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  1. Airfix 1/48 Hurricane

    Thanks all, I tried using flickr, but when copying the URL and pasting it into the media link here, it wouldn't green light it. So in the end, I just uploaded them to my model building facebook page and they copy no problem. So as you can now all see, here is my fit issue. I took out the firewall, but that's not the cause of the problem. It's not the instrument panel either. The seat and fuselage line up perfectly, but the shape on the front part of the wing and fuselage just don't match. Can anyone see where I've gone wrong?
  2. Vickers Wellington MKIC & BoB Hurricanes

    Thanks Troy, This will no doubt prove useful. I've had a read through this, and when I come to putting the decals on my ones, I'll read through it carefully again.
  3. Vickers Wellington MKIC & BoB Hurricanes

    Thanks Tim, I just so happened to join the RAF Command forums yesterday, and Errol has already replied with a whole wealth of information, a lot of which I didn't know including the list of the crew and where some of them are buried. The puzzle pieces are slowly coming together.. Now the next step is trying to find out what brought the plane down..
  4. Airfix 1/48 Hurricane

    I've got more updates on the Hurricane. Now that the wings are all together- filled and sanded, I've come to put the fuselage onto the wings, but it's not fitting. There's a big gap towards the front and I believe it's the firewall getting in the way of the front of the cockpit. But it's not fitting on at all so something is getting in the way. There were supposed to be images, but I'm not really keen on paying photobucket money to upgrade my account- especially since it's not a very good site. Are there any other good and free image sharing websites that are worth using?
  5. Vickers Wellington MKIC & BoB Hurricanes

    Thanks, yes I've seen a few Wellingtons with the red markings, though I've seen far more with grey. I'm still researching my Great Uncle through numerous other channels, so hopefully some other puzzle pieces will surface. Ah right, I had noticed that the name Smithy doesn't appear overly Norwegian, ;p Cheers bro!
  6. Vickers Wellington MKIC & BoB Hurricanes

    Thanks, I appreciate the reply. Yeah that makes sense, it's just all the photos I've seen while researching the Wellington in question had the grey letters. Presumably the Wellington wasn't in front line service much longer after the back end of 1942 (is this correct?), so therefore would it be reasonable to assume that there would be a lot more Wellingtons with grey coding than there were red?
  7. Vickers Wellington MKIC & BoB Hurricanes

    Yeah that's what I would have thought too, but it's the same 2 or 3 pilots over a period of a couple of days where there's no serial number entered, when everyone else's was. Not too sure what to make of it unless it was the pilots responsibility to ensure it was filled out and they never did? At any rate, I've got all I need in regards to the BoB research I'm doing. Time to focus on researching the Wellington now... General question; During the war, bomber command had bombers that had red letter coding on the planes, but they also had grey lettering too. Was the grey lettering early war or was the grey used by Operational Training Units (OTU's)? I've just seen Wellingtons with red letters and grey letters. Any help clearing that up would be a great help.
  8. Vickers Wellington MKIC & BoB Hurricanes

    Thanks Tim, Your advice was very helpful. I managed to get my hands on the Operations Record Book for 249 squadron for September 1940, and while it didn't carry the codes for the Hurricanes, it gave each pilot in the squadron and the plane/planes they flew on any given day. So for the two pilots I'm researching, in the month of September alone, each one flew 7 different Hurricanes, but each pilot had a plane they flew more than others. So for Percy Burton it was Hurricane V6683 GN-H and for James Meaker it was P5206 GN-L. WHile Burton was killed flying V6683, Meaker was in fact flying two Hurricanes the day he was killed. V6635 which he'd been flying on the morning of 27 September (and the few days previously), and P3834 which is the one he went down in. I can't find any of the codes for any of these other air frames; P3384 V6610 V7313 V6566 P3615 V6534 V6559 V6635 Another interesting point on the Operations Record Book, was the blank spaces in certain areas where there was no serial number assigned to a couple of pilots. Would this just be the confusion of combat or administration errors? At any rate, I'm happy with the information I've gathered on these Battle of Britain pilots. Now I just need to dig much deeper about information on the Wellington. The National Archives were not very useful with this one... Thanks again for your help!
  9. Vickers Wellington MKIC & BoB Hurricanes

    Ok so I've been doing a little more research, and it would appear there is some squiggly reports as to what plane F/O James Reginald Bryan Meaker was flying during the Battle of Britain, though there are more sources stating he flew Hurricane 1 P3834 on the day he was killed. (27/9/40). Other sources (though not nearly as numerous) suggested he flew Hurricane P3934 and P5206 (GN-L). So unless there is confirmed information out there which states otherwise, then we'll run with P3834. But the next question is what the Hurricane's code was for that airframe. It'll be GN- ????? I can't seem to find this anywhere. Does anyone know? It would also appear that I could be at a dead end with more information on the Wellington too. Does anyone know anything about where I can go for more information?
  10. Airfix 1/48 Hurricane

    Ah right, of course I had forgotten about Eduard. Thanks heaps!
  11. Airfix 1/48 Hurricane

    So after today's effort, it's almost impossible to attach the seat to the fuselage and then line up the seat pins into the cockpit frame work. I really didn't want to , but I had to follow the above advice and take out the smaller wing spar- which in turn led to having to take almost the entire cockpit apart. Now having lined up the spars properly- the cockpit side frames now appear ever so slightly too short. But it's very minor. The cockpit went back together easily enough and now the fit of the seat and the fuselage is much better.
  12. Airfix 1/48 Hurricane

    Thanks for the replies, Oddly I spent a bit of time test fitting and lining up the wing spars and cockpit framing back at the start. I have seriously considered taking off the smaller spar and redoing it, but it's all attached to the bottom wing now and will not come out easily. I might attach the seat to the fuselage and then attempt to slot the seat pins into their relevant holes upon assembly. The instrument panel hasn't gone in yet. By the way, is there any other RAF pilot sets aside from the ICM one? (I know that's been re boxed multiple times under different brands, but are there any other different ones out there? 48th scale.
  13. Hello

    Hi Scimitar, Funny you should mention that- one of my threads that I started (and arguably the most important for my upcoming work), received no answers. Perhaps I was asking a little too much on that one..
  14. Airfix 1/48 Hurricane

    Sanded like crazy today and finally managed to get the wings sitting correctly. Glad the gun bays will be covered- you don't want to see the mess I left inside those wings.. I've anticipated problems fitting the fuselage so there's been plenty of dry fitting happening. All in all it's ok, though the biggest problem now once the fuselage is fitted, is the pilot seat leaning too far forward..
  15. Airfix 1/48 Hurricane

    Thanks for all the replies. It pretty much confirmed what I had resigned myself to do. The wing spars & gun bays did not fit perfectly into the recess on the bottom wing. It never came close. So I've glued them in the best way possible. A significant amount of the spars have already been shaved and sanded off. I have thought about cutting off half the spars but I feel the issue lies more closer to the wing root than further out, so I'll start focusing on the underside of the top wings next. Upon reflection, I probably should have at least done a test fit of the spars into the wings right at the very start before building the cockpit. However, I figured that a brand new kit would be less likely to have fit issues unless it was of my own making. Sides, I had already built the cockpit months ago and have only just come back to this project after doing a commission build. Will post some more progress shots today if time allows. Thanks!