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  1. The nice side of modelling, is that very different people have fun in different ways. Some of us are great adapting and painting resin sets, some are wizards with the airbrush, some can handle PE frets as if they were plastic, some can take an old block of plastic and transform it into an accurate kit. Having seen the changes you did to the original kit and having experienced some real fun detailling my buccaneer, I think we belong to the same group. You're doing really great!!!
  2. You'r right...there might be some rain!!! "That's why the grass is so green!!!" There's a nice group of dynamic modellers there who meet in the park inside the race course. Sometimes, when I'm there, I like watching them flying.(if it isn't raINING!!!) By the way, how are you getting on? I miss your updates on Navy related beloved subjects... Hope you and Martian are back to operation soon as I hope will be Freitag, who seems to have dissapeared...May be he's opened P.E.Land in a warm country...
  3. Good afternoon Mates, Just landed at Paris GDG and having a rest (and a few glasses of red wine!!!)at AF lounge. In the last hours, I've been mainly monitoring what's happened on other threads and of course first in the list is Bill (Perdu) I'm really impressed for the professional approach in searching the truth about the Buccaneer canopy, which is now the fourth most popular saga after Star Wars, Harry potter and the Lord of the rings! Forgive me Bill, but my Treasure always tells me at 53 I should grow up and stop making jokes about everything, but ...that's me!!! Anyway, one thing at a time... My approach to Modelling is different. If it looks right...then it's right. This means rather than a vernier (caliper) I use some visual references to size my modifications. Thanks to Richard(Scimitar), who posted Prince Charles ' picture in the "looker"'s seat(I'm learning fast, attaboy!!!) I now have a visual reference for the Buccaneer seats' dimensions. I won't use a vernier , but I'll take Prince Charles' ear span as a reference for a scientific experiment. Looking at the picture a, You can clearly see that the the black top frame of the ejectable seat is approx the size of Prince Charles' ear span. You'll also clearly notice that the parachute container (the back of the seat) is wider than Prince Charles' ear span. Looking at the second picture, Bill's seats are wonderful and very close to the real thing, but I'd say the top black frame is slightly too wide. Trying to translate this concept into a mathematical formula , let's say that: Buccaneer's seat's top frame=Prince Charles' ear span<Parachute pack So, once back, I'll cut the seats' top frame off both seats, I'll cut them vertically in the middle I'll glue them together, resulting narrower. I 'd like to confirm Bill's seats' shape is absolutely right, thus I'll do my best to narrow their tops, without removing or adding anything. All this is intended to be just an "academic discussion" to compare different approaches to the same problem. I'd like to end saying Prince Charles' ear span deserves a place of honor besides other universal sizes as LB, m, inch, foot and so on!!! Ciao Massimo
  4. Nice to see her primed!!! She looks really great!!! I'm a bit late, but...well done!!!
  5. Hi mates, No progress today. After a last minute problem at work () I got out and, after a mild week, weather in Montreal had decided to give its best when I had to drive to the airport!!! This is how I found my car just before leaving!!! How do you call freezing rain ...gales ??? Anyway, after a shower in my room, I safely got to Trudot Airport and now my aircraft has just landed. In les than 2 hours I should be on my way to Europe. Next week I'll be home and the following one, I'll enjoy a few days in Yorkshire, Pontefract's waiting for me!!! Still have a lot of work to do on my traveling companion, who's here now and will follow me to the UK. I'm considering applying to her fuselage the decal flags of the countries she visited!!! ...what stupid idea...forget it!!! Ciao Massimo
  6. Catching Pictures in the Air

    How wide are they? The idea for this build was simply...great and you're doing an outstanding job!!!
  7. 1/24 UH-1D Huey conversion Take Me Home Huey

    You didn't chse an easy task, but you're doing great! I don't know the subject, but the fuelagere-shaping is really good! Ilike the idea of putting it on a trailer! I'll be watching you!
  8. 1:72 Airfix BAC TSR.2

    What a clean build!!! It looks like it was pre-moulded all in one piece... Outstanding!!! Now I know who inspired the guys in Cosford for their bigger scale build!!!
  9. May I join the party? I'll watch with interest!
  10. Byzantine Crusader

    I think you got the best out of this old kit!!! I'm discovering a real love for these vintage models and I'll be waiting for the next one! Nothing in mind yet?
  11. Very nice detail on that interior!!!! I'll be whatching!!!
  12. They actually do! ...you see...I needed an umbrella!!!Just don't know how it'll work under heavy rain!!! Back to modelling...not yet, I think you have to see this... An alarm clock projecting the time on the room ceiling!!! This is very useful, expecially on the other side of the Atlantic as I normally wake up several times during the night and this avoids me dropping the glass of water I normally keep on the bedside table,letting the TV remote controller fall on the floor, standing and hitting the chair foot with mine and all this trying to reach my cellphone just to realize... it's too early!!!! Ok , back to track now. Last night I was so tired I sat with my laptop in front of me to try to understand how the fuselage end is made, but I fell asleep oon my chair, thus i decided to go to bed around 7,30 PM!!! This morning I got up at three and started working on the fuselage end. The airbrakes system isn't the most straight forward system I've seen ...expecially if compared to simpler airbrakes like those fitted to....the remaining aircraft allover the World!!! ...not a bycicle brake !!!Must have been really good!!! Reminds me a...living thing!!! I started with the bottom terminal plate, which was real fun!!! To make the top frame, I started from the drawing board, then cut the part and scribed the middle lines to ease its bending (could be a good system to build a coaming!). On my third attempt I got the right size.I cut and drilled a hole to the front pate. I made it slightly bigger and I'll refine its shape later. That's it for now! Breakfast time! Ciao Massimo
  13. Britmodellers' X Files

    So there was a Wyvern involved too? Anyway a closed in shelving is ideal for keeping them protected from dust too !!!
  14. Beer o'clock isn't it? I tried once to shape a canopy with a similar process, but with no vice to hold the master!!! What an idiot!!! (me!) I see you're starting a parallel build? That's the Frog kit, isn't it' ? Good start with the wheel bays' detail! So how many have you got in mind and what colour will they be?
  15. Ok this is where i got. I glued the hinges and I dry fitted the two shells and their driving cylinder. Here below a few pictures of the different stages. Must go to work now! Ciao Massimo