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  1. That's some awesome work with the static dischargers you are doing Jaime! 👏 (I so far hesitated ordering a set for a SU-27: I thought I could never manage to drill a hole for them to fit in. Seeing your method of cutting a tiny slit now convinced me to buy them and try it myself 😀) cheers holger
  2. F-15 STGB Chat

    That's an interesting question Tim: I didn't even know that there are exercise flares. I thought the flare dispenser is either covered (in peacetime) or partly/fully loaded with live flares. In the "Modern Eagle Guide" I found a photo showing the flare dispenser partly loaded. The loaded flares did not actually had a completely red cover (I mean the outwards facing side of the flare itself). Rather, they had a sort of white face enclosed by a red (rectangular) border. The red rectangle was part of the flare itself. Since I saw another photo in the net showing a completely red cover/face of the individual flares: maybe the photo in the book shows indeed exercise flares?! btw: I of course expect you to build a proper flare/chaff dispensor: http://amurreaver.ru/?p=8 😂 cheers Holger
  3. Excellent model! 👍 (Makes me want to build my kit immediately as well)
  4. I am not sure at which height the ESCAPAC seats were installed. The ACES seats were, however, indeed virtually flush with the side consoles. See for example the second photo: http://www.arcair.com/awa01/001-100/awa004-F-15E/00e.shtm cheers Holger
  5. Nice one, that's really impressive!! I like that subtle worn look of it! Holger
  6. 1/48 GWH F-15C digital aggressor

    Looks great 👍! I like this camouflage, not seen often. The stand you are using while applying the decals (post #40): have you made it yourself? Or have you bought it? It looks interesting ... Cheers Holger.
  7. F-15E 1:72 Academy

    Furthermore, I - eventually - could glue together now the main parts of the fuselage. I was very pleased with the fit of the parts!! In most areas the fit was amazing. Only where the cockpit section meets the lower fuselage a gap occured. I used a combination of Mr. White Putty and Mr. Color Leveling Thinner. Not only is it possible to thin the putty with this; and in my opinion this kind of putty dries really quickly. But more importantly you can dissolve the dried putty again. So first I applied the putty and let it dry for 2-3 days. Once completely dry and solid, I used a Q-tip dipped into the thinner to simply rub off the excess putty. It doesnt rub off as quickly as for example a layer of paint. But eventually it dissolves the putty. So I got rid of the gap without any sanding. (You might know this method already, but I discovered it just recently). Cheers and happy modelling, Holger
  8. F-15E 1:72 Academy

    Hello everyone, sorry for the rather long time without updates. I was quite busy at work (the real work, unfortunatley ;-) ) Since I decided to have the cockpit open, I had to do (and still have to do) some modifications. Bascially, you need to get rid of the rear cover element within the cockpit at both halves of the fuselage. It will be rebuild from plastic card later on to be fitted to the canopy itself. Also, the rear instrument cover includes already the bridging element, which is in fact attached to both sides of the canopy and should therefore also be attached to the open canopy. Thus, the bridging element was sanded off. I will also make a cut out in the remaining instrument cover and try (at least my best) to create the holding mechanism for the bar which is sometimes used to assist in holding the canopy open. While working on this cover I simply formed the handle bar for the WSO from a cable. (I still need to get rid of the injection molded version of the handle bar from Academy). The white plates of plastic card were added, since these areas will later on be partly visible. Cheers, Holger
  9. F-15E, 1/144 Revell

    Nice one parip It seems you have fun improving the kit!
  10. 1/72 Hasegawa F-15C Bitburg MiG killer

    Well done Phantome 👍 I like the degree of washing you added, in particular the main wheel looks cool 😎
  11. Lakenheath f15c 1/48

    Nice Preshading Glynn! Very fine lines ... May I ask what airbrush you are using? Cheers Holger
  12. That's truely amazing what you are doing there, Jaime! Both the modeling and the documentation! I will keep watching with great interest...
  13. 1/72 Hasgeawa JASDF F-15J Tac Meet 2013

    Your speed of building is amazing Phantome, considering the quality of both of your builds! 👍 Cheers Holger
  14. F-15E 1:72 Academy

    After some thinking I decided to apply putty to the seems of the intake section. First I thought it would be ok without it and just leave it as is. However, since the seems start quite at the beginning of the intake I eventually decided to tackle this area. Grinding this area will be a bit difficult, though. I also improved the front landing gear, that is the landing light. I milled a hole into both lights and painted it with Humbrol 11 Enamel paint. I do really prefer this silver paint over the Revell ones, since it gives a very glossy finish. I dont't know, however, how to model the glass of the light now. Initially, I thought I could use Humbrol Clearfix. However, when trying this method today on the landing gear of an F/A-18F (from Revell which I am building at the moment - really nice kit as well), I observed two things one hour after applying the Clearfix. First of all, the silver color lost some of its gloss, something I could live with. Which I did not like, however, was the fact that the Clearfix shrinked so much that its now basically only a coat on the silver color. Therefore, I will probably leave this at it is currently. After all, it looks better than before and you have to go quite close to see the "missing" glass. Cheers Holger