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  1. TIE Fighter & Advanced X1

    These look great, Andy! Really glad you’ve done these, I’m planning on doing a trench run diorama somewhere down the track, and these colours look great, I love the blueish tone, so I’ll definitely be trying out the ones you’ve suggested. Cheers, Tom
  2. Nice!! Now do Shuttle Tydirium and a probe droid please!
  3. Looking very nice, can’t wait to see the end result!
  4. 'FACE OFF' More Top Tips p12

    Looking great, I’ve been thinking of trying a whitewash and there’s a kit I have my eye on at my LHS (the new dragon Hummel with winterketten) so there’s tons of helpful info on here. I might pick that kit up later this week on payday! Good stuff!
  5. German infantry uniform 1945 question

    Thanks, Giorgio! It’s always amazing the stuff you can learn on here!
  6. So I finally got some paint on this thing. Gave it a base coat of Tamiya’s Nato Black. Then I gave it a coat of Tamiya’s Olive Drab, which has come out really dark, despite how it looks in these pictures below. So I think I’ll need to give it a lighter coat to bring it up to the colour of green that it looks like in the pictures. I bought a bottle of Mig Ammo Olive Drab Highlights to use for some drybrushing, so I might add a bit of that to the Tamiya Olive Drab to lighten her up. Cheers guys, Tom
  7. Hi guys, I’m doing a little diorama set in 1945 and I have two sets of German infantry figures. I wanted to know if these two sets of uniforms would have been fighiting alongside each other. I’m guessing that at the last days of the war it was all a bit of a mess so there’d be all sort of units fighting together, I’d really appreciate it if anyone could shed some light on this as there’s poses in both sets that would go really well with what I have planned. Thanks for looking! Tom
  8. Wow, thanks man, that’s a massively comprehensive reply! I think you’re right about the good tight fit. What I’ll do is leave it as is, prime it in place, and then see how I go when it comes to fitting the tracks. That way I’ll have the option to take the top off if I need to. Luckily I’m not planning to do fully dirty tracks like yours, they’ll just be a little muddy and dusty, I think this tank and it’s crew are a little green. Cheers!
  9. Thanks, Badder, good to know. What would be your opinion on gluing the lower and upper hulls before attaching the wheels and tracks? Would this cause any foreseeable problems down the road when putting the tracks on? I just feel it would make painting it all a lot easier to have it as one whole piece. Cheers, Tom
  10. A crank handle, that’s what was on the tip of my tongue (I’d had a few drinks). Just not sure if I need to glue it on if it’s going to be completely hidden, but I guess I should. Hoping to get some paint down this evening, as long as the children comply with their bedtimes!
  11. Thanks guys, glad I could help, Badder. Which reminds me, does anyone know why this kit suggests I stick some kind of turning thingy (I’m not very mechanical) on to the little vertical and horizontal holes on the back face of the upper hull, only to stick a big storage bin over the top? If it’s going to be covered up why bother? Is it simply so that the storage bin sits flat? I’m a bit confused!
  12. I’ve managed to make some progress, slowly but surely. I’d planned on making up the lower and upper hulls, painting and weathering them seperately, and then fixing them together afterwards. I’d thought that having the upper hull fixed on would make attaching the tracks difficult. But after having done a test fit of the hulls I think I should be ok as there aren’t massive side skirts or anything. I was also worried that having the top on would make it difficult to paint the lower hull, get all the gunk and mud and stuff in there, but I think it’ll be fine. I’ve got all the wheels and suspension ready to go. My goodness there are a lot! I’ll prime them in Nato black which will also act as the rubber for the wheels. I’ll then do the rest of the bits with Tamiya’s olive drab. I’ll do all the wheels first and see how that goes before attacking the hull. Cheers! Tom
  13. Thanks for all the nice comments everyone, praise indeed having seen the work you guys are doing! Cheers, Tom