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  1. Saw this posted on the ipms page after you displayed it at Poole. It's huge!! Nice work
  2. SWS UHU

    I’ve not managed much with this recently as I’ve been sorting stuff out. Issues at work and then my daughters come to stay this weekend (no complaints about the latter!!! 😀😀😀) i did just spend an hour trying to sort out the wiring for the infrared searchlight. I know these use a light spectrum not visible to the human eye... but figured that was boring! I’m glad I’m not using regular filament lights if have no model left after 5 minuets!
  3. BR86 2-8-2t Tank Locomotive

  4. SWS UHU

    Nothing done this weekend as have been sorting out my paint storage lol
  5. A Particular vehicle I like to see :-) great work on the etch!
  6. SWS UHU

    Hey everyone. Ive started another build. This one is the bronco kit for the SWS UHU. It’s a fictional vehicle thats kind of being maketed as real. There was a Sdkfz 251 UHU, but not an SWS one. Theres plenty wrong with the kit. There is a beautiful engine. However you can’t really leave the bonnet open because of 2 issues. 1) there’s no internal firewalls or ancillaries ,2) a night vision drivers optics actually prevents it being fitted and open. In the 251 UHU the entire forward 3rd if the rear compartment was taken up by a generator for the light. Mans whilst the sWS comes with a pretty smart rear compartment.. there’s no generator. So that will be scratched. Involving the removal of the radio equipment and the antenna attachement. Relocated to the rear of the vehicle. The kit does go together fairly well. But the PE is a bit fishy. The bits around the front drive sprockets don’t actually fit... they are too short so I’ll have to come up with something there. And some of the instructions take some guess work. some nice details... all of which will end up covered up :-( such a shame!! faiy nice driving compartment engine additions The afore mentioned 251 UHU generator reference photo sticky mirror places inside the searchlight because yes this one will be fully lit up!! So far I’ve fitted 7leds!
  7. Sdkfz 251 aufC

    Thank you @FrancisGL :-)
  8. BR86 2-8-2t Tank Locomotive

    Wow she’s big!
  9. Lynx restoration

    Today’s update. Probably more tomorrow lol. sword blade ... made and has some engraving on it. Opted for oven back plastic stuff as couldn’t be bothered going to the forge In this snow! Same with her tail. Originally the figure came with a 1imch stubby tail. Now it’s more like 4-5 inches long. Lots of little bits and pieces done and cleaned up from the original casting still. Today I made up some basecoat skin tone. Tail will not be pink as today all I could think was..... rat tail. And she’s supposed to be a cat!!
  10. Sdkfz 251 aufC

    Thank you all. The lighting is because all my recent builds will eventually go in to a series of dioramas ... although think it’s years in the building!
  11. Nice! I wouldn’t want to be sat where he is though during a lift! 😳😂
  12. Sdkfz 251 C

    Lol. I’m nowhere with it yet. It’s literally still in the box just with new resin parts. I’m working on another 2 projects as of tonight. My lynx restoration and a UHU infrared searchlight :-)
  13. Sdkfz 251 C

    I’ve been casting a load of 1/16 stuff recently. Friend of mine lent me some stuff to correct the trumpeter interior :-)
  14. Sdkfz 251 aufC

    I’m kinda banking on the crew being efficient and giving her a hose off 😂😂