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  1. 1/48th Hurricane decals

    Tried this last night, and yes, they look so much better than the 30 inch ones. This is a much better fit. The height is perfect. The top of the GN codes fit just below the slid back canopy hood and the bottom just touches the wing root join. The width looks good too, so I'll go ahead and order these X32046 decals. Thanks for your help everyone, it's greatly appreciated.
  2. 1/48th Hurricane decals

    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. I've printed out a couple of letters at the specified size and will test fit them and see how they go. If they're slightly thinner then I won't mind very much, but if it is significant, then I'll be in touch.
  3. P-47D "Smokepole" Tamiya 1:48

    Top shelf build! Lovely finish and effective weathering
  4. Airfix 1\24 spitfire Mk.VB tropical

    Certainly looks the part! Well done!
  5. P-40 AVG 1/72

    Great work, well done!
  6. Cyber Hobby 1/32 Bf109E3

    Makes me want to build a Me109 now. Very inspiring!
  7. Eduard Fokker E.V

    Inspiring work! Well done!
  8. 1/48th Hurricane decals

    Great, thank you for all of your help everyone. You've been a great help. I'll print off a test of this decal sheet with the letters at 3/4 an inch high- which in my language is 19.05 millimetres and will do a test fit. If it fits then I'll go ahead and order the decals. Thanks again, it's greatly appreciated!
  9. 1/48th Hurricane decals

    Hi everyone, I'm currently building a couple of Airfix 1/48th scale Mk1 Hurricanes from the Battle of Britain. (249 squadron to be exact. GN-H and GN-L) From the research I have done, it would appear that these 249 squadron Hurricanes had very large squadron codes on the fuselage. I've been looking around for aftermarket RAF decals from that period, and the largest ones I can find are 30 inch letters painted in the "sky" colour. I think I need the grey letters in a 36 inch size possibly larger. The reference photos suggest the letters were tall enough to touch the wing root and almost touch the canopy. Can anyone help point me in the right direction please? This is proving to be a harder project that anticipated...
  10. Airfix 1/48 Hurricane

    Thanks Troy, Yeah I think I have read through those threads before. I know which two squadron codes I need (GN-H & GN-L). All the photographic reference suggests that these 249 squadron aircraft during Sept 1940 (after they had been repainted from the 56 squadron ones), appeared to be in at least a 36" letter size. From what I can find online, there appear to only be 30", 36" & 48" lettering? If the 30" lettering on a 48th scale aircraft is too small in this case, would a 36" be more accurate? After measuring the set I brought which were 30" ones, and measuring the ones that came with the kit, the difference in size should be about 3mm. So that begs the question where can I get 36" grey early war RAF fighter decals?
  11. Airfix 1/48 Hurricane

    Hope you all had a good Christmas guys, I'll post up some more images of the Hurricane(s) in due course. I've since started the second one. Seeing as these will be done up as different aircraft from 249 squadron during the Battle of Britain, I've got a question about the squadron decals that adorn the fuselage; From what I have seen, the squadron codes are rather large and are a medium tone grey? I got some aftermarket decals of 48th scale RAF fighters in sky colouring and are 30" markings. After applying the GN, it just doesn't look right. It looks too small and the sky colour doesn't look right either. Do I need to be searching for a larger size for these 249 squadron Hurricanes? Like 36" or 48" RAF Fighter codes? If so, where can you get them? Totally thought I had got this sussed. Guess not..
  12. If you haven't built a Fujimi kit before, I can highly recommend them. This was my second go at a Fujimi kit and it was a really good fit. The colours & livery were following no real plan or reference. I found a decal sheet from an old Ferrari F1 car and put them on. The base was made up from wood and scenic materials.
  13. Not a recent build, but this Trumpeter kit was a good kit with no obvious hang ups. OOB build. Fits nicely and not long after it was finished, an ex RN serviceman who served on Carriers post WWII ended up purchasing it. Paints are from the Gunze range & weathered with artists pastels.
  14. Revell 1/24 McLaren MP4-25 Lewis Hamilton 2010

    Yeah I couldn't find any either which led to making my won. I had to find the best looking images online, resize them to scale & then print them on decal paper. As complex as it was, it was far better than attempting to paint them. What was more perplexing was the real lack of F1 driver figures in that scale. Only GF models had anything worth looking at. Unfortunately no decals are provided. I don't know if there is an issue in making racing overalls & helmet decals due to their complexity, niche market or licencing maybe? Maybe the vintage F1 kits are more popular..
  15. This is my first attempt at a Formula 1 car. I have always loved the chrome silver appearance of the 2007-2014 McLaren F1 cars, and it was exciting to see Revell had done a main line run of the MP4-25. This is probably one of my favourite looking F1 cars. That long F duct running down the spine really adds something to its appearance. In regards to the build, well it was a mixed bag. There was a very slight fit issue with the rear suspension which amplified itself as you assembled the back of the car. The decals were ridiculous. There's over 100 of them. Notably the green tyre wall decals were not long enough in some cases, and they (among others) were really hard to fit. The tyres in the box were warped and misshapen, so I had to source new ones. I used the Testors 1790 Chrome Silver over a black base. Just note that the chrome silver is a lacquer. And I made the noob mistake of putting that over the black undercoat which was acrylic! So after removing it all, I used an enamel black base, chrome silver with a metalizer sealer over the top. The driver figure was sourced online from GF models, and it was a very well detailed resin model. The decals for Lewis were home made (so don't look at them too closely), and his helmet was done the same way albeit with great difficulty. I have another one of these in the stash for the Jenson Button car, but with the difficulty of this kit and the time it consumed, it will be a while before that gets built. Fujimi do a MP4-26 apparently, so that might be done instead..