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  1. Completed the old 1/24 Airfix Little Nellie Wallis Autogyro. Blog review here: https://miksmodelkits.wordpress.com/2017/09/13/airfix-wallis-autogyro-james-bonds-little-nellie/ Youtube review and build here with more detail pics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-j3l8McmxM&list=PLoJWYG0njom-5OGxASTZqWLjQu3B_7D4g ln1web by mike michael michaels, on Flickr lnnp2web by mike michael michaels, on Flickr
  2. Shelf life of different model paints

    Yellowed decals are easily fixable, have done it lots with old kits as it's common and way yellower than the ones in this video.
  3. Very nice gloss on the paint, which paint and clear did you use?
  4. Replacement Spray Booth Filter?

    Do you have a link to the material on ebay? My booth is different as I managed to pick up a semi industrial type unit and that had a few spare filters with it, but it uses a dual layer with the primary filter on top and an activated charcoal filter beneath it, so the charcoal one i'd have to get separately but i'd like to look into making replacement top filters in case the proper replacements are very expensive, (haven't yet looked to see what they are)
  5. A model kit, censored.

    They're the 'this vehicle has wifi' decals, the kit maker realised that feature didn't come out till the following years model line hence the correction.
  6. How do i restore transparencies?

    Micromesh polishing sheets, like very very fine wet n dry sandpaper, from about 4000 to 12000 grit, then a quick polish with automotive polish is normally enough but you can also use tamiya polishing compound though that's expensive if you're typically doing aircraft and armour and not looking for glossy finishes much.
  7. Pet hates.

    Oh yes, anyone who thinks they're in a fast car, admittedly the gap is smaller these days with some fairly mainstream cars performing exceptionally. But you'd love it up here during during the annual porsche owners club summer meet on Skye, there's queues of them to upset, a friend of mine used to delight in 'going for ride' during their weekend gathering and run up the island,
  8. Pet hates.

    This is an interesting comment. I love dogs, thick as they are and they are, I think most people dislike cats because they're typically smarter, however, I digress. Both my son and my best friend are terrified of dogs, with my son, I honestly don't know the reason as he grew up with one of the thickest but nicest collies you've ever met, the only danger you'd have been in is if you looked exactly like a tennis ball and that would be never getting any rest because she'd want to play non stop. With my friend, it's passed on from his mother who doesn't like dogs and transferred that dislike into a fear from a young age so he's incredibly wary around them, we were out walking around a place called rother valley a couple of years ago in yorkshire taking photographs, (another longstanding hobby of mine and a relatively new one of his), he was kneeling taking a picture of some plantlife when this great thundering dumbass of an irish wolfhound, (I think), came tearing towards him, he froze not knowing what to do so I stepped in and yelled at the dog and chased it off, as he started back up to his feet I was looking around angrily for the owner, a whole 45 seconds later he came sauntering round the bushes swinging the lead in his hand, meanwhile I'm still shooing the dog, then he says jovially, ha ha ha, it's ok, he won't hurt you, ha ha ha, he's just playing, at which point anger getting the better of me I strode over and let rip verbally and how he should be grateful it was my 6ft2 friend his dog had scared and not my 11 yr old son or I'd be even angrier than I was. He spluttered, got a bit red faced and dragged the moronic bouncing hound off with him. Just because you think that your dog is OK doesn't mean others share your opinion, this is the difference between responsible dog owners and arseholes! The shame of it was that the dog was lovely and clearly wanted to play, I just felt sorry it had a d**k for an owner! But think if that had been a small child and something had happened that caused that dog to panic and attack, a whole 50 seconds that dog was out of sight and out of control of the owner but you can bet your bottom he was bitching on facebook that evening about how mean I was.
  9. Pet hates.

    I do slow to a crawl especially for the new fresh ones which are ridiculously humped and make no apology for it, when you've been a mechanic and seen what it does to your wheels, steering components, suspension and undercarriage and have to pay for the parts to fix you'd understand why. The only exception being if they're the middle of the road, humps and I'm riding my motorbike and can easily veer between them and avoid them. If the driver behind takes the hump, (no pun intended), overtakes and races over the remainder like stirling moss then proceeds to spit feathers while getting tyres/wheels/springs/shocks/tracking/exhausts fixed and probably blaming it solely on potholes, (which are a bugbear given the cost of road tax), then that's how it is. That said, I never intentionally hold anyone up that is trying to get by either. I got past the novelty of trying to be the one in front years ago when even the most basic mid szed bike could outstrip all but the proper sports cars from the lights left me grinning enough times that it became a bit dull. (Though I still remember that Carlton 3.0 that I laughed at after leaving him at the lights on a 250 as he peeled off red faced and muttering something at the following roundabout thinking he won't be bragging about that one down the pub tonight), the simple things eh!
  10. Pet hates.

    Current pet hate that I forget about until flicking through ebay for kits and such. Use of the word RARE! (often in caps with exclamation as shown) It makes me swear at the screen, no it's not, you can see how rare that kit is if you compare it the 35 other listings ending within a 3 day span!
  11. Is there an infantry sniper section? T-rifle, (Groan), but they say an infantryman marches on his stomach.