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  1. What scale size figure?

    Fred - wow! Impressive. 1/72 was the huge challenge I see. Glad you use them. Dads203 - I think you're right, that might be where I'm at. Not done just figures and might get addicted like you. I already have an activisor DA5 so guess heading in that direction. Yep, bigger the model so more detail, so figures will have buttons, belts, creases etc. and then shadow colour change. So much to perfect.
  2. What scale size figure?

    Having done a lot of modelling over years ( and sorry I'm new on here!), one of the latest interests is figure use. Looking at all the different ones in progress or finished, they look amazing. The big challenge though is many look very small to me. 1/72 must be impossible to paint in detail and even 1/35 looks small. The photo detail is brilliant, until I see an object alongside that is recognised as real size and makes it scary, such as tweezers that look massive or cocktail stick, paintbrush etc. So, starting to build experience or learn what to do, what is the best scale/ size figure that is easiest to get painted and be able to see what you're doing?
  3. Tamiya RAF colour

    Thanks everyone. There may be a lot on the internet, but on here you get to know and see what actually works. Real shame about photo *uckit. So many forums (not just modelling, lots of types) have lost so many pictures.
  4. Tamiya RAF colour

    Good spot! I assumed they were all XF, as you say, it is
  5. Tamiya RAF colour

    Thanks. That will make it easier. One of the Tamiya paint charts I looked at didn't show those so, when I searched the paint numbers you quoted I've found different Tamiya paint charts with those on them. Great.
  6. Tamiya RAF colour

    Just seen these Tamiya colours after a lot of looking around. Do they make sense? Are there any other known acrylic brands that have a well defined colour range (that can be seen somewhere)? INTERIOR GREEN:-XF5 Flat Green: 1 + XF21 Sky: 3 + XF65 Field Grey: 1 DARK GREEN:-XF58 Olive Green: 1 + XF62 Olive Drab: 5 DARK EARTH:-XF52 Flat Earth: 1 + XF64 Red Brown: 1 OCEAN GRAY:-XF18 Medium Blue: 1 + XF21 Sky: 2 + XF24 Dark Grey: 2 MIDSTONE:-XF59 Desert Yellow: 1 + XF60 Dark Yellow: 1 SKY:-XF21 Sky MED. SEA GRAY:-XF19 Sky Grey: 3 + XF54 Dark Sea Grey: 5 AZURE BLUE:-X16 Flat Aluminium: 2 + XF2 Flat White: 10 + XF18 Medium Blue: 5
  7. Mig Ammo paints & varnish for handbrushing?

    Not used any gloss varnish but Mig paints do work for me with brushes. Not used Vallejo.
  8. Another new Hampshire member

    Ha ha, that's why I left it like that as my ipad made the topic this : Another New Hampshire member! Err, no, new member yes, and in Hampshire, yes.
  9. Another new Hampshire member

    Hi everyone, I'm John. I've looked on this site on and off for a couple years. Why? Well after about a 40 plus years gap, I've returned to make a few military models in 1/144 and 1/72, and as a surprise I got a 1/72 Spitfire (resin, based on a Boultbee Flight Academy Spitfire that flies in local over my garden quite often). After plastic modelling back in early seventies, I moved on to R/c planes then helicopters. That then got stopped as I started target shooting and after starting my apprenticeship got my Firearms certificate. So now 40 years later it's time to consider early retirement and get back to modelling. Something my wife has just promoted again with the Spitfire kit. Resin with metal parts it looks a challenge, and the biggest issue at the moment is what colours to paint inside and out etc. So, lots of site searching and probably lots of questions as well, so sympathy for you all as I ask questions that I probably shouldn't. Can't wait ( only excuse is time use, as I still work full time at the moment, but will force the model into it) . Thank you in advance