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  1. RIP but too early.
  2. Gents, Please keep this topic on thread. If you dont like or want to go along with the topics original poster you are under no obligation to take part in the discussion. Julien
  3. They normally probe up dont they!! KP sorry to hear your situation.
  4. The shipping line should be conversant with the terms used. So should any freight forwarder. If its flammable liquids in these type of quantities then it will fall under the Excepted Quanties rules or would have thought or at the very least limited quantities provisions. You would need the Material Data Safety sheets for un numbers etc to find the exact provisions for the applicable regaulations but for most flammable liquids its 30ml per pot and then either 1000g, 500g or 300g per package. Its all a bit complicated but any repuatble freight forwarder or shipping line should be able to walk you through this. The rules are different for air but again are not difficult. As I work in this area I would advise 100% against non declaration as even for small amount the fines can be heavy. What can and cant enter for customs purposes I dont know, but again your freight forwarder should be aware of this. Julien
  5. Nice, mine is on order. I have the gun system as well, fancy this as a diorama posibility!
  6. Cant wait for this one.
  7. No but I have one if you have any questions Dave. Nice kit with a metal barrel included. Julien
  8. I would imagine the power train and systems would take more maintenance than the older russian tanks they have, If they do manage to use these I would suspect they would be high on any allied aircraft target lists.
  9. Good pictures. If you weathered a kits wheels like that people would think you mad
  10. Just to let everyone know Ilias has been in contact with Mike regarding setting up a trader forum so its all in hand. Julien
  11. Hi, can we only have one thread per rumour pls. Julien
  12. You need sunglasses to look at that!
  13. Hi Tammy, not sure Greg meant anything by it, just a general term. Julien