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  1. AMT B1 Battledroid - Mister Bones

    I think with the second one there's still a bit too much of a futuristic feel to it, mostly because of the grip having all that detail It need a bit more to make it look sort of lower tech. If you look at something like this chart most of them are either bulky, unwieldy and somewhat busy with the random bits stuck on, or a sleek, simple, somewhat retro design.
  2. This is awesome, certainly one of the more unique AT-ST models i've seen. The paint scheme alone would have been quite impressive, but all the modifications make it far better!
  3. AMT B1 Battledroid - Mister Bones

    It's a nice design overall, but i don't think it looks quite Star-Wars enough in its current state. The weapons in Star Wars tend to have a more simplistic, somewhat inefficient and outdated look to them - the extra detail on the handle and the barrel gives it a bit more of a futuristic sci-fi feel, i think.
  4. Halo Revell kits are extremely disappointing

    That's the problem, really. It's fine that they'd make these more toy-like kits, something to get people started in the hobby at a more basic level, but there's not really anything for anyone other than those beginners/younger people. Halo and Star Wars are two unique properties that as far as i know they're the only ones with rights to make model kits for (or at least the only other real option is to Import Bandai kits), so to have them focus on making toys in franchises that are very popular with adults as well seems a bit silly. These Toy-like kits can help get someone started but then there's nowhere for them to really go after that, there needs to be proper full model kits for Halo and the new Star Wars movies as well as those.
  5. Dragon Models 1/35 AT-AT

    Considering all the photobucket links no longer work i wasn't sure how bad these would be...having found the pics it's astonishing how something so iconic and well-recognized as the AT-ST could end up with such a high quality yet entirely innaccurate model. Not quite sure what the problem with the AT-AT is other than the dimensions, though.
  6. Dragon Models 1/35 AT-AT

    Only just found out about these, has there been any more news about them? Been nearly a year since the last reply here but i've not been able to find anything about them that's recent.
  7. With the alternate-history interpretations of Star Wars Characters that bandai have done (E.g. The samurai Stormtrooper and Ronin Boba Fett), there seems to be huge price differences between them. On Ebay they seem to be around £20 + postage, but at at least 2 retailer sites they've been a lot more - one for £60 with £80 RRP, other £80. I'm assuming the £80 is the more correct price and the cheaper ones will probably be fakes?
  8. Revell kits for The Last Jedi

    That really is a shame then, the Bandai kits aren't even available officially here so Revell are the only real choice unless that doesn't involve going out of your way to get the Bandai kits. If they were just the easy-kits that wouldn't be so bad as they'd at least still be a type of model kit, but the addition of lights and sounds changes them from just that into something designed as a toy primarily. I was hoping it would only be a temporary thing and they'd release some more typical kits later, but considering The Force Awakens, Rogue One and now the Last Jedi haven't really had any new non-toy kits, i doubt that'll happen anytime soon.
  9. Revell kits for The Last Jedi

    Have they actually shifted their focus? I know a lot of their recent kits for things like Star Wars and Halo are Snap-tite/build and play stuff (Rogue One didn't even get a model kit release outside of a Y-wing, something that isn't really part of Rogue One), but haven't they released a few of the smaller box kits recently? The Jedi Starfighters, Republic Gunship, Sith Infiltrator Etc. I'm not sure if they're an exception to the norm or something...The Last Jedi doesn't even seem to have any actual model kits from them, just the toy-like stuff.
  10. Yeah, customs is a bit of a concern. Would rather order from the UK if possible but most places seem to either be in Japan or have extremely high postage costs slapped ontop of what would otherwise be a reasonable price. Looking at some of the threads about these from a while back, it seems the Y-wing used to be quite a bit cheaper than that!
  11. Halo Revell kits are extremely disappointing

    This is something i've seen with quite a lot of their recent kits, especially the Star Wars stuff. Several 'models' that i've seen and thought would be interesting before realizing it's Snap-tite/Build & play.. If these were just something available as well as a more conventional model kit, that wouldn't be a problem, but they aren't...it's so disappointing to have a model company getting these unique sci-fi properties and then making what seems more like toys.
  12. Thanks, didn't think of checking Scalemates! Wow, there's a lot more than i thought there were. Is around £25 - 30 the average sort of price for the 1/72 scale ships (or like the 1/48 AT-ST)? I've seen prices vary quite a bit but they seem to usually be around that price at the cheapest from what i've found.
  13. Is there a list of all the kits that are or were available? Bandai's site doesn't seem to include them all, unless i've just missed them.
  14. I've not really been about to find much about it, but does anyone know what the most accurate colours for painting the Revell TIE fighters would be? The primary colours they recommend for the chasis are 76 (light grey) and 79 (blueish grey), but I'm not entirely sure if those are accurate colours or just a case of them just going for something that seems sort of right.
  15. Problems with Citadel Imperial Primer

    A few years ago i bought some Citadel Imperial Primer but never really got around to trying to properly use it until recently, and i'm having problems with it. It's really thin, watery and full of bubbles, can even hear them crackling when the brush is put in. The first time i tried undercoating the model i'm working on, one side of it ended up all just pooling together, while the other side of the model at least had the paint stick but ended up full of brush marks and general lack of good coverage and comes off easily. Tried washing the model in warm soapy water beforehand (twice now) to see if that helps but there's still basically no consistency to it with it seeming to do pretty much nothing noticeable when i try to paint it on as an undercoat. It's a Lindberg ME-163 Komet i'm trying it on, so i don't know if the Imperial Primer is the problem, if I'm just doing something wrong, or it's something to do with the kit itself (which is pretty poor quality i think). Looking around I've not really found anything that helps with the problem, is anyone able to help at all?