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  1. SW Model Show at The Tank Museum Feb 2018

    Not yet. But having done Hendon, Yeovilton and Middle Wallop shows at one point or another then none of them were great venues for a model show compared to say, Hornchurch or Telford, but as a day out they were all very good as was Bovington.
  2. SW Model Show at The Tank Museum Feb 2018

    My brother and I attended as paying punters on Saturday but as we still had our tickets from Tankfest there was no entry fee. Well done to Bovington (and others like Bletchley Park and, I think, Yeovilton) for selling a ticket as an annual pass allowing additional visits for no extra charge. Very much appreciated. We both enjoyed the show but felt that the number of exhibitors and traders were a bit on the light side. This was our first visit to the model show and had there not been the museum itself to look around then we would have gone away feeling a bit deflated especially as it was a 260 mile round trip. For model show purists I suspect a museum venue is never going to be a great location owing to poorer lighting and exhibits getting in the way of stands (or vice versa) but as a day out we both enjoyed it and for any Bovington staff reading this then thank you for making the effort to put the show on.
  3. Chinooks by night (more added 13/02/18)

    Some lovely images there and rather better weather than when I visited Odiham! The rippling on the Chinook's fuselage really stands out in some of your shots and great to capture the strobes too. Stand outs for me are 12, 15, 17 and 22. Ta for sharing these.
  4. Do we want these as BM members?

    Hold on, let me ask them what they've named it.........Doormat I think. Oops, no, in fact I got that wrong. It's the people who feed them who are called Doormat .
  5. 2014 Geneseo NY Airshow

    I had the pleasure of visiting this show in 1984 when I was an exchange student at SUNY Brockport. My memory is bit hazy and the black and white photos are goodness knows where but I do remember thoroughly enjoying the day out. I don't know how it is now of course but my recollection is that It had the feel of a village fete about it and was all very informal and therefore incredibly friendly. We had several flypasts by some Phantoms (F4Ds?) based at Buffalo and a visiting Hurricane, when parked up had no barriers around it so you could walk up and touch it or crawl under it. Can't really imagine that in the UK! A year later I went to the airshow at Miramar and was again struck by the complete absence of barriers around any of the aircraft. The US Army flew in a Huey and once on the ground the crew opened it up with the invitation to climb in and have a look round on the basis that "You (the taxpayer) own it." Informality can be an issue though. At one point in the show a P51 Mustang and a Huey were in the air at the same time heading towards each other until the Mustang realised what was happening and pulled sharply away. Some great images there and thanks for sharing them. They bring back some very happy (but hazy) memories.
  6. New indigenous UK designed fighter revealed

    I had to check the date to ensure that it wasn't April 1st. I think it's a great story. Ta for posting.
  7. Meeting de l'Aerien, BA123 Orléans-Bricy 11 June 2006

    A great selection! Thanks for posting these. Looking forward to seeing more as and when time permits.
  8. Thailand military aircraft

    That is indeed a proper variety of types! Thanks for sharing these. Would like to see more if you fancy posting them.
  9. academy 1/48 p47d

    You made a better job of it then I would ever have done so pleased it went to a good home!
  10. academy 1/48 p47d

    Is that the one you bought from me? A lovely job and if it is the one then very nice to see it completed and having gone to a good home.
  11. Where will you put them all once you've made them?
  12. Nice job! Lovely to see the Shack sitting next to it.
  13. Airfix 1/76 Cromwell, other models with similar tracks?

    Thanks for this as I have just bought one from Aldi. I look forward to getting on with it.
  14. Duxford in the snow December 2017

    Some lovely shots! The different angles make for much more interesting pictures. I think that one of the big benefits of seeing other people's images is that they offer up ideas that I certainly wouldn't have thought of. The light in 1,2 and 16 is stunning. Add in number 10 and those are my favourites. Thanks for sharing these.
  15. I think all the extra work was worth it. Its turned out beautifully.