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  1. Hawker (Siddeley) GB Chat

    I'll have a dig through the stash and find a kit or two so I can join in, I'm already suffering withdrawal symptoms from the closing of the Matchbox GB! Whatever I use, it's going to be an old style build. Tony.
  2. Novo Hawker Hunter Old School Build

    Hi Pat, I didn't know Novo used the original mold for their Hunter. Here's one of my original FROG efforts, box stock, even to the red paint! It's the same mold as your model. The wings fitted just as badly when the tooling was new. I've taken flak for not even sharpening the nose, but I have rhino hide when it comes to old school builds.
  3. A beautiful looking model. It sits perfectly. Tony.
  4. Supermarine TOR4040

    Given the pile of scrap/reject resin you started with, you have done a quite incredible job to build such a decent model. I suspect I would have taken a lump hammer to the thing! Tony.
  5. PK-108 Westland Lynx

    With Group Builds like this, it's always difficult to decide how far to go with the model. Straight out the box can look a bit toylike sometimes, superdetailing can go too far the other way. I think you have nailed this one just right. A very clean build that's easy on the eye and takes you back a bit at the same time. I've just taken a look at the display base you made for the model over in the finished kit thread, it sets the model of to perfection. Tony.
  6. Once more into the breech! #FINISHED#

    That's a fine looking model! The weathering looks just right.
  7. Nostalgic Tribute to Frog Model Kits GB

    Thanks Pat, Here's a contender for restoration, or rather a pair of them! The remains of both versions of the Penguin Blackburn Shark, wheeled and Floatplane. The models are both incomplete and need a few bits and pieces scratch built or copied from the later FROG kit, or even the original plan. There's also a fair bit of warping of the primitive plastic to sort out along with trying to salvage what I can of the original markings. The models will be taken back to component parts and rebuilt from there. The thought of it terrifyies me but a GB is just the boot up the jacksie needed to get me going here. Tony.
  8. That looks every inch a Phantom! A very clean build indeed. The photography deserves a pat on the back as well. Tony.
  9. I suspect it's a cost issue. It used to be that the box cost more than the kit inside but once the price of oil shot up, things got reversed. An ounce or two of clear plastic deleted would be quite a saving over the whole range. Tony.
  10. Another PK605 Heyford

    I'm going to have to admit defeat on this one, with the finish date for the Group Build looming It's got a 1.32 Dauntless and a 1.72 Stranraer for company, they won't get done in time either. Curses. It's not the first time I've overreached myself and no doubt won't be the last! Tony.
  11. That's one of the most realistic finishes I have seen. Everything seems to balance just right. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished display. Tony.
  12. A few more for the thread. The second issue Airfix Bf109 with a posed up desk scene... This one is a bit out of place in the aircraft end of the Forum, but it kind of belongs in a nostalgia thread. I got away with posting Flame Out Freddie a page or two back, so this one might get lucky as well. The base was knocked up with offcuts of wood used during the model room construction. Pollyfilla provided the muddy road and one or other of the Airfix combat sets supplied the sandbag wall. Looking at it now, the sandbags seem a bit out of scale. I didn't notice that boo boo at the time! It's been said before, but Airfix really missed a trick by not issuing the HP42 in 1.72 scale. It's a good looking kit in the Skyking 1. 144 scale, but imagine the impact a bigger one would have had!
  13. Nostalgic Tribute to Frog Model Kits GB

    Count me in. Not sure what to build just yet but more than one subject is a definite. Would the FROG Penguin range fit the criteria? I have a few of those in need of full restoration that would make for an interesting rebuild read. Tony.
  14. Blackburn Shark 755 Sqn FAA 1939/40

    Here's a photo from a late 1930's issue of Flying Magazine that might help. It's the same plane FROG depicted in their Penguin range of kits just prior to WW2. Tony..
  15. Very nice. The plane looks like something from an early Eagle Annual in those overhead shots. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished model. Tony.