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  1. My experience has been that Saturday is very busy whereas the one time I had no option but to go on the Sunday it was very quiet indeed and to be honest felt a bit flat in terms of atmosphere. That being said it's better for studying the displays. There is a real buzz on Saturday not least because people are keen to get the bargains under the club tables and from the traders.
  2. Brilliant! Lovely set of shots of aircraft and schemes we really don't see enough of. I really like the Hawk scheme; one of the best I've ever seen. Thanks very much for posting these.
  3. Love the colours on the Hawks! It looks pretty hazy there.
  4. Very nice to see some images of different helicopters in unusual schemes somewhere a long way away. Odd seeing an attack helicopter in virginal white! Thanks for sharing these.
  5. Gave up on Photobucket and as Flickr is new to me this post was very helpful indeed. Thanks v much!
  6. Cheers!
  7. I agree but presumably the airfield is closed at weekends which would mean bringing everybody in. ATC, ground crew, fire cover etc etc. and that means either overtime being paid for civilian staff or time off in lieu for service personnel. If anybody from Yeovilton is reading the thread perhaps they can offer a view.
  8. As much as I dislike Facebook I suppose it has its uses. Details of the Lynx's farewell tour this Friday.
  9. Excellent shots and great that the Chinook could help. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Super photos! A real treat to have the Misawa F16s arrive especially with the North Koreans stirring things up and another real treat to be able to go aboard the KC135 too. Looks like a really memorable show and in good weather too. Thanks re the A400 crew. A nice jolly for a squadron crew. I really ought to start paying more attention to FB as much as I loathe it.
  11. Looks like a great airshow and thanks for sharing these. Was it an RAF crew with the A400 or an Airbus crew do you know? Either way a bit of a treat for them coming from Europe.
  12. Just like at Fairford.......but then again......
  13. Thanks very much for the background. Fascinating. That is one very well travelled Harrier!
  14. What a great event and a lovely set of images too! Thanks very much for sharing these. Any idea how that Harrier ended up in Australia? Getting that close to a B1 at Fairford is something we can only dream about.
  15. Nicely evocative. Love the third shot in particular.