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  1. Honda S600

    Watching with interest.
  2. Buffalo Bill's stagecoach.

    Simply stunning! Very well done sir.
  3. Monogram Li’l Coffin

    The crudeness and poor fitting parts of the model is something to behold when compared to modern kits. As a couple of examples, and there are many more, the rear window is moulded too small for the opening in the bodywork which requires more remedial work than I’m skilled enough to do, and the wheel rims aren’t moulded perfectly circular. Again, I suppose this could be remedied by an extremely patient and dedicated modeller. Most of the original chrome has been removed off the relevant parts due to moulding and plating issues, and a Molotow chrome pen coupled with ‘Bare Metal’ chrome foil has been used a substitute. As an example of this the two external exhaust pipes have been de-chromed, sanded and wrapped in the chrome foil. The chrome pen was then used on the inside of the (drilled out) exhaust tips. The skeleton figure was even a trial in itself as there was a huge amount of flash on the parts and the two halves of the rib cage were nothing like matched. I had to glue and then trim each rib separately due to the poor moulding. To be fair though, despite the kits many shortcomings (and there are lots!) it’s been an interesting challenge and it looks half decent when viewed through the display cabinet window next to Tweedy Pie!
  4. After 3 long months of sporadic fettling, my Li’l coffin is finally complete. As many of you will know, the sixties kits were nowhere near the quality of what we get these days so sometimes it really is a case of trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear when one of these early kits is tackled. This isn’t a cop out for the poor quality of my finished article, but early kits really are a challenge to complete, mostly because the parts only fit where they touch and the plastic is usually brittle too. Anyway, here’s the car, warts and all so please feel free to have a chuckle. Li’l Coffin and Tweedy Pie posing with an original 60’s Esso man key ring. I think black & white photos can sometimes look better.
  5. Revell '56 Ford F-100 "Demon II"

    Fantastic job!
  6. Nice job BTW, is the camper van a modified kit?
  7. Further to my Majorette VW camper ambulance project I decided to finally rejuvenate a little 1/68th scale Husky’ VW Beetle of 1969 vintage. The car was bought for 5p at a VW show about 35 years ago and was already in a fairly well battered state and it didn’t have its roof mounted luggage anymore. I decided that it had lain forlorn in the loft long enough and was in need of some TLC. After stripping it down to its component parts I decided to fill the holes in the roof rather than try to source a replacement luggage pack and to do this I simply used ‘Squadron’ Green Putty, which when dry was secured with a thin coat of super glue. I used Tamiya acrylics throughout and the glass was gently cut back with automotive T-Cut and then polished. The body colour is Copper, and the trim Chrome Silver. The interior was also painted which in hind sight was a waste of time as it can hardly be seen. Also In hind sight I suppose, the runnng boards could have been painted black and a dark wash applied over the grills etc, but it really isn’t a show car, merely a bit of fun. Anyway, like the camper van this has been a nice relaxing diversion from plastic modelling, but I won’t be doing any more of these as I really must get back to my two half finished kit projects.
  8. Nicely done, especially given the small scale.
  9. Subaru Impreza WRC '99

    Nicely finished.
  10. Nicely done
  11. Terrific work, very well done!
  12. Agreed, more pictures required please. I’m curious to see a better shot of the upholstery and engine.
  13. Whilst waiting for paint to fully harden off on my next project (Monogram’s Li’l Coffin’), I decided to have a go at giving an old diecast toy a makeover. It started life as a Majorette VW Red Cross vehicle, but over the years of being played with by my eldest son it soon became a shabby wreck. Fast forward 30+ years and it’s been stripped and airbrushed with Tamiya paints with a fully painted interior which includes a patient on a stretcher. The chrome bumpers, headlights and wheels were revived with a Molotow chrome pen. It’ll never win any concours prizes, but it was great fun as a quick diversion. Finally, being only 75mm (3”) long it proved a challenge to steady my hands enough for painting the finer details so I don’t think I’ll be attempting any small military figures any day soon, those days are long gone!