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  1. RAF F-4 - teaching an old modeller new tricks?

    Arrived at the same conclusion myself :-)
  2. RAF F-4 - teaching an old modeller new tricks?

    So, my kit has finally arrived off the slow boat from the Far East. Only for HMRC to slap an £11.45 customs charge on it! Thought I might slip through the net, not my lucky day, clearly :-( Is getting 'caught' like this unusual, or are they usually on the ball? Al.
  3. HMS Invincible Air-Group 1982

    I have both that have been so far released, a veritable mine of information. They're all PDFs but you can search across all the magazine issues for things like serials, places etc. Al.
  4. HMS Invincible Air-Group 1982

    As a group I don't think they are. It's been done in partnership with Scramble so maybe just a core of the BARG guys. They make for fascinating reading, and much easier than digging all those blue binders out from the loft!
  5. Belated Greeting

    I joined yesterday and jumped straight into asking advice rather than introducing myself. How rude! So... here I am! I was really into aircraft modelling when I was a teenager (probably *too* much into it if I'm honest!). Going to uni, having a family etc put paid to any ideas of carrying on. Now I'm in my 40s, maybe I'm having a mid-life crisis but I'm going to have another shot at this game. I still get that excited feeling on the rare occasion when I go into a toy shop or model shop and there are loads of kits stacked up so I reckon the interest is still there. Just bought a Fujimi Phantom FG.1 which, when it arrives, I hope to make as a 43 sqn machine from Leuchars, where I grew up... Hopefully give me something to do in the winter evenings when the wife and kids are watching X factor :-) Al.
  6. Hello - coming back after 25 years!

    Snap! I'm just hoping my eyes and hands are as good as they were all those years ago! Al.
  7. HMS Invincible Air-Group 1982

    Just butting in here :-) BARG, who published Falklands - The Air War, have recently been digitising their magazines and other publications. The DVD which covers 82-88 has this book on it. Available for 20GBP from http://bargdvd.co.uk/shop/ if you prefer an electronic version. That DVD also had all the monthly magazines for that time which include a wealth of information. Al.
  8. RAF F-4 - teaching an old modeller new tricks?

    Black Mike is the iconic Leuchars phantom of my era, but I did that one back in the day. I'm leaning towards a grey/green camo at the moment if I can get the decals.
  9. RAF F-4 - teaching an old modeller new tricks?

    You survived the night :-) Fujimi kit on its way, just got to explain it to the missus now... And decide whether to go camo or grey, 43 or 111.. Al.
  10. RAF F-4 - teaching an old modeller new tricks?

    Maybe you're right. Is the Airfix one due out in December? Although I think I've bought the Fujimi one.. haven't paid for it yet, though. Doing two would certainly ease some of my decisions :-) Al
  11. RAF F-4 - teaching an old modeller new tricks?

    Interesting, acrylic paints were just coming into vogue when I packed it in, don't think they were as good as the enamel back then. Have they improved? I assume rattle cans are spray paint tins? Al
  12. RAF F-4 - teaching an old modeller new tricks?

    Is the "Silver Anniversary" RN one a later boxing? Website said that it was released 2015 so I guess it is? When I was modelling seriously I always hankered after the Japanese kits, used to stand there in the model shop staring in awe at them, but could never afford them on my pocket money :-( Have Airfix improved these days such that theirs is likely to give the Fujimis a run for their money? Al.
  13. RAF F-4 - teaching an old modeller new tricks?

    Duly ordered :-) Weirdly, I opted for Paypal payment but at no point in the process did it take me to paypal. I have an email saying they've received my order. Guess they handle paypal in some strange manual way? Al.
  14. RAF F-4 - teaching an old modeller new tricks?

    On closer inspection of the HLJ web page I was looking at - it says 'discontinued' so looks like they don't actually have any :-( Al.
  15. RAF F-4 - teaching an old modeller new tricks?

    John, Thanks for the info - Xtracolor!!! Of course! Don't like that 111 scheme, would rather a regular squadron bird, I think, I'll have a dig around and see what decal sets are available.. Al.