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  1. Jagdtiger

    LLoyd your more than welcome to steal them lol. Mum cutrntly doing a 1/35 251 but after that is my 1/ trumpeter King tiger 1/16 :-) know your pain!
  2. Jagdtiger

    Final update!! Flag is made from some weird fabric I found at hobby craft and put through my printer... topped up with some acrylics. canvas mantle cover was made from a different fabric but I think it's excellent Simulation. RFI thread here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/forum/278-ready-for-inspection-armour/&do=add
  3. Jagdtiger winter worn

    Well she's finally finished! I've really enjoyed this build. She's done in my customary heavy worn state. Build thread Thank you all so much for following the build
  4. Dragon Wagon - Its a big 'un!

    I built one of these as a kid in the 90s was my prized possession. Think it’s still in mums loft! Might have to build another one... then donthe german equivalent ;-) awesome work... keep updating us :-)
  5. Jagdtiger

    I’m glad you mentioned it! :-) don’t worry!
  6. Jagdtiger

    @BlackMax12 oh Bums! (Or words to that effect) your spot on and I’m ashamed to say I should have realised about the ammunition as I’d had a full conversation with @Das Abteilung last week!! 😥😥 I will this week be correcting this issue hopefully without to much damage!😒 I suspect the side skirts were damaged after driving through some Russian hovel to provide an ambush point 🤪😜
  7. SW Model Show at The Tank Museum Feb 2018

    I love the venue.... but a kit... take great reference photos! (Also it’s a quiet day to visit the museum!) Just think they need to put more effort in to get it right :-)
  8. SW Model Show at The Tank Museum Feb 2018

    Hi guys, I never went in the end, my reasoning was the last 2 I've been to down at bovy were not brilliant, traders were pants, mostly containing seriously old stock, it had a real second hand feel to the place, the displays (and I was on one last Feb) never seem to change, lots of clubs always display the same stuff. It sounds to me like they need to step their game up, they need more traders, reps from Tamika, takom etc. Last year I actually found stuff cheaper in the museum shop than from the visiting traders!!! Im glad I made no effort to go ... and that's sad :-(
  9. Jagdtiger

    Thanks Glynn 😀 much appreciated
  10. Jagdtiger

    !! almost done!!!
  11. Brief guide to using Flickr

    @funguseater this thread should help you
  12. Jagdtiger

    More work done today. On top of casting some parts for another project I’ve also been restoring my kar98 airsoft rifle. detail is starting to be added now. Shes getting filthy!!! need to add the spare links. Some colour. And tone the rust down some :-) wheels next...
  13. TIE Fighter & Advanced X1

    I think that’s pretty exceptional work on such a small scale and in such short time! Nice! Great to see some damage too!
  14. The tank museum

    Ah oops! I’ve posted in that topic too. Maybe they can be amalgamated? @Mike