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  1. Queen Mary 2 1/400 by Revell - Attempt number 4

    Yep... I thought “Oh Boy!” When I opened mine up! I have a clear part that’s broken in my kit... If I remember since I inspected it I think it’s off the sprue, so should be ok. Dominic, what is your method for gluing such a large hull? Do / did you run some all around the edge and then clamp, do it in sections or wick some thin cement into the already clamped joint?
  2. Queen Mary 2 1/400 by Revell - Attempt number 4

    I have the Haynes Manual for the QM2 if you need to know anything.
  3. Looks lovely! So far i’m not doing too well with 747-200’s... I had a Revell 1:450 one that I got when I started on my Titanic (Used it to build up my skills before applying them on my Titanic) and it now sits part finished. Couldn’t get the decals to form correctly around the nose and I destroyed them. My other one that I purchased the other week, (Revell 1:390 Air Canada) and may do a WIP on, is needing a lot of work and I don’t possess the skills needed to make it look really good. That said, they where both cheap and I will learn a few things from it before I crack on with my bigger and hopefully better kits. But the 747 you have built looks fantastic!
  4. Queen Mary 2 1/400 by Revell - Attempt number 4

    I’m thinking it’s going to be one i’m working on -on and off - right through the year. I found with my Titanic I tried to rush the final few steps as I was getting a bit bored and just wanted it finished. Not sure I could do that again anytime soon, certainly not four times. But if the QM2 goes well I might get hold of another and do a light up version... Your WIP is going to come in very handy!
  5. Queen Mary 2 1/400 by Revell - Attempt number 4

    #4... Where did I get 5 from?! Very pleased with how crisp the kit is. Hardly and flash or other nasties. Should make life easier. The Titanic had flash on many of the parts and similarly out of scale railings. Hated doing them. I think i’ll Get a few easy to build kits that I can turn to when someof the building gets tedious. Can you remember how long it took you to build the last time?
  6. Queen Mary 2 1/400 by Revell - Attempt number 4

    I’m looking forward to starting mine, although that may not be until next year once I get a couple of aircraft out the way. I hope #5 is successful and a keeper! I have the Haynes manual for this, although I haven’t read it yet. Very useful but it doesn’t cover the most recent refit. I’m in two minds as to whether to go OOB or attempt to build her as she is now. That may be beyond my still very limited skills. Looking forward to watching you build her!
  7. Looks fantastic! Your QM2 will be a stunner if it’s done to this high a standard.
  8. Revell 1:400 Titanic

    Thanks Rick!
  9. Revell 1:400 Titanic

    One of those DVD’s is Raise The Titanic...
  10. Revell 1:400 Titanic

    Thanks overpin, those prices are pretty good. I don’t mind the look of them, particularly given the reasonable cost. May still get a cabinet for my ships but get a case for my aircraft (which wouldn’t fit in a cabinet) from the shop you linked to.
  11. Revell AIDA Luna

    Hope you don’t dismantle it... I like your idea of the differing versions together.
  12. Revell AIDA Luna

    Looks great! Shame about the LED’s but all part of the learning game I guess. I wouldn’t mind doing this kit one day, and you’ve done a stellar job on the build and paintwork. So, i’m hoping you’ll do a WIP when you get around to building her. What do you plan to do with the old model?
  13. Revell 1:400 Titanic

    I need to get some kind of cabinet... My Titanic is currently sat under some shelves... No icebergs, but a stack of DVD’s may sink it if i’m not careful. I need to measure my Queen Mary 2 and make sure whatever I get fits that, which I think is close to a metre in length. Was going to get display cases for each model but that would work out pretty expensive over time.
  14. Revell 1:400 Titanic

    Thanks Clive! I’d love to see the Titanic in hospital livery. Also love the ‘dazzle’ scheme as a troop ship. You’re sorely tempting me to buy another kit to do a conversion. I’d love to have all 3 sisters on display at some point in their various guises through the years, although i’d have to stick with the Revell kit.
  15. Academy 1\400 RMS Titanic

    Great job!