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    the land of the fen tiger
  1. Macchi 202 Tenente Solaroli

    fantastic model of a great plane well done chap hats off too you
  2. Sopwith Pup, HR Models, 1:72

    great little model and I mean little.brilliant
  3. Eduard Albatros DIII

    what a great model you have there,i really like the Austrian albatros and have built a couple myself its a shame more Austrian aircraft are not given the same modern make over.well done chap
  4. well that's made my mind up as soon as I get the funds a pup it will be.here in England we have starling models they were doing the pup for £65 which I didn't think was too bad a price.i was looking on ebay and wnw kits are fetching stupid money.thanks again jeff k.
  5. hi jeff k that answers a question I had,can you build a rnas pup from the rfc pup,is the only difference in dunnings machine if you choose that option.i have aviattics Italian pilot figure to go with a models nieuport 11 when I get round to it.fun times ahead.
  6. hello all I brought my first wnw kit at shuttleworth Edwardian day the other week,its the new camel and started it almost as soon as I got home and its great its the first time I have tried 1/32 and they are not as big as I thought they might be witch is bad news for my wallet.
  7. Sopwith Triplane, Revell, 1:72

    what a great little triplane you have there,i read the build log and all that effort has really paid off.i wish someone would bring out a new tool triplane I'm sure it would be very popular.well done chap.
  8. Airfix BE2C

    ok thank you I will get some from hannants and give it a go.
  9. Airfix BE2C

    what a great model,nice scheme the black and white checks.what colour did you use for the pc10.
  10. can not wait,i have the aml one in my to do pile so be intresting to see how they both build.
  11. italian nieuport 11

    hi all has anyone here built or know of someone who has built Amodels 1/32 nieuport 11.if so are there any hiccups during said build to watch out for.is there any etch seat belts etc.On another note Italian dope fabric was it white or a more cream colour I know some italian nieuports were a sort of tan colour but the kit decal scheme is for a dope linin scheme but was wondering if white or cream,were macchi built nieuports white and French cream colour.what a mine field.thanks in advance.
  12. hello all

    hello martin thanks for the welcome,i mainly build in 1/48 or 1/72 wingnut wings are too expensive and to big for my model room I'm afraid.they are nice kits some of the my friends have built them and they really look good.have you built any yet how did you get on with them.stuart
  13. hello all

    hello all,my name is stuart and ive been following britmodler for a while now so I thought I would join.my interests are mainly ww1 aircraft but anything up to the 50s at times.there are some really great build on here and I look forward to getting some tips for my own models,so greetings and look forward to talking to you all at some point in the future.
  14. Pegasus Albatros CIII...

    hello chap,are you still looking for the c111.if so I have one in my stash.the box is a bit batted but as far as I can tell its all there,the decals look ok and it still has strut stock.
  15. does anyone know if the sm 81 pipistrello is still on the cards to be re released please ,I think I saw something about it but after reading this thred I think I might be getting mixed up with the marsupial.thank you