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  1. I tend to avoid using restored aircraft as references of how wartime aircraft looked as not all restorations duplicate exactly the way the original aircaft were built. I posted the Museum of Flight example to illustrate how I think the wing treatment would have looked upon leaving the factory. In the end the choice is yours as it should be.
  2. 'Sicilian' Revell Ju88 A-4 in 1/48

    I just caught up and great work so far. The round recess on the spine is for the Peil G6 radio direction finder. Regarding the bomb colours, this depended on the size of the bomb and there were marking added on the rear cone to indicate the type. Start here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/48541-bomb-colours/
  3. I'm with Antonio on the rivets. This is a reference that I've found useful: The wings would have been puttied and painted with silver dope, left that way on silver aircraft or painted over with camo colours. This applies to the wings only. The Mustang at Seattle's Museum of Flight represents this very well: Andy
  4. Airfix Huricane Attempted Build

    Chris, FWIW, Jim's been an immense help along with Carl Vincent, Jerry Vernon and others for the Hurricane MkXII we are restoring and rest assured that any info Jim gives you on RCAF Hurris is kosher, current, and credible. Andy
  5. ICM kits any good?

    Can't really add much though I would not be as harsh as some on the ICM Spits. Before Eduard's new tools came along, the ICM Spit IXs (and the VIII offshoot) led the pack in accuracy, though they weren't perfect, and offered great value for money. Fit issues? Sure but nothing terrifying. Lots of detail and plenty of parts for the spares box. The decals are garbage and even repelled SolvaSet but I tend to go with aftermarket anyway. Yes, Eduard's now tools are better but if I saw an ICM Spit for 10 bucks at a swap, I'd snap it up. Still have my low-back XVI in the stash too. My ICM Spit IX: Andy
  6. Must see Mosquito documentary

    My pleasure Steve. Presently dealing with a lot of water damage and glue deterioration. Replacement of balsa in damaged areas with modern epoxies is nearing completion and the first replacement outer skin section will be glued on tomorrow.
  7. Must see Mosquito documentary

    You may be happy to know then that the organization in which I sit on the board is restoring a former Spartan B.35 CF-HMS (RAF serial RS700) to taxi condition and that it will sport its Spartan Air Services paint scheme. See more here: http://www.calgarymosquitosociety.com/home.htm Our quarterly report closing out 2017 has just been posted there. Andy
  8. DH Mosquito video

    That would be the Flying Heritage Collection at Everett, Washington. The aircraft are owned by Paul Allen. I had the pleasure of attending that show, debuting his new Mosquito, the third now flying.
  9. WIP: 1/48 Eduard 190A-4 "white 10"

    Agree with all. Beautiful work on a fetching scheme!
  10. Caught up once again. Great work and references! Andy
  11. Hello Olivier! Been away for a bit. After the site seemed to have crashed, it took me a long time to realize it was back up and I had to do a bunch of things to enable me to get back in. Anyway, I just caught up and am astounded at your perseverence and skill in achieving this level of detail. Well done sir! I will continue to watch with interest. Andy
  12. Tamiya 1/32nd De Havilland Mosquito

    Do take care shipping that. It would be a shame to see it damaged. Looking forward to the resumption of activity, Andy
  13. WIP Tamiya 1/48 Lancaster S Sugar

    That deserves a prominent display for sure. Looking forward to seeing it finished. Andy