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  1. 28mm Chess Set - Battle of Borodino

    what Fred said sounds a good idea.
  2. 28mm Chess Set - Battle of Borodino

    This seems a terrific project. I did a similar thing many years ago based on the Battle of Waterloo but has to use 15mm cannon to fit in the squares. The Warlord Hussars are ok but the Perry Plastic ones are much nicer in my opinion. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.
  3. 28mm Celtic Chariot

    That's really nice, so much better than mine. The harness looks realistic as well
  4. Tamiya 1/48 Corsair, RNZAF

    Lovely looking Corsair
  5. 20 mm British Peninsular War army

    Excellent work so far. Starting an army can be daunting but the planning and the purchasing makes it great full. I look forward to seeing more.
  6. SW Model Show at The Tank Museum Feb 2018

    I was told by a couple traders at Huddesfield it was two days or no days at Yeovilton, no one day option. I don't have anything except anecdotal evidence to back this up thought. Apologies, I meant Bovington.
  7. 2018 Huddersfield Show

    Another excellent Huddesfield show, thanks to the Wakefield IPMS chaps and especially to Geoff and Alan.
  8. 28mm Samnites

    Nicely done, you can't tell thy are asleep. Watch out for the Warlord Chariot, if it is the same one as mine it is very fragile.
  9. Republic F84F

    Another cracking model young man.
  10. New Zealand Warbirds Hangars, 4 February

    Brilliant photos thanks for posting.
  11. Austrian Landwehr

    That was the correct solution to your dilemma.
  12. Revell 1/48th Tornado ADV

    Then thanks to Shaun as well .
  13. Revell 1/48th Tornado ADV

    Sebastien, thanks for the assembly order, I've copied it down for reference for when I start mine.
  14. Siege Emplacement, Mortars

    That's a lovely diorama.
  15. Airfix 1/48 P-51D - not that impressed

    I got the gap as well but had no warping or visible sink marks. Other than that I had no fit issues or problems.
  16. 1/48 Afrika Korps and Desert Rats?

    Finding DAK and 8th Army figures is difficult., but there are some by Gasoline. http://www.gaso-line.eu/news/figurine_48_gasoline.htm Nigel of Parabellum usually has them at shows.
  17. Monogram F102

    Lovely work Ian. Spookily, I bought that very decal sheet at Bolton on Sunday!
  18. Bolton Show 2018 - 1st of the year

    Thanks to the fine chaps at Bolton for a grand day out and an especially big thank you to Rob for all his hard work and vision. Yes the food was a let down and the rumour of a dry show was thankfully quashed by swift executive action. This is now a show most definitely not to be missed and I hope all the traders were suitably rewarded for their journeys.
  19. Nice work, I especially like the finish to the hides of the horses.
  20. F-106B

    Thanks for producing such great decals. I'm just regretting not getting a sheet of your 48013, the Penn Guard machine is calling me. Reminds me of good times in Pittsburgh and passing their museum. The KC135s they fly now were fun to watch from my hotel veranda but the Dagger and Dart would have been better. Maybe a re-print???
  21. F-106B

    This ones set off so well, I got it at Telford last year and within days of purchase I had the basic assembly done, but from that high point things started to go wrong, and it languished on the shelf of doom. little things like my superglue deciding not to want to stick the undercarriage doors on, and the masking tape deciding not to mask slowed me down but some free time between Christmas and New Year got it finished. the kit decal are odd colours and fonts so I replaced them with the same markings but so much more accurate in all areas from Caracal. Then I lost the nose wheel door.... So that needed to be scratched built. Other than the port intake, the fit was very good and had none of the 'interesting' assembly features of the venerable but still good RevelllMonogram single-seater and I would do anther if the price is right. The final issue was that I had used vinyl masks rather than the usual yellow tape ones I normally use and they must have loosened over the three months since they were attached so there was some bleeding of the varnish onto the canopies. A wiser modeller than I suggests that the canopies sit too high as designed, I'm not so sure but I think a little filing will be in order if I get another one. Thanks for looking.
  22. For part of our display at Telford 2018, my IPMS Branch went mad and bought a bunch of the new Airfix Mustangs. I said I'd build one or two and this is the result. Like all of the new Airfix kits I've built the fit is tight but by making sure the mating surfaces are clean and a bit of dry fitting it went together really well and needed hardly any filler. I used the Kits World decals for a 334th Fighter Squadron machine and they and the Airfix decals performed faultlessly. I thoroughly enjoyed the build and am already planning my next one.
  23. New Airfix Mustang

    Thanks for the kind words chaps, if you are thinking about getting one, don't hesitate it is a great kit.
  24. Bolton Show 2018 - 1st of the year

    Looking forward to this one. The NZ SIG is displaying for the first time, though we have been visitors plenty of times before.
  25. 1/48 Airfix P-51D Mustang

    Nice work so far, I concur twith the fin panel lines. I'm a little head of you n the build I think but nowhere near your quality