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  1. Iceberg and After

    Great project and very nice models!!! And there seems to be more coming...I'll keep watching!!!
  2. Ark Royal's last cruise

    Sorry for the delay answering, but...I got involved in something similar and...that was fun too!!! Anyway all what you said and the pictures you posted will be veeeeeeery useful, as all models will be standing on different areas of the flight deck and I've got a Fujimi model of the Ark on its way from Japan which doesn't look exactly the way it did during its final deployment. Thanks very much alL this info!!! cIAO Massimo
  3. To me the perfect match is this: no white tail, loviz roundes, cream radome, bordered numbers and squadron badge on air intakes. Lack the refuelling probe makes it different from a possible S2 you may build in the future! The 809th Sqn. white one is amazing too, but this is it!!!
  4. Ark Royal's last cruise

    You're both right!!! I've seen the Italeri set's sprues and they seems to be a little too "generic", more suitable to ground scenes than flight deck. I'll go for the Fujimi set for with no doubt! Just have to find it!!!and the scale will help too!!! Thanks for your appreciated 10 pence!!!
  5. Ark Royal's last cruise

    Thanks for the link! The sand and green camouflage is probably my favourite, but for this thread I'll have to stick to the SAR gray and fluorescent red one(which is my favourite too!!!)
  6. Ark Royal's last cruise

    Good morning, searching on the net, I found these, which may be useful: This fr the Wessex... ..and this.I coulldn't find any British crew, but I think with small modifications tose in this box could do. There's also an Italeri box, but I think the Fujimi offer is better, for the more dynamic pose of the different crews. Does anyone have other suggestions? Two nights ago, I started taking care of the Gannet's interior. The Sword kit is nice, but must be a short run, thus locating pins or steps are a bit on the optimistic side!!! I thought it best to add a few strips of plastic card to increase the size of the cockpit locating bars. I alsodecided to glue the side consolles to the fuselage halves, for a better joint and stronger fit of the cockpit. This way, once inserted the cockpit floor and bulkhead, all parts lock to each other and contribute to keep everything in place. I did the same with the nose wheel bay. I also glued the main wheelbays' sidewalls to the wings' top halves. Just a little filing was needed and I'm quite happy with the result. Last night when I got home, I found this: Inside I found these: I'd like to thank Ant for the kind contribution! That's all for now. Hope to be able to do something over the weekend. Ciao Massimo
  7. Ark Royal's last cruise

    Hi Colin, thanks for the info! I'll start looking. That seems to be a good idea! Thanks
  8. Well...I'm not used to 1/72nd scale and thus this level of detail seems unthinkable to me!!! You'rereally transforming some bits of different materials into the real thing!!! You've got all my respect!!! Chapeau!!!
  9. Ark Royal's last cruise

    You're right, it's neeps!!! Thanks for the welcomed offer! I'll have to study the subject first. Anyway if you could post a picture of the sheet, it would be a big help for me to se what's on it. Also I have no idea about stencilling ofor both the Wessex and the Sea king, thus any info on this subject will be very appreciated. Ciao! Massimo Hi Dan, these considerations are all very useful indeed, expecially as I don't know at all the subject. Originally I wanted to use the new Airfix kit , but the missing sponsons were the main reason I opted for this kit. I have to say it looks very nice , even if you're right about the rivets. I didn't know about the rotor too high, but now I'll face the issue with the right premises. Thank you and if you can think of some other suggestios, they'll be very welcomed!!
  10. Ark Royal's last cruise

    I had a feeling that would have been the answer!!! Problem is...it hasn't sunk IN...it's sunk OUT!!! Anyway I may try the procedure you've described on "reverse mode". Anyway, very good point, I hadn't thought about hot water!!! Thank you!!! Hi Chris, from the beginning,my intention's been to share not only a modelling project, but, most important an emotion started from a picture seen on magazine a few years ago. As most of us, I'm first of all an aircraft enthousiast and I think modelling would be a bit aseptic, if not accompanied to some deepening of the knowledge of the subject. Thanks to all you mates, we're collecting loads of information which is not only very useful to the continuation of this project, but is also contributing to the knoledge of this complex and interesting subject by those who haven't been part of it. I've briefly presented some of the subjets, and I'm doing my homework, trying to let all info sink in, but something i hadn't mentioned yet is the crews operating on the flight deck. And I don't mean just that I'd like to know if there's a set of aircrews in 1/72nd, ( anyway if somebody knows about a good set...please let me know, as I want to add some characters !) I also mean I'd be interested in knowing something more about the meaning of those coloured jackets and their jobs and mainly something about the human perspective of those who operated onboard the Ark(and not only!) So please, feel free to add anything you 'd like to share, because this could be the right place to do it! I'll start collecting info about this aircraft unknown to me. Thanks for the info and please, go on reminding me things or telling me if I'm doing wrong when the time'll come!
  11. You're doing really great!!!
  12. Ark Royal's last cruise

    Good evening, tonight I got home and found out the Ark Family is getting bigger!!! It's a nice model, even if, used to 1/48th , this one looks smaller than the other ones. Detail is very nice,and you have the door open for a different windows' configuration... ... BUT.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a real shame , as the detail features very fine poitive rivets butI don't see any possibility of getting that area sanded down , without F***ing the surface detail... Please, somebody tell me I need those windows open!!!! Anyway, apart from that, it's a very nice starting point and It'll give me the chance to improve my very scarce riveting skills and make myRosie useful!!! I know one of the rotor is missing in the picture, but, don't panic, I'm not going to build a Wessex style Sea King!!! I just left it in the bag. So, now we're three out of five!!! Time fore some homework!!! I'll have to go again through the links you gave me to improve my knowledge!!! Ciao Massimo
  13. I thought they were, just because I didn't whatch the load of pictures I had spent ages finding on the net ! Memo for Massimo: Remember to switch your brains on before starting modelling!!!
  14. Superb result on those masking The "fasci" in the wings look in 1/1 scale!!! Nice chipping too !!!
  15. Now I can see the difference!!! Shame I didn't see them before!!!I thought they were the same!!!