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  1. RAF Blue Phantoms

    Thanks for the insight @XV107 - didn't think 43 had FGR.2s! Al.
  2. Detailing a 1:72nd RAF Phantom FG.1

    Dennis, Not too preachy at all! I think you're right, need to not try and set myself up for a fall. I used to struggle with the attention to detail but when I was younger, never bothered with the pilots and my cockpits were just left as a dark pit. I probably haven't changed in that department. Al
  3. Detailing a 1:72nd RAF Phantom FG.1

    Thanks Ian. I'm going to be doing a 43 sqn camo machine. Currently unsure whether I'm going to have the checks on the RWR - from what I can tell from pictures on t'internet XV587/G was the only machine to be so marked, and she seemed to appear at a lot of airshows so wonder if she was the display machine. Have seen pics of her with the checks between 83 and 86 so far - if you have any pictures of other machines so marked, I'd be interested. Haven't really thought about weapons yet - 4 x AIM-9, 4 x AIM-7 and 2 wing tanks are probably a must. And probably a centreline tank as well, don't really like the look of the gun pod. Al.
  4. Detailing a 1:72nd RAF Phantom FG.1

    Sadly, I won't be at Telford, but thanks for the offer! Lots of great advice here - thanks all! Al.
  5. Detailing a 1:72nd RAF Phantom FG.1

    Thanks for all the replies everyone! I have an Airfix Gnat in the garage which I have had for a while with the very intent of getting me back into the hobby with minimum fuss and expense. I made a half-hearted start on it a few months ago but couldn't get into it, I then got seduced by the glamour of the Phantom. I guess that I really ought to be patient, though, and practise on the Gnat to give myself a chance of making a half decent job of the Toom :-) I was planning a silver and orange Gnat, so at least its not just the bog standard Red Arrow.. I guess planning on doing another Phantom and thinking about detailing that one might also be a good call. I just want to jump right in and produce something close to the quality of what I've seen on this site (however unrealistic that might be!). Cheers, Al.
  6. Detailing a 1:72nd RAF Phantom FG.1

    I recently got a Fujimi 1:72nd Phantom FG.1 kit in an attempt to re-ignite my modelling passion from some years ago. Since it arrived, an impending house move has come into play, so it's likely going to stay into the box until the new year now :-( However, doesn't mean I can't make plans. I was wondering if I should invest in any of the after market detailing kits that appear to be available for the likes of cockpits, exteriors, ejection seats etc. I really want this kit to be as good as I can make it, and seeing the quality of the builds on here had inspired me. However, I have to be realistic - I have not done any modelling for 20 odd years so I ain't going to be winning any prizes. Are any of the kits, such as the QMT exterior detailing kit, worth getting hold of? What exactly does that kit get me? It's hard to tell just by looking at it.. Thanks, Al.
  7. RAF Blue Phantoms

    I've just finished reading it. It was a good read, but let down by an apparent complete lack of proof reading! I've rarely seen so many typos and simple factual errors in such a publication. In the article on the last APC camp held at Akrotiri in 92 there was a picture of a 74 sqn F-4J - they were retired by that point, as the preceding article made clear. I think they also suggested at one point that 43 sqn traded in their FGR.2s for FG.1s when the Navy gave up the latter. I'm no expert, and initially I thought they probably knew more than me, but I don't think they did. Al.
  8. Getting hold of XtraColour (or XtraCrylic?)

    Quite! I got an almost sympathetic look when the kit turned up. Maybe she thinks if this is a mid-life crisis it's better than filling the garage with motorbike parts :-)
  9. Getting hold of XtraColour (or XtraCrylic?)

    But that would be matt though, right? Don't like putting decals on matt paint, and gloss varnish always gave the thing a yellowish tinge when I did it (which was a looong time ago, to be fair). Al.
  10. Getting hold of XtraColour (or XtraCrylic?)

    More than happy to go for Acrylics - easier cleaning of brushes and less chance of me getting turps all over the furniture/carpet :-) Al.
  11. Getting hold of XtraColour (or XtraCrylic?)

    That'd explain it. I tried to navigate through the Hannants website looking for paints, but damned if I could find them! Thanks :-)
  12. Hope this is the right place for this query... I have a 1:72 Fujimi F-4 I'm going to do as an RAF camo bird. I wanted to get hold of some Xtracolour to paint it in, but that seems really difficult to get hold of. Hannants website (the abomination that it is!!) says that they are sold out of RAF Dark Green (X001) which I think is one of the three I need. I have seen comments about shipping being expensive for this stuff as it's deemed hazardous, or something. I have seen mention of Xtracrylic which seems to be a water based equivalent. Are these any good? They don't seem to appear on Hannants website either, mind you.. Any hints on where I could get hold of the gloss paints for RAF camo? Cheers, Al.
  13. RAF F-4 - teaching an old modeller new tricks?

    So, it's arrived! Gulp. Got to put my money where my mouth is now. Going to do her as a 43 sqn machine in green/grey camo, and I fancy putting the canopies up. Have just been following an old thread somewhere else on here abut a 1:35 Chinook, and the interior detailing was immense! No way I'm up to those standards, but I do wonder if I should break the habit of a lifetime and make an effort with the crew - never used to bother as it was too much faff! Anyone got any hints on any after market parts I could be thinking of? I know I used to have the little red caps that went on the sidewinders etc back in the day. Maybe some little tweaks like that to finish her off? Al.
  14. RAF F-4 - teaching an old modeller new tricks?

    Thanks for the explanation. Kit was about £25 so a fiver plus some 'admin' fee and I guess we're there. Hey ho, guess that's what happens when you buy from abroad. Al
  15. RAF F-4 - teaching an old modeller new tricks?

    Arrived at the same conclusion myself :-)