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  1. Italeri 1:35 Leopard 1A2

    That is a nice set of tools and supplemental stuff. I might have to look into such a spray booth as well in the near future. As for the paint, I am using Vallejo mostly as it is available in a nearby shop. Other paints I have to order online as well. But I recently tried mig paint in mr hobby thinners. Didn't do fancy stuff yet, so more experience needed. What do you plan weatheringwise with your Leopard?
  2. This is a busy little turret
  3. Italeri 1:35 Leopard 1A2

    nice update and funny looking camo, completely different than any other Leopard I have not tried the cleaner for thinning. Maybe you could just use some water for that.
  4. Hi there, after the Panther build I came back to this nice little Takom kit. Again a T-54 derivative. Compared to the Type 59 kit this is a whole different story. Much more detail. Many multi piece parts to add. The turret consists of 100 parts+ with all the stuff put up. The fender was a breeze to build compared to that. I hope the forums will be more stable now.
  5. Panther G early Dragon 6384

    Hi there and thanks for your encouragement I thought I would paint it in the Hohenstaufen paint scheme. It is tritone with large green and brown patches. And it seemed.to have been hard edged.
  6. That custom mix is a great choice.
  7. Panther G early Dragon 6384

    Unfortunately the forum was down yesterday evening so more time to build. It looks like a Panther now. Almost done
  8. Very nice and thanks for sharing Damian. Looking forward to see this continued. This was to be my "next" kit when I saw the build video on the Andy HQ channel. Unfortunately it wasn't available anytime soon. Maye sometime in the future.
  9. Panther G early Dragon 6384

    Great idea. It actually works for most of the markings. The hangers all go on top of the Zimmerit. I will melt them in with the cement.
  10. Panther G early Dragon 6384

    Hi guys and thanks It isnt actually written in the manual. I had seen someone drilling in a review but couldnt find any remarks there. OK, had I waited for the step to work on, well... But in the end it doesnt matter. After attaching the fenders the racks all go above it and the distance between each bit can be arranged by looking at the manual and the relation to detail features on the hull deck. But it would have been a bit easier of course.
  11. Panther G early Dragon 6384

    One thing to be aware of. Dont glue the two halves together before adding the tools. What Dragon doesnt show in the manual, you have to drill all the locations from the inside. Well, Panther fans can do without, but it would have been a bit easier.
  12. Takom Panther and some others

    Nice trio. The bottom two are Dragon kits?
  13. Panther G early Dragon 6384

    That is such a beautifull and easy build. The lower hull was slightly turning in at the back and. But as soon as the back plate was mounted everything fit like together like a glove. A special feature of Dragon kits, you get a lot of Styrene "Nuggets" for your Sprue-Glue. And a bit Zimmerit details
  14. Takom King Tiger Initial Production

    I would say they could be more pronounced to blend in with the overall weathering.