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  1. That's brilliant!
  2. An interesting article. I hadn't realised that Mildenhall had two tankers detached to Istres to support the French in Mali. I also not the comment that Lakenheath will be home to over 100 fighters. I thought the F15Es were being replaced by 2x24 airframe squadrons of F35s with the future of the F15Cs undecided?
  3. I remember reading the same story. Made me laugh! Would still rather fly a Phantom though.
  4. That is an extraordinary piece of work and a great WIP accompaniment too.
  5. That is very impressive! The photography really adds to the model.
  6. In case anybody is interested the February edition of "Combat Aircraft" magazine has a ten page article on the Fitters at Swidwin and the overhaul work carried out at Bydgoszcz.
  7. Some very nice shots there. A wonderful holiday and aviation. Sounds perfect!
  8. Sshhhh! My wife doesn't know!
  9. Quite by chance I found this on Youtube. It's not quite HD and the sound quality leaves a little bit to be desired but as a trip down memory lane I found it fascinating viewing. When I watch these films I often wonder what became of some of those people featured.
  10. Indeed. This is veering off topic but in my mind the question is to what extent the North Sea oil and gas might be seen as a windfall albeit over 40 plus years? it's a naturally diminishing resource which costs more to access over time as the easy reserves are tapped first. I agree that we do have a larger and more diversified economy than Norway and the Gulf states but HM Government's debt levels are eye wateringly high thereby constraining the government's room for manoeuvre. Also had we saved or invested some of the oil and gas revenues then our roads and railways and other infrastructure - including defence - might be in a better condition. Ultimately it of course it comes down to voters, politicians and choices that are made at the time but on the basis that things go up and things go down then any windfalls I am lucky enough to get go into the rainy day fund.
  11. I agree entirely but I thought to mention or suggest that the UK has squandered much of our oil and gas revenues (and by which I mean not invested or saved a percentage as the Norwegians, Kuwaitis, Saudis and others have done) might be seen as a bit too political. Bearing in mind how far the Nimrods used to roam we could certainly use more than nine aircraft.
  12. Over 40 years which is pretty good going. Thinking of the size of Norway and its population relative to the UK and they buy five P8s while we're buying nine. Hmmm.
  13. Agree with you entirely. Really sad to see it go and I wish I'd been there but at least I got to do Wittmund. Thanks for posting the clip
  14. I did think it was rather odd otherwise I suspect some malicious airline pilots or those with a sense of humour might be tempted.....
  15. I didn't know airliners could empty their waste tanks in mid-air. You have to feel very sorry for people under the flightpath if this is really happening. The fine seems disproportionately small relative to the unpleasantness that results for those on the ground.