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  1. Tiger 1 of Das Reich

    This is a great presentation and very nice combination of colors and techniques. Very convincing.
  2. Thanks again 😊 @Sairou The inside effects were done buy using color chipping buy painting on lighter shades of grey and to paint blackbrown inside these areas. So basic chipping approach. Then I worked the area with Vallejo wash for grey vehicles, I wanted to buy a grey wash, but I misread the label. Then I applied some brown oil paints here and there and did some streaking with that as well. The idea for the final finish is to have one guy standing on that let down side, so he is bringing dirt and damage to the paint. Yeah might be a bit over done with the almost new appearance of the other side panel. But it is as it is now.
  3. Jadgtiger

    18 pieces at 1:35 scale? That is crazy. I would also not want to build that in 1:16.
  4. Hobby Boss Nagmachon APC (early)

    Great, thanks for the comparison of colors. My online shop listed those ak lacquers recently as well. How would you rate their performance? What are these Mig real colors?
  5. AFV Club Centurion MK 5/1

    I would have liked a British Centurion better. But the kit is great, so many well cast details. And always think it like that, it is used by another Nation because it was great That is why I build my first Leopard I in Dutch colours.
  6. 1/35 T-34/85 Tank

    This one looks great, really. You put those builds out like there was no tomorrow How would you rate this kit build wise and the quality of detailing. Academy is less expensive than Dragon or Tamiya. And as such always an interesting alternative.
  7. AFV Club Centurion MK 5/1

    I got mine from Sockelshop.de . But have a look at scalemates, there are some that have the kit in stock.
  8. Thank you very much. I guess I should try some dust and dirt ASAP.
  9. Gluing tiny parts on Armoured Tank

    For plastic to plastic it is indeed Tamiya thin cement.
  10. Tamiya M4 mid production 1/35

    Very nice. And good execution of the sand bags. Whenever you need any hex bolts, get those Meng bolt sets, the large kit starts at 1.3mm with three sizes in 0.2mm increments. You get around 700-800 of such bolt heads for about 5€
  11. Thanks, now I have a better idea of how this works. It looks like some special skills needed to get this right.
  12. This build looks interesting. How do you cut so precise shapes from the styrene?
  13. Scammell Pioneer SV2S

    Jupp, that is one nice truck. Unbelievable. That must by hours and hours of layer build up. Very convincing.
  14. Tiger I x 4

    Thank you Carius. I just managed to jerk the gun recoil unit into the turret. It geta about 18mm of recoil. Looks quite ok, just a bit tweaking with the electronics setting needed now. Her is the picture to show the scale and size difference. Have to order me a close defense weapon and add the clasps to the stowage bin. Then this one is ready to get painted as well.