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  1. Laser scanning of some Bovington exhibits

    Hi @Das Abteilung I found the answers your looking for quite by accident. The company is called Warslug ltd and they are a new manufacturer of 1/6 (6th) scale RC full metal tanks. They currently have a tiger 2 in pre production. And they look AMAZING the build quality from what I've seen is soooo much better than armourtech, no finishing off required, no machineist skills, no bolts/welds visible that were not on the original vehicles. They are easily found via Facebook, have not tried interweb myself
  2. Jadgtiger

    I'll have a nosey around badder :-) well im annoyed at Voyager PE instructions for the JT gun barrel retaining clamp for fixing the gun during transport... they miss labelled it!! Resulting in a non functioning clip that's supposed to be functioning. I've had to take it apart. Snapping pieces and having to them rebuilt it using spare PE to construct various bits. Ill do photos another day. Right now I'm off to bed 😡😡
  3. Jadgtiger

    Oh what was the band called?? Lol no i couldn't make cocktails ... i struggle to pour a pint!! 😂 One thing ive found from using PE parts is you always have leftovers... bits that are for the kit yet nowhere in the instructions are they visible... it's like the manufactures go... "have fun... guess!!" Also they seem to be numbered incorrectly too 🙄
  4. Jadgtiger

    Thank you all for the input and praise. @Hewy for soldering individual parts like those I've found the best way is to use a Jet lighter (1300°C) . Cut some solder off to the amount you need (little pellet) liquid flux everything. Then dry fix the parts together and put the pellet on the flux. Click the lighter and it will all stick together. (Use on a non flamable surface... cuttting mats melt VERY quick!! Ha ha .... erm oops) @Badder I understand your issues, I'm 32 but my fingers sometimes shake uncontrollability ... I think it's because being a blacksmith the ringing of he hammers got to the nerves. Have you invested in a folding Jig for pe?? Me either... I bought a little multi position hobby vice and bluetacked a Hinge in to the jaws. Gives me a perfectly tight close and certainly helps my folding. Currently at my desk so ahould get some photos up later cheers guys
  5. Film help

    Think everyone's entitled to their own opinion about a particular film. Please don't turn this thread in to an argument over a miss read or miss typed comment. I'm sure there was no malice meant. Personally ive never seen the film so I'm going to give it a shot.
  6. Jadgtiger

    Fibreglass pencil. Never heard of them but I'll have a YouTube n see what happens :-) thanks!!! Yeah crazy. Each little hinge is made of 3 pieces, 2 plates 1 pin. 2 hinges per side. That's 6 just there. Another 5 pieces of the large hinge.
  7. Jadgtiger

    Some more done over the weekend. I'm not proud. But in a 8 hour sitting I only managed to get the 2 rear "mudflaps" soldered together. But considering they are 18+ pieces each and had to almost reconstruct one twice due to overheating and causing all the solder to let go. Neither piece is what I would call pristine work but I think with some undercoat it won't look that messy.... nothing some mud can't hide 🙄🙄 That's it for a few days thanks steve
  8. BR 52 - Kriegsdampflokomotive 1 - 1:35 Kit

    Seriously impressive Stefan!
  9. Jadgtiger

    Not much to report recently as I've been waiting on the postman. I decided to order some liquid lux and have managed to get my hands on some old lead solder. And I'm AMAZED at the difference in my soldering abilities now.
  10. Jadgtiger photos please

    In the end I actually emailed these off to the tank museum and got the same response. They decided it was just a very unique photraphy angle. They said the JT command vehicle had the same umbrella type aerial as other tanks and a radio system replacing the rear left ammo storage. And thatbtgese we're the only differences. Thanks seems I've been over zealous and wrong ha ha
  11. Show us your modelling space

    to @Gorby I'm hoping it doesn't leak and spray paint all over my walls lol. I changed my imediate work area last weekend. Before after I should now get some more natural light. As I'm not working inside a box. My led lighting is now held in place by my MG44 unfortunately all 3 are replicas. But still it allows me some good references @Roman Schilhart where did you get the display cabinets? They look awesome
  12. Dune Crawler & Sentinel

    Oh rats that's my spelling mistake again! Not so much of a camp scheme!! Funny I'd always been out off the ORK stuff because of the Gordy paint schemes. Much orefereing the Marines
  13. Dune Crawler & Sentinel

    Usually i model tanks. But found myself in GW Saturday mooching through the kits for inspiration to different things. Came out with nothing except a freebee Space marine. Actually made me smile a lot ! Nice work. Loving the camp scheme
  14. BR 52 - Kriegsdampflokomotive 1 - 1:35 Kit

    I think that's awesome!!
  15. Stalks on the mudgaurds of scammell pioneer?

    Andrews spot on. if you ever get to sit in one you can't see the mudguards from the cab at all. It takes some getting used to driving with them especially down the roads. But open country... no issue :-)