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  1. Very good point!!! I have no idea if this is the case of the Macchis, but it may well be, considering the different dimentions of the ailerons and the wings themselves to compensate the engine torque. The wings and ailerons are coupling very well now. Just the sall air intake made me laugh, remembering an old scetch by two great italian comedians (Raimopndo Vianello and Ugo Tognazzi) describing how to get a toothpick from a tree!!!
  2. My only experience in the Wessex is....to get tho the flightdeck at the FAA Museum at Yeovilton..., but the interior you're adding to this model is truly realistic and the weathering is spot on. Can't wait for the next update! Ciao Massimo
  3. Scimitar F1

    Dynavector did some veryinteresting subjects, even if vac form models aren't the easiest thing to build. Anyway you got the best from it!!! It's outstanding!!! iao Massimo
  4. This is the right attitude!!! Let's see what you can do to improve it! Ciao Massimo
  5. Hi Giorgio. It's thin Electrical wire I bought at an electronics Fair.It'sgood as you can glue after painting and doesn't news to be painted.Giù can also fine it in different colours.
  6. Hi guys,small update: last weekend I was here Yesterday I found some time to concentrate on the nose wheel well detail.I added the battery and most of the piping. I still hve to add the doors cylinder and finish the locking hook's piping. Now I'm heading to canada, but Friday night I'll be back, so I hope to be able to finish them off and to do some paint work. I'll keep you posed. Ciao Massimo
  7. I knew something was badly wrong!!! As I saw it, I thought: "mmhhhh...no good, too glossy and no weathering!!!! Very disappointing!!!
  8. You've done great progress!!! They're both wonderful!!! Can't Walt for the next update!!!
  9. 1/18 Fairey Firefly VX376

    Noè I know your secret... LEGO BRICKS!!! Those PE are really spot on!!! And the fuselage us taking shape really fast!!! Better than a good book!
  10. That propeller can speak!!!!
  11. 1\48 AFV F-5F Sundowners

    Well...what can I say...just great!!!
  12. HI Giorgio, nice improvement to tour Veltro! The wheel bays look great and I like the radiator.Resin proceda went well.In the past I due some resin bits and to avoid air bibbie I did some cuts inside the mould to let resin through and I removed the excess afterward. I think it best to glie the ailerons first,to adapt the joint properly. Ciao Massimo
  13. A pair of Airfix Hawks in 1/72

    ...I foresee a...photo etched end to this thread!!! You got it right and the result is really promising!!! As you say, sticking it to the inside of the canopy may be tricky... I'd try by offering some money to convince it to stand still!!!! In a perfect world, once removed the original one moulded to the canopy, you could dip it in Future first to avoid the clouds caused by ciano acrylate vapours and, once dry you should be able to use a bit of ciano acrylate to stop it in place and then dip it into Future again to "weld "them together. But you probably have more experience than I have, so I'm sure you'll astound us with the final result!!! I'll keep watching!
  14. Hi everybody. I've got a project in mind and I'd like to know if there'sa model on the market representing the last Ark Royal. I remember the old Airfix kit, but that was the older one. Thanks in advance! Ciao Massimo
  15. You really did a fantastic scratch job to this cosckpit! It really looks a biggers cale!!! Great stuff!!!