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  1. What CAR/BIKE kits have you recently bought 2?

    This came today. Don't often get excited by Ferraris, but this one I have always absolutely loved. Oddly enough the destructions state "not used" for just about all the enclosed engines parts!!! Lets hope the pdf owners manual I just downloaded helps me get all the bits in the right places. It's way beyond my skill levels at the moment but that's a bonus cos I'm not likely to get over impatient to finish it.
  2. porsche 918 spyder

    A bit more done today. Rear suspension stuff And a little try out of the Alclad holomatic spectral chrome And the front motor and suspension fitted All seemed to be going along quite nicely, and then I start thinking what a shame it'll be if hardly any of that Alclad is seen when the body is finished and it's all fitted together. Which leads to....... this happening..... OOOOOOPS!!!!! I think it might take me a bit longer to finish than perhaps I first thought.
  3. porsche 918 spyder

    Made a start on this gorgeous little thing. Revell kit 07026. Engine decorated in a mix of Alclads Polished Aluminium, White Aluminium and Steel. Added some tiny bits of AK Interactive Grey Kriegsmarine wash. Tis German after all. And stripped wheels and gave them a coat of Alclad jet exhaust and dabbed Polished Aluminium on the fronts with a make-up sponge. Kinda worked how I wanted it to. I get the feeling this one will be a rather enjoyable build.
  4. What CAR/BIKE kits have you recently bought 2?

    This one, which won't end up a standard nissan colour And this one which definitely won't finish up silver. The 2 most recent purchases waiting to be delivered are an Italian Japanese import, the Fujimi 288 gto and a Tamiya Jag XJ220. Both in 1/24 scale.
  5. What CAR/BIKE kits have you recently bought 2?

    An ebay rescue Tamiya 1/12th lotus 72 which looks like it's all there, and saw the Tamiya 1/12 Suzuki Katana in the local shop the other day and just had to have that!!
  6. 1/32 Lynx black cat

    Thank you. It was fun to put together. The Micro-sol certainly helped to make it look reasonably neat. Without it there probably would have been many more noticeable creases. decal fitting wise there's a little room for minor errors cos the sheet comes with spare stripes of the 3 main colours, so applying some patches is possible
  7. 1/32 Lynx black cat

    This kept me occupied over Christmas and New Year. All I can say is...... Micro-sol!!!! Unbelievably brilliant stuff!!! (Oh and the windows in the side doors have been put back the right way round since these photos were taken)
  8. After a couple of days of mostly just looking at little bits of ally tube deciding what to do next, and lots of stabbing fingers with tiny drill bits, this happened late last night. Managed to destroy one by superglueing it to some tools but it wasn't the best of the pair anyway so worked out a good excuse to make a better one for the other side. In hindsight, this might have been a lot easier if I'd thought of it before putting the 2 halves of front fuselage together, or at the very least before the nose went on. Maybe not entirely accurate but almost quite good fun to make. Got this seriously daft idea in my head now involving brake flaps and little jewelry box hinges!!
  9. On the subject of guns I thought that since no heavy duty hardware was going underneath perhaps it might be an idea to fit a pair of 27mm's that looked a bit more like proper guns than the tiny bits of plastic that came in the kit. I did attempt to drill the centre of those out to make room for a little piece of barrel but that all went completely wrong. So, here's something I tried earlier with a couple of bits of aluminium tubing. Originally 3mm & 2mm external diameters but filed down quite a lot. Have taken a sizeable chunk of artistic licence with the muzzle cos my file set is way too big for this job and the best magnification I have to work with for now is +3.5 reading glasses. I did buy some Alclad metal lacquers the other day so the finish will be jet exhaust and white aluminium. If only I could look through the macro lens while I was working on them!!!!
  10. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Bit boring here in the middle of Brizzle. Seagulls, pigeons and the occasional buzzing overhead from the local cops 'copter. Tis quite nice for interesting bridges tho
  11. Basically the reasoning behind this particular aircraft was a progression once I started researching where tornados based close to north northants in the early '80's. ZA355 happens to be listed for sale on Jet Art Aviation although they have the original tail no. down as B-55 whereas every other bit of info I found says she was b-54. Some of the cockpit was guesswork cos I'd imagine lots of instruments have been removed plus the fact the decals were a bit on the sparse side for exactly what I wanted. Hopefully I've finished up somewhere close. Anyway.... Going back to her for sale listing..... If anyone can confirm the b-54 before I get round to spraying the final details on the fin that would be very much appreciated.
  12. Yes the rear bit got removed, paintwork ended up a little dirtier on that one though. Does anyone else ever feel this is slightly surreal when you're building a model and getting advice from people who worked with the actual planes??
  13. I did paint the silver well before the black parts were glued on. And it looked like the Revell instructions tell you to stick right nozzle on upside down!!
  14. All Tamiya acrylics. Mixture of Chrome Silver, semi-gloss black and flat black. Mostly airbrushed. Did have a look for some Metalcote Steel-ish colours down the model shop yesterday but they were out of stock.
  15. Tried a bit of a wash on the landing gear. Not sure if it turned out well but definitely "dirtier" And finally got round to tackling some spraying on the exhausts. Quite happy with how these have turned out for my first go.