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  1. If you haven't built a Fujimi kit before, I can highly recommend them. This was my second go at a Fujimi kit and it was a really good fit. The colours & livery were following no real plan or reference. I found a decal sheet from an old Ferrari F1 car and put them on. The base was made up from wood and scenic materials.
  2. Not a recent build, but this Trumpeter kit was a good kit with no obvious hang ups. OOB build. Fits nicely and not long after it was finished, an ex RN serviceman who served on Carriers post WWII ended up purchasing it. Paints are from the Gunze range & weathered with artists pastels.
  3. Revell 1/24 McLaren MP4-25 Lewis Hamilton 2010

    Yeah I couldn't find any either which led to making my won. I had to find the best looking images online, resize them to scale & then print them on decal paper. As complex as it was, it was far better than attempting to paint them. What was more perplexing was the real lack of F1 driver figures in that scale. Only GF models had anything worth looking at. Unfortunately no decals are provided. I don't know if there is an issue in making racing overalls & helmet decals due to their complexity, niche market or licencing maybe? Maybe the vintage F1 kits are more popular..
  4. This is my first attempt at a Formula 1 car. I have always loved the chrome silver appearance of the 2007-2014 McLaren F1 cars, and it was exciting to see Revell had done a main line run of the MP4-25. This is probably one of my favourite looking F1 cars. That long F duct running down the spine really adds something to its appearance. In regards to the build, well it was a mixed bag. There was a very slight fit issue with the rear suspension which amplified itself as you assembled the back of the car. The decals were ridiculous. There's over 100 of them. Notably the green tyre wall decals were not long enough in some cases, and they (among others) were really hard to fit. The tyres in the box were warped and misshapen, so I had to source new ones. I used the Testors 1790 Chrome Silver over a black base. Just note that the chrome silver is a lacquer. And I made the noob mistake of putting that over the black undercoat which was acrylic! So after removing it all, I used an enamel black base, chrome silver with a metalizer sealer over the top. The driver figure was sourced online from GF models, and it was a very well detailed resin model. The decals for Lewis were home made (so don't look at them too closely), and his helmet was done the same way albeit with great difficulty. I have another one of these in the stash for the Jenson Button car, but with the difficulty of this kit and the time it consumed, it will be a while before that gets built. Fujimi do a MP4-26 apparently, so that might be done instead..
  5. Sifting through some older photographs, I thought this kit is worth sharing. This was an awesome kit. Absolutely enjoyed every second of it. The kit itself was beautifully engineered, fitted like a glove with a different colour scheme. If you haven't built a Tamiya P-47 then you are missing out. It was fantastic! I know the colours are not quite accurate, and that the M versions were almost exclusively high altitude interceptors, so wouldn't carry bombs etc. The 1/32 Hasegawa version I've done of this plane is far more accurate in that respect. (That article is in the forums here somewhere..)
  6. Everyone remembers their first car model. And here's mine. Really enjoyed this kit, and really enjoyed making the diorama for it too. There's no particular scheme or setting for this model. It's colour scheme was loosely based on the racing modification livery for the Evo IV in the original Gran Turismo game. Just a bit of fun. The diorama was made out of plaster cloth, polystyrene, scenery materials and some of the Tamiya mud effects mix.
  7. HMS Belfast 1/350

    Great build! Looking really sharp! You mentioned there were issues with this kit? I'm very keen on getting this kit, so what are the most obvious bad points to watch out for? (The better prepared I am when it comes to building Trumpeter ships the better. Their Warspite had quite a few errors too).
  8. Fairey Barracuda, 1:48 Special Hobby...

    Very cool, the pilot figure really adds a sense of scale as to how big the plane actually was. Torpedo looks excellent as well!
  9. Airfix 1/48 Hurricane

    Yeah dry fitting to the max seems the name of the game with this Hurricane. I've got one more to do for this diorama I want to build, so the next kit will be very closely inspected. I do not want to go through this drama again.
  10. Airfix 1/48 Hurricane

    Was it when you were putting on the top halves of the wings? I had problems there too, but that was because the bottom wing was all warped and misshapen leading to problems everywhere else. In fact, even when putting on the underside air intake there was a problem. Because every step of the build thus far had been compromised by the poorly moulded wing, the air intake had to be filled and sanded when the two halves of it went together as it left a yawning chasm right across the intake. My next worry is with such a poorly moulded wing is whether the landing gear is going to fit as it should..
  11. Airfix 1/48 Hurricane

    After all the issues, some real progress is finally being made..
  12. Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Warspite

    I used the Testors Model Master acrylic range. They have a few RN colours in their range now, though I don't think they have been widely publicised. They were; 4693 Aircraft Grey for the lighter grey on the hull 4869 Dark Grey RN as the dark grey on the hull 4870 Light Grey RN for the top of the superstructure 4867 Navy Blue on upper floor areas of the superstructure 4697 Tan & 4673 Wood mix for the deck 4868 Hull Red & Tamiya XF9 Hull Red mix for the hull. (These were the wrong colours). You'd be better off using 4714 Insignia Red. The convoluted and tiny paint guide this ship comes with took a bit of deciphering, but I found these were closest bottle colours as the guide suggests mixing colours. Sides, it stands to reason that the Testors RN paints would be suited to a RN ship. I pre shaded as much as possible, and on the hull added a drop of white to the greys to highlight certain areas, then used some pastels to weather everything at the end and to darken & lighten certain areas. Hope that helps!
  13. F-104A Starfighter - Pakistan - Hasegawa 1/48

    Very cool! Interesting subject too!
  14. A Spitfire – what else…

    Great work! Keep it up!!
  15. Airfix 1/48 Hurricane

    Thanks, glad that my experience is helping others. I do have another one to build for the diorama I'm slowly building, so yes, it's fair to say the construction process will be slightly different with very EXTENSIVE test fitting. The black panel line pre-shading is complete and the sky undersides have been painted. Today's effort was masking that in preparation for the brown & green coats which will come next, so will hopefully put up some more photos in the next few days. Looking at this kit closely, the fit issues will leave a scar on this kit as looking at it head on, the fuselage doesn't appear to be 100% in line and it looks slightly off centre. Not sure if it's me or the light, but it wouldn't be surprising considering how hard it had to be clamped.