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  1. You Thought The Last Pun Was Bad?

    Rudy Popov, a Russian meteorologist and member of the Communist Party, was regarding the weather outside his kitchen window. "Nasty bit of rain we're getting," he said, "Lots of rain." His wife looked out the window and said, "But Rudy, darling, that's not rain, it's sleet." "Nyet," said Rudy, "It's rain. As a professional meteorologist I can tell you... Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear."
  2. Commission Builds

    "I love deadlines. I especially love the whooshing sound they make as they go by." (Douglas Adams)
  3. How do I post Pictures?

    You've bought apples off my cart before, eh?!
  4. How do I post Pictures?

    Here's a pie to slap in my face!
  5. Commission Builds

    It takes me that long just to put a cockpit together!
  6. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    Free app for your phone and a few quid for a bracket to hold it to your dashboard, job done. That's what I did figuring I'd always have the phone with me and if I had a dedicated dashcam I'd have to put it away anyway every time I parked so that the young people of London don't try to make off with it so it's not even any extra faff with the phone. Only downside is, you can't multitask the phone when the dashcam is on so... If somebody phones you while you're driving, the dash cam turns itself off till you hang up.
  7. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    You do realise, don't you, that there's not a jury in the world that would convict you for stabbing her with a sharpened stalk of celery?
  8. What Bad memory?

    I was on the beach with the missus. She wanted an ice cream so I said I'd get her one. "What flavour would you like?" I asked. "Chocolate... Write it down, you know what your memory's like." "No problem, luv, mind like a steel trap. One chocolate ice cream coming up.' "I want a Flake in it... Write it down." "No need. Chocolate ice cream with a Flake." "And crushed walnuts.... Write it down, I know you'll forget." "No sweat. Got it covered. Chocolate ice cream, Flake, crushed walnuts. Cone or cup?" "A cone, please, and write it down or you'll mess it up." "I don't need to write anything down, I've got it. Chocolate cone with a Flake and crushed walnuts." "And a cherry on top." "Chocolate cone, Flake, walnuts, cherry. Got it." "Write it down!" "Nope. I'm all set." Off I went. Five minutes later I was back with a hot dog. "You daft old goat... I told you to write it down." "Why... What's the matter?" "You forgot the mustard."
  9. FAA Phantom 1/72

    I like the oddball drop tanks. I might be way off the mark but I'd assume a plane would get whatever tanks are available without much "artistic" attention being given to whether they match. If my build skills were better I'd be inclined to paint odd bits in a primer colour to indicate hastily fitted replacements but it would me more likely to look like sloppy building.
  10. HO3S-1 1/48 AMP

    Nice job. As a flier of R/C I have no interest in choppers at all but as a sticker of plastic I might just have to give one a whack!
  11. Commission Builds

    I potter with a market stall once a week (can't really call it a job, more a retirement hobby) and have thought I could probably get a twenty-spot for a built Spit or Hurri but, since that would translate to about 20 pence an hour I figured I might as well keep them!
  12. Commission Builds

    Funny you should mention that... Just yesterday I was asking Mr Google if he could find a Honda VLX 600, the last bike I owned and probably the last bike I'll ever have owned (since I'm now at the age where bouncing on tarmac causes quite a lot of damage to the bod).
  13. Commission Builds

    As your friendly local novice I've been asking a lot of questions and learning a lot of new things. During general perusal of random comments, I've noticed a few mentions of "I had to stop working on this one because I got a commission to build... " and such. My first thought was, Who the devil would pay somebody to build Airfix kits? But then my other secret passion raised its head and reminded me. I've always been a fan of cartoons and the claymations of Nick Park's Aardman pictures are chock-full of beautifully built models. I've frequently pointed out the attention to detail in the weathering, dirtying and generally hard-beaten-appearance-ing of said models to the missus, since long before the kit-building bug bit me. Then I thought of Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame, and an old picture of him I've seen sticking 1/72 tank turrets to a massive star-destroyer for Star Wars flicks. And then, of course, the 1/100 model of the USS Nimitz in the National Air and Space museum in Washington popped into my mind and reminded me museums in general are full of models. So, who knows.... Maybe I've been blagging advice from the bloke who built the farmer's Landy for Shaun the Sheep!
  14. Road Trip! Visiting Coventry from Oklahoma

    First prize, a week in Coventry. Second prize, two weeks...