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  1. Here is my latest foray into the world of Old Monogram. It is a 2007 boxing on the F-101B Voodoo. This kit has long been on my list of 'wants' and has been curiously hard to track down so when Ian at Kits for Cash had it at the Southwell show for a princely £9 I bit his hand off. When I opened the box, not only were there two sets of canopies there were decals from two different boxings of the kit. I had stocked up on a Master brass probe, some Quickboost intakes and a gorgeous set of Caracal decals for a Four ANG machines prior to my purchase so they had to be used. I decided early in the build not to re-scribe the panels lines just to knock back the raised lines with some light sanding to enhance the smooth and sleek lines of the original. This had worked well for my F-102. Sadly after all the anticipation, I really didn't enjoy the build. I expected some fettling and filling but this had to be done in industrial proportions, the whole wing/fuselage/ missile bay just fitted where it touched and I got fed up with the whole process. After languishing on the Shelf of Doom for a couple of months I gave it another chance and this is what I came up with. O-70445 of the 179th FIS, Minnesota ANG. Both the kit and the Caracal decals were a joy to work with and even Photobucket has co-operated today. I had planned to get another one to do as a Texas ANG bird but I doubt I'll bother, So on to the F-106.... Thanks for looking Andy
  2. Ok, That sounds logical, s o maybe I will try to get another one.
  3. Couldn't agree more, so far I've done two F-80s, a Panther, 16 F-86Ds, 5 F-84E/Gs, a couple of F-84Fs and an F-102. All enjoyable but this one fought me all the way and seems to have had the last laugh... Not as much as you Ian.
  4. Oops. You are right looks like I slide the bay in back to front. Too late to fix it now.
  5. Oh gosh a daughter.... If she is anything like mine she will be an absolute joy but will need lots of TLC. My son on the other hand is also an absolute joy but very low maintenance. She is also a model builder though now is painting more figures, especially dragons. I hope your new arrival brings you as much fun and happiness as mine have into my life.
  6. Looking really good, you certainly seem to have done a better job than me, I had issues with the wing roots and the nose cone but the engine access panels were the worst fit on mine you look to have mastered them. Enjoy the painting stage.
  7. Nice work on the camouflage, I used a similar technique on my 1/144th scale Vulcan.
  8. Lovely work, It is a nice little kit big enough to get some reasonable detail but small enough to do a good line up of models, shame they don't do the other V bombers.
  9. Probably too late mate but give it a go. Terribly frustrating that companies still do this even when they have ben told repeatedly.
  10. That's a unique take on the kit. I really like it.
  11. Yet another cracker from the O'Toole stable. I also like the "metal" finish on them both
  12. Lovely work I especially like the solution to the exhaust issue. I really like the aircraft itself, my wife and I had afternoon tea in one turned into a café in NZ.
  13. Great work as always Tony. Good to see you up and modelling. Viscount806. I f you can wait for Telford Mike B usually has a a stand and if you pre order there is no customs charge or postage.
  14. Great work, always good to see an RNZAF machine.
  15. This is my latest foray into the world of 1/144th. It is the recently released Oz Models Bristol Mk 31 Freighter, in the guise of NZ5910 of the RNZAF The kit is limited run so needs a good amount of cleaning up, though the fit is generally very good indeed. I had to make the D/F loops and the aerials from scrap. The real NZ5910 was sold to a Canadian company and after another 10 years service was finally put to rest in a museum. Thanks for looking
  16. Meatbox8 similar, but the Blunties were originally painted in UK equivalent colours then repainted after major servicing the FS colours used by the Skyhawks. The best way to tell which colours were used is by the demarcation line between the light grey and the top surfaces. If it is wavy it is UK, if straight it is FS. Probably to much information, sorry.
  17. Steve, that was my reasoning as well, I normally build 1/48th but the size of a Freighter or and Andover in 1/48th is scary, even if the kits were available. I guess flying from NZ up to Singapore of further north at 150mph would be a trial
  18. Thanks guys, I have just seen the angle of the forward loop is wrong, I only spotted it on the photo not on the real thing!!
  19. ooooooh another treat in store methinks. Watching with interest.
  20. Lovely work on both, my favourite is the Rapide though.
  21. I echo every word you have said about the kit, I built a Mk I a few years back and am still in recovery. Yours is simply superb.
  22. Hi

    Brilliant news, I am so pleased for you all. It's been dull here without you but you seem t o have used your time in a very productive way
  23. Great work as always mate and I do hope the back gets better with a bit of rest.
  24. Beautiful work and an excellent setting. I understand the model has its assembly issues but yours looks great.
  25. Lovely work Tony, glad to see you building again. Hope your health has improved.