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  1. Silver/metal paint for a DeLorean

    Nice colourful DeLoreans there! Off to the shops today, will see if they have any of the Vallejo Metallic Steel 77.712. Realised I had some Mig Ammo Aluminum and Metallic Silver/Grey, so I might do some testing this weekend. I'll post pics here so that anyone interested can see the comparisons. Cheers!
  2. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB

    Great photo Andy, that camo scheme is nice and different. That would make a wicked little diarama, the Sherman at rest, with the tent and the drums, it’d look great!
  3. Wow, thanks so much guys, praise indeed! Will, I had a look at the left over bits on the decal sheet and you're right, there were little Ts in there to add to the PWL bit! Very cheeky! I don't think I'll try to add them now though as I'd probably end up knocking bits off and making a mess of it! Thanks for following along. Tom
  4. Silver/metal paint for a DeLorean

    Thanks guys. I do own an airbrush so would be happier using that for the greater control compared to a spray can. I should have mentioned that I mainly use acrylics, so would probably be looking to use that. I haven't used a tin of humbrol enamel since back in the 90s! I might give the Tamiya matt aluminum a go on a practice model, see how it turns out. If not I might search for a Vallejo metal paint as I've had good results with their other stuff.
  5. Hi guys, I'm more of a sci fi builder, so I don't really do cars. But I'm doing a Back to the Future 2 DeLorean, and I'm after some advice on paint for it. Can anyone recommend a metal paint that would look good for this? I've got some Tamiya Flat Aluminium, but I'm guessing that won't look that great, and I know there are a bunch of metal paints out there, so I though I'd ask you car guys which are the best to use. Thanks! Tom
  6. Hi guys, for those of you who don’t read the WIP section here are some pics of my completed Power Loader. First up here’s a link to the WIP post: And here’s the finished piece, I don’t have any lovely studio style pics, just shots of it on my desk. Cheers, Tom
  7. Primer for brushing

    Another vote for the Vallejo primers. I've found they go on very nicely with a brush.
  8. Great wear on the seats, and I love that spiky wheel. Looks like you're a bit of a natural! Looking forward to seeing it all come together.
  9. It's a great build, I've seen it pop up a few times on Instagram, people love it, and rightly so!
  10. 1/6 Spiderman by Horizon

    Very, very nice! He looks great, and the stand is really cool, good stuff.
  11. Cheers, guys. Well, she’s finished! I made a safety harness out of some ribbon, a couple of bits from a stug and a king tiger to make a buckle, and some unused PE parts for lengthening/shortening bits. It looked really good, but then I accidentally bashed it whilst drunkenly handling it, and thought I was sober enough to fix it properly. I ended up overdoing it on the superglue, so now it’s all a bit patchy and wonky. Oh well, still doesn’t look too bad. So here’s a few pics of the harness: And here’s a little walkaround of the finished loader. And here are a few close ups. One from up top And one with a dark background to make it stand out. I should really do these pics with a nice background, not just on my dirty old desk! So thanks for looking guys and following along. It’s taken me a while, and I’m really looking forward to working on something else! Cheers! Tom
  12. Looking good, Carts. Have a squizz at this thread on the RPF, someone's got some nice pics of the restored small Nostromo filming model. https://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=283278
  13. Thanks, chaps! Another quick update. Did a bit of scratch building, my first attempt! Took the the bulb out of an old nightlight of my daughter. Used that as the light up top, it’s a bit large, but looks quite good. No room for the turny bit, not that you’d really notice it. Also added the foot straps. Found a bit of old ribbon and painted it, then glued it in, simple! Then I got some old wires to make the blowtorch cables/hoses. Rummaged around in the unused parts of my King Tiger kit and found some little connector parts for the bottom of the blowtorch and the connection point round the back. Then I used some rubbery plastic covering the head of an alligator clip to recreate the zip ties. Couldn’t put on as many as Ripley’s powerloader had as the PE parts were in the way, but this isn’t her loader anyway. So not much left to do, make the safety harness, paint all the tubing and then assemble! Cheers Tom
  14. Pz IV STGB

    Thanks, Stix!
  15. 1/6 Spiderman by Horizon

    Great job, he's looking really nice!