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  1. Target Saigon 1973-75 Volume 1 The Pretence of Peace ISBN : 9781911512349 Helion & Company via Casemate UK It was thought that following the signing of the Paris Peace accord in January 1973 would end the war in Vietnam. However the North Vietnamese had fallen short of their main objective of destroying the South Vietnamese Army and removing the regime from Saigon. The US had agreed to withdraw and exchange prisoners, however the leadership in the North were committed to the complete overthrow of the South and not just the peace which had been agreed. This books sets the scene of this time period. It examines the US withdrawal and how the North would continue to build up there forces and their logistics support from Russia & China; and the South Would build their forces with US Support. It then goes onto look as the fighting which not only returned but intensified. There is a wealth of photos of the ARVN forces, as well as the North Vietnamese forces; along with colour profiles of equipment. There are colour maps which show how the fighting progressed as well. The book is A4 softbound with 88 pages. Included in these are 150 black and white photos, 5 pages of maps and 18 profiles. Conclusion If you are interested in Vietnam War, then this final part has not been as extensively covered as the rest of the war, this series will redress that balance. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  2. Phantom FG.1 XV571 43 Sqn 1986 special markings

    Gents as interesting as this thread is please dont post copyrighted pictures into the thread, by all means a link but not the picture. Thx Julien
  3. Thing is does the kit really need all these upgrades? Probably not, however are they expected? I would say yes, modellers do expect them and a lot of them must buy them otherwise Eduard would not make them? Like many things an Eduard 109G-6 can be picked up for say £20 where as the new Tamyia one will be £40, the Tamyia one will probably be more complete but I expect Eduard will still sell update sets for it which people will buy, so why make is super duper out the box and price some people out when a lot will just buy the upgrades anyway? Eduard know a P-51D will sell where as something inter war, who knows? but if they are listening can I have a 1/48 Hawker Nimrod pls? If I could understand the kit game I would try and make money from it. Julien
  4. Well so far they have released PE sets (interior & exterior), masks, seatbelts, a complete cockpit, Wheels, propeller, bazookas, normal fuel tanks, paper fuel tanks, normal exhausts, shrouded exhausts, external canopy mirros, gunsights, and control surfaces. All for the Airfix kit, but no doubt already planned for their own. Julien
  5. Latest Walkaround Updates

    Vickers VC-10 XR808 added today; http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235030494-vickers-vc-10-raf-c1k-xr808/ Julien
  6. Vickers VC-10 RAF C1K XR808. XR808 was the first VC-10 delivered to the RAF nd the last one to be retired. Now at the RAF Museum at Cosford. Pics mine.
  7. Airfix 2018

    From the top down, Escape tower - Lockheed Command module - North American Service Module - North American Spacecraft to Lunar Module Adaptor, - North American Lunar Module - Grumman Instrument unit - IBM Third Stage - Douglas Second Stage - North American First Stage - Boeing All the engine by Rocketdyne
  8. Special Forces Equipment - British Parachutes ISBN : 9782352504429 Histoire & Collections via Casemate UK At first sight a book on British Parachutes for Special Forces from WWII would not seem an engaging subject. I must confess a little bias as one of my relatives made parachutes during WWII as her part towards the total effort. WWII saw the first major use of parachutes to drop troops, special forces, and supplies. The book is 141 pages long, medium format (slightly smaller than A4). The quality of the printing is excellent with colour and black & white pictures throughout. The book covers a wide range of parachute types in use, as well as other jump equipment such as weapons bags and kit bags. There are pictures of kit owned by known operatives and some detail on post war equipment and that used by the French forces in Indochina. The wealth of pictures will enable any figure modeller, or diorama modeller to get things looking right. Conclusion If you are interested in Special Forces, their equipment; parachutes, or parachute operations; or even general military history from WWII then this book is highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  9. Airfix 2018

    There is a distinct amount of thread creep here, can we keep it to airfix 2018 pls.
  10. F4U-1 Propeller 1:32 Eduard Brassin - For Tamiya Kit Propeller (632110) This is a new prop unit. The blades are individual and seat into the top of the hub via a provided jig. When this is removed from the pour block the modeller will have to drill a locating hole in it. Review samples courtesy of
  11. USN Ensign Flag - Steel 1:350 Eduard USN Flags (53202) This set is for any 1:350 ship/boat needing a US Flag or Ensign. They are in the new steel material so can be bent etc to make them look a bit less flat. They are double sided and come with eyelets to bend round to affix to your rigging. Review sample courtesy of
  12. I doubt it. A couple of years ago I asked Airfix this question re the Boeing logo on the P-51D kits (1/72) while there was a process to go through they were mainly concerned with how the brand was being portrayed and not monetary interest.
  13. Gents, another thread which is going downhill rapidly. If it does not concern you you are under no obligation to chip in. Pls can we keep comments to the kit in hand. Thx Julien