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  1. Thanks for all the tips everyone. I think I was vastly overestimating how much paint I'd be putting into the cup. I did some tests and then primed up a 1/35 tank and found I had loads of paint still in the cup, so ended up finding that a few drops using a stirrer or something similar is a perfect approach. Used some Vallejo primer without thinning, worked a treat. Also saw a handy tip when using Tamiya paints is to open a new pot, fill to the little line below the rim, shake it up and you're ready to go. I tried it out and it was great, did it with three pots for a three tone camo (jumping right into the deep end!), and it sprayed really well. Thanks again!
  2. Cheers man, I can't take any credit for the base, it came with the kit!
  3. Thanks for all the nice comments guys! Thud4444, that video was wicked! Hunter Rose, thanks man, I used the Tamiya panel line accent, it's good stuff.
  4. Hi Mike, I've got some of these but I've yet to use them. My local hobby shop doesn't have any of the Mig acrylic thinners, do you have any experience using any other thinners with these, Tamiya etc that you would recommend? Cheers, Tom
  5. Hey guys, this is my first model I'm showing here, so be gentle with me! I painted this A-Wing using Tamiya spray cans for the base colours, and then a mixture of products for the detailing and weathering. I'm mostly happy with how it came out, but there are a few areas that could have been done better. I used Racing White for the body, but I feel it came out a little too creamy. If I'd had an airbrush I could have maybe given it another lighter coat, but I didn't want to use another coat from a can as it can be a bit thick. I've bought an airbrush now, so should have better control over base coats. I think i was a little heavy heavy handed on the weathering on the back end, and perhaps the yellow I used for the engine glow was a little too bright, but overall I think it came out ok. Any feedback much appreciated, thanks for looking! Tom
  6. Thanks, John. I guess I'm being a bit over cautious and I should just dive in and try a bunch of different things! Thanks for the info!
  7. Thanks for all the replies guys, very helpful. I was thinking I might use those little syringes that come with the toddlers nurofen that are about 5ml, that way i can measure how much I'm using, so it's good to know other people are using similar things. I guess a bit of trial and error is to be expected to find what really works for me. So I guess a follow up question would be about mixing! I've seen those empty pots on the tamiya paint stand that you can put your paint and thinners in and just shake them up, does anyone have experience with those, do they tend to get all gluggy after a while, or can you give them a good rinse with water? I've got a gravity fed air rush with a 5ml cup but I don't want to try cup mixing yet, I'll get to grips with mixing outside the cup first I think!
  8. As someone who has just bought their first airbrush these tips are great, thanks everyone! I haven't tried it out yet, I'm doing lots of research so I'm completely ready when I sit down to first use it. My question is how do you get the paint and thinners out of the pots and into a mixing pot or whatever, it's not like tamiya or humbrol pots are good for pouring. Do people use pipettes, or syringes, or something?
  9. Hello everyone, I've been reading this forum for a while now, and it's been a great source of info and inspiration so I thought it was time to say hello. In the 80s and 90s I used to build a lot of those Halcyon Alien kits, the old Star Wars kits, and do a fair amount of Citadel Miniatures too. Then I stopped modelling as much when booze and women came on the scene. Over the last few years I've rebuilt my Halcyon collection and I'm ready to start in earnest. I also picked up a few oldies like the Horizon Robocop and ED-209, as well as an old Screamin' Freddy. I used to have all these but lost them all due to various mishaps, house moving disasters, and general tomfoolery. Lately I've also started to really get into the idea of making tanks, maybe it's all the late night hours spent watching WW2 movies and TV shows and drinking whisky, but something about that period and those machines is really speaking to me. I guess I'm not alone judging by the amount interest in armour from that era. So I went out and bought a fat King Tiger to tackle, should be fun! Hopefully I'll get some pics of builds up soon. Last week I finished my Halcyon Alien warrior, and my Bandai A-wing is almost done. Thanks for having me! Tom