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  1. Tiger I x 4

    Thank you Carius. Yes, it is slowly progressing. ATM I am working on some of the PE backplate mounts for the big tank and build the hull for the 135. When the hull is done, I will take a painting intermezzo for the 135 and do the 116 turret finally.
  2. Su-85, Dragon 1/35th

    Beautiful result
  3. Tiger I x 4

    Tiger progress, work on the dirt accumulations. Used my Pigment mixture fixed with 502 fixer. Working from the bottom up. Final work is then done when blending into the scene. It leaves some tide mark though that need some rework with dry pigments in the end. Have tha Tamiya tanker set on order as well as a Miniart vigniette. The picture frame is ready too And started work on the back plate of the big tank. The Academy late is in progress as well.
  4. Intersting. I had a look at the reviews for this kit. These were quite favorable. But maybe it was only in box reviews. Btw, what is wrong with the afv pE set. I couldn't get that from your post?
  5. Maybe the kits are different. My Tiger fell together. More or less. The turret halfes were a bit difficult though. I have the centurion mk5 kit as well, but didnt start that yet. But after doing a few Takom kits, they all have to compare to these. Be it in the crispness of the details or the property of the plastic.
  6. 1/35 T34/76 Winter Camo|Tamiya

    This dirt job lookss amazing
  7. Cool looking vehicle and not very often to see.
  8. Tiger I x 4

    Tiger dirt left finished so far. Original tracks, bad, but I cant make up my mind now to buy the 20+ € tracks.
  9. Takom King Tiger Interior paint.

    Vallejo has this RAL6011 as well. It is called pale green there. Modelair 095
  10. Thanks, I am on a mobile. It doesn't show me any links.
  11. which link do you mean in particular?
  12. Cheers Francis. Yours is a Takom Kit as well? Lesson learned here: Give oil paints even more time to cure before the next step.
  13. Tiger I x 4

    Thank you very much Kris. Yes, it comes along and I happen to like to work on various projects and have various levels available to work on the kind of step I like to. And it suddenly hit me to add the spare tracks and do some dirt to the Tiger.
  14. Tiger I x 4

    Here is my attempt for the lower part dirt. Same pigments as on the Chieftain, different fixer though and it will be thinner. And mostly to the running gear, only dusty on top, to not compromise the camoflage work.
  15. Thank you very much Glynn Everything turned out very different from what I initially expected. But that is still interesting to see the own progress in relation to initial expectations. I am not unhappy with the results overall, although the reactions of the paint can be a bit disheartening sometimes.