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  1. Thx Hans
  2. Even if not him, if there is a chance of the body being identitified much better they do that than this person lying in an unmarked grave. I have seen way too many unmarked graves in War Cemetaries over the years and it always is upseting that that person who gave his life in the service of his country lies in an unmarked grave. Julien
  3. Trying to find some information and pictures if I can of Saladins supplied to the Bundesgrenzschutz in the 1950s by the British Army. They were catchily called "Geschützer Sonderwagen III" Thx Julien
  4. What did I just read!
  5. Given the activated bleach slurry which was to be used to decontaminate vehicles not sure it mattered what finish the paint was.
  6. Did anyone ever do a NF.14 in 1.48th Scale? JUlien
  7. Having spoken to the poster all he is doing is sharing news, does not work for Arctic Decals, so yes spread the news.
  8. Warpaint

    Yes Adrian Balch is a member here. Dont for get to tell Guideline you saw it on here. Julien
  9. Looks like a Hunter seat to me.
  10. Beaufigther, Blenheim, Defiant, Gladiator, Beaufort; any of them would be good.
  11. Shockingly enough none. Companies come and companies go. I am buy kits from manufactures new and old. I am sure some of the new people wont last, and I am sure some of them will go onto be big.
  12. When I was a teenager in Hong Kong (Dad was in the Army out there) there was a small model shop in the local town Sheng Shui, now this place was tiny by modern shop standards but the amount of kits in there was a massive, it must have been made by the same people who did the tardis. The rate for the HK$ was very good to the £ so everything seemed cheap as well. Also miss being able to buy Matchbox kits in the corner shop, my first experience of kit buying.
  13. Used the reverse end of the superglue cap to pierce the metal top and then put in my mouth that end first for safe keeping!
  14. Happy Birthday

    Wow 10 years tomorrow it will be since joining BM. Time flies. Panzer Vor!!! you can go back to sleep now!