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  1. General Saint Sulpice, 1814

    Very nicely executed indeed, but the gloved hand looks a slightly too slim in the photos. Probably is different in the flesh?
  2. Having not made a 1/24th car before I decided it was time to give it a bash, especially after watching some of David Damek's videos (he makes it look so easy!), so looking for a bargain I happened across Tamiya's old Porsche 911 GT1. Have I bitten off more than I can chew for a first car project? Probably!
  3. His visor looks like blue iridium to me so it could be quite tricky to replicate it with any degree of accuracy.
  4. VW Single Cab Pick-Up

    Watching with interest as my daily drive is a Fabia Montecarlo. BTW, would you say Belkits are on a par with Tamiya, or Fujimi? I fancy their Rally Escort Mk.1 but have not experienced the brand.
  5. That's a fantastic job Chris! I'm no expert, or worthy by a long shot, but dare I suggest that the tools look a bit too clean?
  6. Thanks for comments everyone, this is exactly the sort of info I need and I'm taking good note. With reference to the colour, it is actually a slightly different shade in real life and as I'm usuing a phone camera it may be part responsible for a false rendition. Initially I also thought the drum looked too large, but unless Tamiya have made it (or the tank) to the wrong scale I can't see it being too far out. I've included a photo with it along side my previous Panther and there's quite a difference in size so maybe the drum is of correct scale?
  7. Thanks again Jack. I thinking of repainting the turret and then putting the correct insignia on. It'll be a bit of a faff, but I'll sleep on it first.
  8. Thanks for the info Jack, much appreciated. I was going to make a diorama where the tank had driven through wet sand, hence the dirty tracks, but as I'm still learning about German AFVs I hadn't realised I'd made such a drop off with the insignia. I might not have if Tamiya had included an English translation of their colour chart. Lesson learned!
  9. Since dipping my toes back into the world of plastic modelling with the classic Tamiya Panther some weeks ago and having a modicum of success I decided to try another cheap Tamiya kit to try out the world of DAK. As can be seen it's the humble little Pzkpfw II, but I've added a smattering of PE, Aber barrels, scale aerial, modified Tamiya Jerry cans & fuel barrel, and a resin sand bag to add a bit of 'realism'. The rope holding the barrel is simply sewing thread that's been dyed in a dark brown wash, allowed to dry and then run through an old tea light candle. This lightly waxes the thread and stops most of the fine wayward threads sticking up. Personally I found the desert scheme quite a bit more difficult to apply than the European type so please feel free to give me some useful criticism as it's the only way I'll learn.
  10. German 8ton semi/track

    A refreshing and unusual subject. I especially like the rust stains on the chequer plate. It's very convincing.
  11. Tamiya 1/35 Pz.Kpfw II Aus. F/G

    Having beat myself up over where the various accessories were going to be placed, I decided to take some pointers off internet images of real DAK vehicles. I fashioned a strap out of some spare PE to hold down some water and petrol jerry cans (I discovered that crews would improvise and weld up their own brackets and stowage hangers for all manner of equipment), and I've added an ammo box on the starboard side with another jerry can wedged behind it with a steel helmet tucked in there too. Just for good luck I've also dropped a single sandbag on the rear deck. I'm not particularly happy with the exhaust's rust effect (it's over done IMO) so that'll get reworked as will the colour of the wooden boxes. Apologies for the low res pic. The tracks are now fitted and primed, but these caused another dilemma. Having referred to some wartime photos they showed that the Pz.Kpfw II's & III's sometimes had taught tracks, even when stationary, and others had a definite sag (maybe the idlers were deliberately over tensioned slightly?). Personally I like to see a bit of track sag, but I couldn't get the Tamiya tracks to stay in place, even with an industrial adhesive, so I decided to go 'taught'. As a result the next project will definitely have aftermarket individual tracks (Minicraft perhaps?). A Pz.Kpfw. III at rest with fairly taught tracks.
  12. Hi all, having had good feedback on my first AFV in well over 30 years from you kind people, I've decided to up my game and try a DAK project. Again I've used a cheap oldie from Tamiya in the form of the diminutive Pz.Kpfw II (Ausf. G) to experiment on so if the whole process goes south I won't be losing too much! Personally I believe it's harder to do a convincing weathering job on a desert vehicle rather than one used in the European theatre, but I'm sure there are some of you that may disagree with that theory. Anyway, the photo shows progress so far and as with my Panther I've opted to use Aber barrels and a smattering of Eduard PE. I'm not trying to create a masterpiece (I wish I could!), but a little extra detailing can make a big difference on a basic kit like the early Tamiya mouldings. Modifications I'm doing are as follows: Various items of PE added, a scale Aber aerial in the upright position (I've cleaned out the plastic moulded aerial in the stowage trough), Aber main gun barrel and auxiliary machine gun, 4 Jerry cans will be lashed down on the rear deck, some steel helmets will be stowed externally, a sandbag or two will be stowed on the upper turret and glacis area, and a wooden ammo box is mounted on the starboard side which will have another Jerry can stowed behind it. Having looked at numerous wartime videos and photos of various German tanks it seems that extra equipment was stowed in a variety of places and that in the heat of battle anything goes. This seems especially so with the stowage of spare track pins which were stuffed into engine intake grills and filling the centre of spare wheels. Finally, I'm still deciding what (if any) diorama to create with this tank, but whatever it is will be without any personnel present as I'm carp at painting them!
  13. PazerKampfwagen III Ausf. L

    I'm always in awe of those modellers who have the eyes and patience to model at 1/72 scale. It's looking very good so far Fernando, and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project.
  14. Tiger I Mid Production w/interior

    Hi Lloyd, the jerry cans would used provide fresh water for the crew and petrol for the tank, and if IIRC they we're a factory fit so they perhaps shouldn't be omitted if you want to display the interior (I stand to be corrected on the factory fit statement). I have Dragon's Tiger '131' in my stash so I'll be watching your build with interest.