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  1. Nicely evocative. Love the third shot in particular.
  2. Your comment reminds me a holiday to Kefalonia in May 1991 where we were treated to the sight of F104s and F4s flying over late afternoon/early evening. Only ever as singletons but I wasn't complaining. Oh for the good old days!
  3. Yes indeed! Just sneaked in under the wire as it were although it's probably not advisable to try that on a Hellenic Air Force base.
  4. The intention was to limit the number of spotters to 300 but according to the email I received last night confirming my place they have increased the number to 500 due to overwhelming demand but will not increase it beyond that. I am number 460.
  5. Love it! A great reminder of airshows in the 1980s at Lakenheath.
  6. I enjoyed reading the background to the build and am wondering what I'll find (or won't find) in the box sitting in the loft of one that I bought as part of a deal that Airfix were offering with the 1/24th Typhoon.and and Looks like you've made a silk purse out of a right sow's ear there. Well done for persevering with it!
  7. My favourite aircraft in my favourite colour scheme. Superb piece of work!
  8. That's an extraordinary sum of money! I knew that supermarkets charged their suppliers for shelf space and demanded "contributions" to marketing and advertising costs but it never occurred to me that they did the same to publishers. It doesn't make it any easier being a small or niche area publishing business.
  9. Tres bon! Something to aspire to when I finally get around to building the one stored in the loft.
  10. A really nice job of an unusual subject. I had no idea the SM79 ever flew with only two engines.
  11. Love the paint scheme. Nice to see something different. Can you imagine an air marshal today having his "own" Typhoon or Hawk let alone two of them.
  12. That's brilliant!
  13. An interesting article. I hadn't realised that Mildenhall had two tankers detached to Istres to support the French in Mali. I also not the comment that Lakenheath will be home to over 100 fighters. I thought the F15Es were being replaced by 2x24 airframe squadrons of F35s with the future of the F15Cs undecided?
  14. I remember reading the same story. Made me laugh! Would still rather fly a Phantom though.