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  1. Sd.Kfz. 232 6Rad.

    That looks nice and dusty, just right for France IMHO.
  2. Lovely work, I also like the basing and presentation. Are you going to use them as wargames figures or were they just a painting exercise?
  3. Wellesley

    Top work as always Tony
  4. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    Thanks for setting out Hall One guys, it is the best Hall!
  5. Saxon Firing Line

    great work and close up photography.
  6. French in Eygpt 1799

    Thank you. They are lovely designed and cast figures and the slightly larger size means you can add a bit more detail.
  7. I've been building a small force for Sharpe Practise. I instead of using some figures from an existing army, I went for something a bit left field. The Perry figures are beautifully moulded and posed and I wish I had the skills to do them justice. I have about 40 infantry and some Camel Corps chaps, but these are the latest figures to traverse he painting table, Dragoons and gunners. If anyone is interested I'll photograph the whole force.
  8. Moth floatplane - military

    From an unpublished manuscript, please credit if used:- Another DH 60G Moth, serial 995 was purchased and was equipped with a pair of floats. This enabled it to be attached to HMNZS Dunedin for work off Samoa in 1930. 995 was finished in overall silver doped and carried its constructors number on the top of the cowling along with a yellow DH Moth logo. Standard RAF roundels and fin stripes were also carried. She was equipped at some point with a pintle mounted Lewis gun firing sideways to port out of the front cockpit. How the pilot, Flt. Lt Wallingford, aimed it, whilst flying the aircraft is a mystery, Wallingford also became the first NZPAF pilot to drop a bomb in anger. Admittedly the ‘bomb’ was a 4 lb treacle tin full of gun cotton, made by the gunnery officer of HMNZS Dunedin and it was dropped by mistake on a friendly target, luckily it missed Andy
  9. Falcon 1/48 Supermarine Swift

    Lovely work, I built this as my first full vac-form more years ago than I care to remember and it is still in my cabinet. Yours is so much better and the flaps really add to the overall effect.
  10. Clubs

    Five fully paid up members means you can apply to be an IPMS Branch, but there is no guarantee you will get space at Telford. It will be on a best endeavours basis as space is becoming more and more of an issue. Also any non-IPMS members of a club have to wait until public opening to get into the halls and pay full entry price. Another good reason to join IPMS.
  11. Clubs

    I am tremendously lucky as within 20 minutes of me I have IPMS Rotherham, SESKU (South Emsall South Kirby Lord knows what the U stands for) and the Elsecar Model Club. Each is different, which give each meeting a different vibe( as the young people say). The SESKU meeting is on a Saturday morning in Hemsworth library and actively encourages you to bring a model and work on it. It is the first time I have come across this type of meeting and am really enjoying it. Age range from about 10 to the 'more mature modeller'. Because I work away from home I don't make every meeting but I can usually get to at least one a month which keeps my mojo working and makes me realise I am not alone.
  12. You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    When you realise you had trained not just their fathers but their grandfathers.
  13. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    We had a chap from Auckland helping out on the NZ SIG, He even brought a model with him.
  14. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    Nothing to apologise for my friend.
  15. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    I might be wrong as I have never sold through the kit swap but isn't the seller supposed to put their IPNS number on each kit The ones I have bought in the past certainly have this on. Maybe with the number the Kit swap folks could track down the seller and get some recompense. It could be a genuine mistake and the seller would be mortified to know what has happened>
  16. lost bag at Teford

    A number of bags and boxes were found at breakdown and given to the centre so it is worth a try.
  17. Remembrance Day

    Most definitely observed in Halls 1 and 2 on Sunday.
  18. Dick Ward

    Modeldecals were what got me back into modelling aircraft in the early 80's and for that I will be forever grateful. I met him a couple of times an d unlike some of my other modelling heroes from that time he did not have feet of clay. R. I. P. Gone far too soon, but not forgotten in this modellers heart.
  19. Thanks to the good offices of Camper1, I was able to source an original issue Monogram F-192A with Case XX wing. As with all these Century Series models, a bit of TLC is needed to get an acceptable outcome, but they are fun to work with. I only add a metal pitot and a resin seat though the kit seat is perfectly acceptable under the close canopy. It is finished as a machine flown by the 318 FIS based at McChord AFB in Washington state around the end of the 1950's, thanks to the excellent F-102 Sheet from Fundekals. The sheet also has a couple of options for the 32nd FIS based in the Netherlands so guess what I'm looking for at Telford. As always thanks for looking.
  20. F-102A 318th FIS

    No worries, I had some spare Case XX decals if you needed them. Looking forward to seeing her finished.
  21. 1:144 Scale

    Platz kits are in stock at Coastal Craft, they are becoming a 1/144 specialist supplier.
  22. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    Thank goodness you are in Hall 2.
  23. No such luck, they are that colour on the sheet, if the previous issue is anything to go by. Same with their re-box of the AM Avenger. I
  24. F-102A 318th FIS

    Thanks for the kind words, glad you have finally got a Deuce. Is it the re boxing with the Case XX wings but Case X decals, (or was it the other way round?). Either way it hasn't made It to my bit of the other side of the pond. Watch out for the fit of the closed missile bay at the front, it needs a bit of easing to make it wide enough to fit, I used a piece of sprue as a spreader bar.