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Jim Wasley

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  1. Sd.Kfz.1840 Elefant

    Built one of these myself,you have out classed me,Liking it very much,I'm sorry I like the green foliage looks like it has just come out of the forest,to me it adds a little interest Cheers.(to each his own)
  2. Scammell Pioneer SV2S

    Above the call of duty that one Andy,all us mortals can do is look on,not just the way its built but also how it is presented,Fabulous.Cheers.
  3. Scorpion and Paras in OP Corporate

    Another nice one of your builds,really like the way you have presented it Cheers.
  4. IDF M51 Batch Four.

    Outstanding as always is your work,so much in the minor detail,things the average modeler parses over(me included) every time I see your work it makes me try to better myself,not in your class but just to improve,many thanks for this inspiration Cheers.
  5. 1/35 Soviet T-24 Tank

    Thanks BillyD.Cheers.
  6. Another quick and easy build,Kit is Hobby Boss,1/35 Soviet Medium Tank T-24,it is a small model and very light in weight,I have built a number of Hobby Boss kits and I do like them they represent good value for your money,this Soviet tank from what I read never saw any action was only used for training and parade duties,so I never put to much in the way of weathering,Hope you enjoy,had fun building it.Thanks.
  7. Model of a model club display 1/12

    Super,great work,wish I could make all my models that size,would have so much more room,to build more
  8. Looking Good.
  9. Dune Crawler & Sentinel

    I'm the same,scale and models are new to me?I'm a AFV builder,but I am always keen to build something new,and your great work on these kits have inspired.Cheers.
  10. 1:144 Junk Speeder Scratchbuild

    That's fired up the imagination,Super build,love the base it sits on,Wow that's hard to believe that much paint went onto such a small scale. Cheers.
  11. Tamiya 1990 Leyton house march cg-901b

    Echo every ones comments,that colour is a real eyecatcher,Cheers
  12. 1/35 Soviet T-24 Tank

    Thanks John,wife usually says that about ME
  13. Landrover 109 on VCP in Ulster

    Great work on the Land Rover/wall and fine detailing on the figures.Cheers.
  14. Pet hates.

    No Trevor not like your neighbour.Cheers.
  15. Pet hates.

    What about eating the apple and returning the core
  16. Pet hates.

    You are very right about this,even in the Land of Oz,where it was always common to say hello or "Get A Mate"a drive in the country was always greeted with a wave,I live near the ocean and walk most mornings and all used to say good-morning or have a chat,now your lucky to get a grunt,young people look at you as stupid,give me the days when a Mate was a Mate,Australia was built on that attitude,when you fell their was always someone to help you up,now they just walk over you.Sorry I,m on my soap box,just getting to old I guess.Cheers.
  17. Thanks Francis,you have set a very high standard,I'm on the pointy end of a T-34/85 No.183 Factory"Berlin 1945"(Academy Kit) with bedspring armour,you have sure given me something to aspire to Cheers.
  18. Meng Soviet T-10M

    Great looking build you have going on there,Russian armour are one of my favorites,just love the squat turret and the drums on the back,have a few on the shelf,feel I built in another life they are that old,just picked up the Tamiya 1/35 T-55 Enigma,thanks for you running comments on this build am enjoying greatly Cheers.
  19. 28mm Mounted Sergeants

    Thanks Homer,these little figures have been a learning curve for me(and sure test the old eyes)will be glad to see your work when it's finished,Dads Army one of my favorite shows,Yes Captain Mainwaring Cheers.
  20. Finished my second lot of horse mounted figures,did a little artistic licence saw so many with battle damage,thought I would add a little.Thanks
  21. 1/35 Soviet T-24 Tank

    Thanks Francis,appreciate the comments.Cheers.
  22. 1/35 Soviet T-24 Tank

    Thanks Tobby,sure right there, only 24 built,would not have taken long to come to a end.Cheers.
  23. In the Labyrinth

    Great work as usual,do like the back ground,did you paint it?Cheers.
  24. Airfix/MPC Monkeemobile

    First class,great,saw this in B/W nice to see in colour.Cheers.
  25. 1/35 Soviet T-24 Tank

    Thanks Hewy.Cheers.