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  1. Thanks Badder! Yeah, I just used the string that came with the kit for the tow cables, and as soon as they got paint on them it was clear that they were a terrible choice! But like I said, it was a learning build so I won't use those again. Same with the mud and dirt, used a mixture of mig ammo light mud splash stuff and dark pigments. I was imagining that the older stuff had dried as a light colour, and the new stuff it had just driven through was wet and dark. I guess it's about ratios and practice. Thanks for the feedback! Tom
  2. Hey guys, A lot of firsts for me in this build. First armour, first time using an airbrush, first time doing camo. First time using chipping fluid, a filter, and pigments. I think she came out pretty well, I wanted to throw all those things at it to get the experience and see what worked, what I needed to use more of or less of. The figure came with the kit, the facial features weren't the best, so I didn't spend to much time on it, I think his outfit came out quite nicely through. The photos are a little bit dark though, only had time to grab a few quick snaps with my phone whilst the little one watched a bit of telly! Let me know what you think, what I could improve upon, etc. Cheers! Tom
  3. Received these goodies today!! Not sure which to do first! Oh yeah, finish the other six or seven half started projects I have going on.
  4. Is this the Leading Edge kit that comes in a rectangular black plastic case with foam padding inside? If I remember rightly that one didn't come with any instructions. For a paint scheme I would do a black base coat with maybe a deep blue wash and some silvery highlights dry-brushed on, but you can go with anything you like really, a brown wash instead of a blue one, say, for that egg chamber look. The blue was mainly from the movie lighting, but I like that look.
  5. Mig Ammo rotbraun coming out very orange

    It's funny you say that, I was thinking there's no point chucking it, I could use it for an abandoned rusted up old tank future build.
  6. Mig Ammo rotbraun coming out very orange

    Yeah, it's well off, isn't it? Oh well, it was only a couple of quid, not the end of the world, and it's not like it ruined my model so all's well that ends well!
  7. Mig Ammo rotbraun coming out very orange

    So Andy recommended I take the stopper off the bottle and give it a good mix, which I did, and it was a great tip as I wasn't aware you could do that, but unfortunately the colour of the Mig rotbraun remained very orange. Andy's next recommendation was to try out the Vallejo Cavalry Brown 70.982, so I picked up a bottle. Here's a picture of the two bottles next to the Mig Ammo colour profile insert from the Takom King Tiger kit. A picture speaks a thousand words, as they say. So, heartened from that quick comparison I got the airbrush out and did a quick light coat on half of the lower hull that I'd already orange'd up with the Mig rotbraun. The results were instantly obvious. Andy knows his stuff. So I'll be using the cavalry brown for my King Tiger. I'm going to be doing the two tone like the box art using another ammo colour (dunkelgelb?) that I'd already purchased, I hope that one is well matched. It's a shame about that rottenbraun, I like the Mig products, their washes and pigments and mud effects are great. But, man, that rotbraun was rubbish. Neither rot, nor braun. Big thanks to Andy for all his help, cheers mate! Tom
  8. Hey guys, I wasn't really sure where to put this query, this looked like the best place. I recently bought a Takom T-54-B Russian Medium Tank after being impressed with their King Tiger kit. After doing a bit of research I found some info that the lower hull had been incorrectly issued on this kit, and that Takom offered replacements. People also touted their customer service as being really good. Great, I thought, I flick them an email and they can hopefully send me the right piece of kit. Sent an email to the address on their website. Nothing. Sent them a message on their facebook account. Nothing. Anyone had any joy dealing with this lot? It's really soured me on their kits now, I can't stand it when a company has zero customer service to speak of. Looks like they're about to make 'The List'. Cheers, Tom
  9. Mig Ammo rotbraun coming out very orange

    Thanks for the suggestion about the pigment at the bottom of the bottle, Andy, I'll give that a go as it's way brighter and orange than your pic and others I've seen. If if it doesn't come good I guess I'll just go with a tamiya red brown and see how that comes out. Cheers!
  10. Airbrush or paint issue?

    I'm an airbrush noob, but was having a similar problem recently, air flow but no paint when pulling back on the trigger. It turned out I hadn't screwed in the bit that holds the needle tightly enough when I'd stripped it down for cleaning. I took the back off, tightened the mechanism that holds the needle, and that allowed it grip and pull it back allowing the paint to flow. Hope that helps.
  11. Hi, as the title says this paint is really orange, not very red or brown at all, nothing like the box art of the takom king tiger or the colour schemes within. Has anyone else used this paint, i think it was number 014, did I get a dud bottle? Cheers, Tom
  12. Paint to thinner ratios

    Sorry I should have been clearer, tamiya acrylic paint and tamiya acrylic thinners.
  13. Paint to thinner ratios

    As a newb to airbrushing and paint thinning what are the potential problems with leaving a batch of thinned paint in the pot for a period of time, say weeks or months? Cheers