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  1. Another Do18

    Not much to report today, more filling and sanding. Yawn. I dug out a copy of Aircraft of the Fighting Powers from 1941. The Dornier makes an appearance and gets a bit of a pasting for being out of date, an easy target and generally not a lot of cop. I guess in 1941 the Germans were never going to get much praise from a UK publication. The plans look impressive but the few pictures provided contradict them in a few places. The pictures look to have seen a bit of airbrushing, so it's all of passing interest only really. I've also been messing around with one possible display idea. There's the beginnings of a Lufthansa Travel Agent display here. Or not. We shall see. There are a couple more ideas to try yet, but I'm waiting of an Ebay delivery or two before I can give them a go. More later.
  2. Another Do18

    Progress so far... Trenches filled, and a whole lot of rubbing down commences. Fill, sand, repeat. This is the boring bit, paint will follow soon enough, along with a bit of period detailing. A couple of different display ideas are forming, more info as it unfolds at this end. When the model is in bare primer, it starts looking very much like a wartime ID model. I built a few in that style last year. I had a few less than perfect built kits with bits missing, silvered decals, etc etc. I filled and rubbed them right down and hit them with a bit of satin black aerosol. They looked the part to me, especially when sat on a couple of cheapo paper spikes. The Dornier could end up like this if I manage to cock up the build running at the moment. See what I mean about Get out of Jail cards! Tony.
  3. Another Do18

    I've assembled the bulk of the model now, filled and sanded seams and what nots and hit it with a bit of primer. Taking a long, hard look at it, I find that I can't carry on with plan A, the simple build sat on a simple base. The kit needs help. The shape looks good to me, very graceful and of that happy period before the big punch up started. I like it a lot. The trench like panel lines are a bit overpowering though. Filling and re-scribing is an option that does not exactly fill me with joy, it has to be said. I have a pack get out of jail cards I use in situations like this, and I'm now going to use one of them to backdate the build somewhat. I'll finish the build as a sort of solid scale/Woodason type model. A model of a model in fact! I'll have to take myself back in time a bit, much like this desktop picture I set up a few years ago, all period stuff in this case. I'll be aiming at a decently finished wooden kit look for this current Dornier. You didn't get much in the box way back in the days before plastic, as seen in the picture below, and you were pretty much on your own as far a references go. A copy of Aircraft of the Fighting Powers out of the library would be luxury for a modeller back then. I'll be cherry picking suitable period tips, styles and even some materials for my build. There's also going to be a fair bit of current tech used as well, glues, paints, plastic card etc. You can take this nostalgia thing too far sometimes! That's todays update filed, a decision has been made and work in that direction started. Epic stuff. More pictures as it happens, Tony.
  4. Thanks for all the kind comments Gents. I have a Matchbox Heyford that's been daring me to build it for ages. Add to that, I see a Matchbox Group Build just started. I think there's going to be a bit of green in my future!! Tony.
  5. Beautiful builds. You have really nailed natural metal finishes. Tony.
  6. I'm in! I dug an old Matchbox Dornier Do18 out of the loft. It's going to be finished in the civil scheme, at the moment at any rate, and might even get a water base to sit it in/on. I bought a couple of plastic cake stands(?) at Aldi a while back that looked like they could have a kit based future. They might fit the bill here. We shall see. The kit itself looks OK, if a bit heavy on the panel lines. I have a few ideas as to how I could build this one but as yet I'm undecided which to go for. A basic build, sat on a suitable base is favourite at the moment. A Matchbox promo display is also a maybe. I like point of sale shop displays and have made a few of my own in the past. I'll get the plane in one bit and primed first. By that stage it will have told me what direction to take. I find that initial plans for builds get changed, sometimes beyond all recognition, as the build progresses. A scheme that seemed a dead cert suddenly becomes somehow wrong and a new direction is taken. Whatever route I take, I'll post the results here. Tony.
  7. Hasegawa Kawanishi H8K2 1:72

    First Class build, one of those models that keep you looking for ages. The crew are a brilliant bit of detailing. Tony.
  8. Now that's a Hot Rod airplane for sure. A stunning build as well. Tony.
  9. I'll be happy to join! Thanks for the invite. I have a couple of suitable builds, I'll dig them out and take a few pictures. Tony.
  10. Here's my take on Matchbox's Supermarine Stranraer. I thoroughly enjoyed building this one. Box stock, with nothing added. Brush painted with Humbrol colours. I left off the footprint walkways on the wings as I thought the carrier film was certain to show on the silver finish. I can live with that compromise. The struts nearly drove me to distraction and it's best not to look too closely to the amount of superglue on some of those struts. At some point I'll have a crack at the second colour scheme the kit came with, the camouflaged version. The first picture shows the plane on a picture frame, bought for pennies at a boot sale, with a bit of railway scenic material applied over the glass. Not exactly correct for a seaplane, but it looks OK to me for the photo. The inlay gives a sort of Deco feel to things. The camera flash on the second picture highlights a bit of the superglue lake around the struts. Must try harder... Tony.
  11. NA39 'Just like the real thing'

    A beautiful build of a real memory jerker. Buried somewhere in my loft I have one of these , built in a similar style. I went for a heretical Gloss Dark Blue and Copper nose, as a nod to how I would have built it as a kid. Thanks for the post. Tony.
  12. I'm afraid I'm guilty of further crimes against Javelins. Here's what I've inflicted on an Airfix 1.48 scale Javelin, bought in last years Black Friday sale. Car body filler and S+J rubbing powder got me to here. I wanted a desk type model, and this one seems to have worked out OK on that front. It's since had an alloy calendar and pen holder added, which suits it well. No picture to hand at the moment though. I have another in the stash that I intend to build in a more conventional way. It's a beautiful kit.
  13. Here's a build from the mists of time, an early Hawk 1.72 scale Javelin. Completely fictitious colours and markings, but true to the box top and instructions! A mate donated a beat to death boxed kit, which is what you see in front of you now. I also have a mint, unbuilt example thus giving me the best of both worlds. Although the colour scheme is enough to give a purist the fits these days, when the kit first came out references were a bit thinner on the ground. The Aeroplane Magazine didn't exactly help in the matter. A much simpler time. Tony.
  14. 'afternoon all.

    After lurking in the background for far too long, I've taken the plunge and joined up as a poster! I live near Ely, Cambridgeshire and have been a modeller since a nipper. I'm in awe at the standard of modelling here, I only hope I don't go dragging the averages downwards! Be gentle with me. I'm old enough to remember 2/- Airfix bagged kits and have built more than a few over the years. I swing both ways now, building and collecting. There is a school of thought that says that any kit stored away for later building makes you a collector, at least until the building starts. I'm more than happy to have a mint unbuilt kit sat alongside a built example. My builds are slightly odd in that I model the model, if that makes any sense. I'll build a kit box stock, display it alongside it's box and instructions plus a tube of vintage glue and a few old tins of Humbrol paint and be more than happy with that. Scale air in the tyres is less important to me. Weather that's me being difficult or owning up to fading eyesight and abilities is something I ask myself now and again. Here's the kind of display that floats my boat... Anyway, enough waffle. I'll post up a few of my attempts in the relevant threads and throw myself at your mercy. Tony.