment was fun. I'm not sure I got it right though. Like it's 1/48 scale counterpart no matter how much lead shot I packed into the nose it was still going to be a tail sitter so as with the real thing a prop was placed under the rear fuselage. I reshaped the nose to remove the bomb-aimers window to create a T.13 nose then disaster struck and I ruined the canopy. Hence the black painted cockpit. Something that looks ok-ish in 1/144 but I reckoned the chances of a replacement part were less than zero. The decal are mixture of the kit, which surprisingly nice, Xtradecal for the codes and the silver ferns on the roundels are hand painted. As always thanks for looking.
  17. Steve, When Airfix modified the mould to make the FAW9 the T3 became extinct with no way back. So it is becoming rarer and rarer, grab them while you can.
  18. A message of sympathy for Barcelona

    As a regular visitor to Catalonia, my heart goes out to the victims and their families.
  19. F-106

    This is the final of my triple build of the classic Monogram Century series, I've posted the F-102, and F-101 earlier, but they are lost in the PB fiasco. Anyway this is the earliest of the them all, modelwise, seeing the light of day in the 1983 and yet I think it is the best fitting of the three. Pretty much out of the box apart from a Master Probe, which given the number of times I knocked it during the build was a necessity and a set of the always excellent Caracal decals for a Michigan ANG machine, which sits nicely with another Revell Monogram oldie, my F-4C which where the same unit markings. Now for something smaller... Thanks for looking.
  20. F-106

    Lucky you Ian, I only ever saw an F-102 when in service and F-1-1s in museums. I think you re right that no 106 ever graced our skies apart from that transit. Take care mate.
  21. MMS models: End of an era

    I have spoken to Barry on many occasions and even given him time for the odd comfort break by looking after his stand at Telford. All I can say is that his kits were first rate reflecting the man himself. Enjoy your retirement young man.
  22. F-106

    Thanks guys, I didn't re-scribe just took the raised lines down so only a 'ghost' image remained then used pre and post shading to break up the uniformity. The 'ghost' lines remain visible to outline the access panels etc. Not perfect but it works for me. IMHO opinion the F-106 is the best engineered, though I did use sprue sections as spacers to widen the upper fuselage to get abetter fit, the F-102 is the next best and the F-101 trails a long way behind. This is my old Voodoo post and while the pictures are no more there is some useful advice for Jeanton)1 about building the Voodoo, which I will think is worth sharing. I found both the F106 and the F-101 easily at model shows Ian at Kits for Cash had them at Newcastle this year. Wheel chocks, now that's a good idea. I used a great picture in an old book as a reference and looking at it now I see them.
  23. 77th anniversary of Adlertag today

    Never forget their sacrifice
  24. Early British Sherman from Tamiya M4A1 in 1/48

    John, me too. His own range of metal 1/48th figures is well worth a look as well, especially for those of us interested in British and Commonwealth armour.
  25. Early British Sherman from Tamiya M4A1 in 1/48

    I think that's Parabellum models. His website is awful but he stocks lots of good stuff