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  1. Bf 109G-10 Hungarian blue/yellow 12?

    In my opinion "12" tends to be blue ,refer to contrast of fuselage colour. By the way, what for red landing gears on some 109G? my memory was a indication of speciallized fuel or oil, but cannot find original book..
  2. Best 1/32 Stuka?

    Right these are only choice. However trumsh*ter's kit has some incorrect issues. Even had been discovered before release but they just keep it cause correcting mould cost a lot
  3. 1/72 Replacement cowls for revell Boston V??

    revell's Boston V is same kit as MPM/SHB's A-20J/K. A-20Gs on latter brand have same cowlings, even same instruction....I have a VVS A-20G and an MTO A-20B, which have early type cowling without bumps. Don't know how to align the bumps...still on my stash. Once read there still no replacement parts yet...Hope Quickboost will release one.
  4. 1/72 Revell Junkers JU 88A-4

    Nice work. Revell's Ju88A/C(new mold) has ful of details comparing with HAS or Zvezda, especially the cockpit and panel lines/hatches on chine. However it's not a joy to build. I had built one C-6 before, with similar problem on wing tip. Also the flaps are wrapped and difficult to attach on the wing. Fitting around the gondola is complex. My kit has gaps on cowling radiators, still do not know how to fill....
  5. NA-73 Mustang I, best options in 1/72nd

    So SHB made the same mistake as Hasegawa's P-51B, didn't they?