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  1. The Hugger Orange one is very nice, although those wheels would have to go. Here's a hardtop that floats my boat... It's from a January 1974 copy of Street Rodder. I had the picture on my bedroom wall at the time and still like the car today. Raised all round and perfectly proportioned wheels and tires. Lovely stuff. The look won't transfer to a soft top though. Here's one that's getting close... A really cool sit to it. It would carry over to a convertible without any problem. The sidepipes can go, the custom grill can stay. A bit of fine tuning on the wheels and tires and we might have a goer here!
  2. Dornier Do 18-D

    Fantastic work. Keep the finished model away from Ansons though...
  3. The SEDCO car is a stunner. I'm not sure a convertible suits the race car style though. A two door post model, with base side trim is a thing of beauty though. You are right about the timeline for redline tires. That limits me somewhat. First thoughts were along the lines of a Larry Watson type paintjob or a straight candy over metallic. The car will be lowered somewhat and built kerbside. If I'm not too firm with myself over a date for the build, I guess I can do anything really! I'll get the painted parts of the car into a gallon of bleach, then into primer and start mocking up different settups. In the film Two Lane Blacktop you can see the pair of racers loading Goodyear blue line tires into the '55's trunk after a street race. A tiny detail, but good to see.
  4. Stringbag theory.XXXXfinishedXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Yike's! Darth Vaders Stringbag! That's the first time I've seen one done in that scheme. It gives the old girl a whole new look. Tony.
  5. An exceptionally clean build. It could pass for a larger scale quite easily. Tony.
  6. A part built 1.16 scale Matchbox PK7504 1957 Chevrolet rag top is the latest on my bench. It's going to take a fair bit of rescuing! It will make a change of pace from the tanks and planes currently surrounding me. An Ebay buy, intended for the Matchbox group build here. That brilliant idea fell at the first fence, the kits AMT origins barring it from the build. Not to worry, it will slot in here just fine. A mild, mid sixties custom is the plan for it at the moment. These things have a habit of changing though, so don't hold me to it. First job is to sort out the rolling stock. I'm not a fan of standard '57 Chevy hubcaps so they are non starters. The optional Cragar SS rims in the kit are really nice and good for around 1964 onward. They will get used. The rubber is problematic. The wide Cragars stretch the standard tires a bit much. They can be made to work though, even if they might look a bit skinny on the back. The redline I've applied below pushes all my buttons so this may well be the way to go here. The line was applied with a thinline POSCA red pen, No15 in the range. The pen will lay down an opaque 0.7mm line almost effortlessly. I've also tried to save the terrible looking wide Goodyear radials that AMT/Matchbox intended for the Cragars. I've removed all the lumpy script lettering and a good chunk of the heavily embossed outer edge. 400 to 1000 wet and dry paper and a bit of slicing with an Exacto blade made short work of the ugliness. It looks a whole lot better now. The modified tire is centre stage below with the stocker to its right. The modified tire is also a contender for the build. I have a spare set of AMT/Matchbox Thunderbird wheels and tires somewhere. They might give me a slot mag option as well. I'll have to find them first! It's early days yet, let's see how it all pans out as it comes together.
  7. 1/72nd Matchbox Halifax- FINISHED

    Stunning. A feast for the eyes. Tony.
  8. PK-129 Meteor NF(T)14 - COMPLETED

    A very nice looking build. I had a crack at the Rareplanes Vacform nightfighter Meteor a while back. It beat me! It looks like if I want one, the Matchbox kit is the way to go. Tony.
  9. PK75 Humber MkII Armoured Car

    More progress on the Humber... Assembly completed, detail painting commences. The number of tiny parts is astonishing. The smoke dischargers and light alongside them are minuscule. Matchbox really were ahead of the offerings from Airfix at the time. This one is nearly done now, back to working on the Stranraer and Heyford at that point. Tony.
  10. PK75 Humber MkII Armoured Car

    Sadly it's not to be. A fair decision against by the organisers, that I have no problem with. . It was going to be a 1.16 scale 1957 Chevrolet convertible. The problem was that although it's a Matchbox box and instructions, it's origins are with AMT. Not to worry, I'll find something else to carry on with. It's not like having three to finish at the moment isn't enough! Tony.
  11. PK75 Humber MkII Armoured Car

    Nope. Not the Corvette. No permission needed for that one. Not a million miles away though.....
  12. WOW! Two fantastic posts in one morning. Just when my eyes were recovering from looking at what seemed to be the entire Airfix output, Ratch posts that incredible paintjob. Congratulations to the pair of you. Tony.
  13. PK75 Humber MkII Armoured Car

    I'm awaiting the all clear from the GB organisers. Assuming that is forthcoming, I suppose I could give a clue of some sort. Building up a bit of excitement has a certain appeal though. Think of the way Micheal Jackson used to set the venue up for his Moonwalk routine, and the explosion of wild cheering from the crowd when he broke into it! Something like that is lacking in this GB. I may be building this forthcoming kit up a bit too much for my modelling abilities though... We shall see. Tony.
  14. PK 61 HMS Ariadne

    I just remembered, the Airfix HMS Campbeltown box top by Charles Oats made heavy use of pink and purple, to quite stunning effect. I saw the original at the Hendon Airfix exhibition a year or two back. I thought it looked magnificent!
  15. PK 61 HMS Ariadne

    Pink and Purple Dazzle! Go on, I dare you... Tony.