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Jim Wasley

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  1. General Saint Sulpice, 1814

    Wonderfully presented and painted you have done the General proud Cheers.
  2. Napoleonic Mounted Officers

    Inspirational,just finished some little guys myself know how great a job you have done.Cheers.
  3. 1930 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300, Airfix, 1/32

    A Trifecta great looking models,believe it many many years ago I use to build wooden toys and I had a pattern for the M K3,soon as I saw it jogged my memory(little trip down memory lane} as they say thanks for the memoriesLike the Alfa great kit build and paint work.Cheers
  4. German Army Boxer, Afghanistan

    Nice build in this small scale and a great presentation with the Dio Cheers.
  5. Zvezda 1/72 French Dragoons

    Yes thanks Fred I remember you telling me about the wash,one of the figures had nice mouth detail and after the wash it came up fine almost looked like he had a Moe,a lot of the detail has been lost with the camera,my wife has a tablet that takes very good pics,will try and take some better ones,I must have went over these figures a dozen times and I always found some little thing I missed and when I dug out the big gun a powerful magnifier I have boy did I see another would of miniatures even found a dozen parts I lost on the floor months ago HaHa,you guys who do this scale all the time must have the attention of a brain surgeon,I still have the artillery figures to do,that's a worry,but must say they have been fun,and they look great on the shelf with my 1/35 scale figures and Armour,not sure if I'm hooked but have seen some nice ones in Medieval Knights that look good,Cheers and thanks for you help and comments.
  6. Well here is part of my project finished and boy was it hard my hat goes off to you guys that do this all the time,I've seen some on line painted by the 100's,I would need another life time to finish that many,the figures were painted with acrylics and finished with a mat varnish,I'm sorry the pics are not to clear I was pushing my little snap camera to it's limit,would look a little better if the camera was better,Thanks and hope you enjoy.
  7. "They Swim "

    So well done thought the thing was coming out of the screen,they should have had you on the set.Cheers
  8. Jimmy's Rest Stop

    Great dio lot of detail so much to look over like the little puns on Hitler pic the flag and the guy reading the paper,Oh yes and do like the name you called itCheers.
  9. SO good looks like you went to the dealer and bought the real thing,can't wait to see the others you bought,hope the wife's health improves and you can get to your work bench.Cheers.
  10. Tristar 1/35 Panzer I ausf A

    Fantastic what more can one say.Cheers
  11. Takom Mark IV Male

    Perfect great build,do like the real rust.Cheers
  12. Pet hates.

    Just need a net and small tweezers!!
  13. Pet hates.

    What do you mean after eating a bit of pussy??

    Enjoyed Very much on great build Cheers.
  15. Pet hates.

    Sorry John saw your mouse/rat problem in this county have heard of people putting a python in the roof,don,t know if that,s possible where you live,a simpler way is to scatter moth/balls the smelly kind not the flying type/or catch some of those stray cats and throw them in the roof,the cat and snake may strike up a friendship and solve your problem,this is just a thought OOB
  16. Soviet Lieutenant, Red Army 1942

    I'm in love can I have her number great masterful work Cheers.
  17. Skoda Fabia WRC S2000.

    Now I know why you guys have such great sun tans,from a bronzed Ozzie(full of skin cancer)
  18. What's red and wails?

    Great build,who wouldn't like to own one?
  19. Skoda Fabia WRC S2000.

    Yes you are sure right about the daylight saving,no sense,bit like the women who said the extra hour would fade her curtains Ha Ha,anyway keep out of the sun Cheers.
  20. Tiger 1 initial prod.

    What can I say everyone has already said just great work,love the way you present your work,really gives your work that extra edge Cheers.
  21. Sorry my wife squealed. Stallone had a sequel (senior moment)
  22. Zvezda 1/72 French Dragoons/Foot Artillery

    Yes I know what you mean,I have on the odd occasion with my AFV done the sprue painting but it does make gluing harder and this is only on the small parts.( and not my fingers)I remember(on the odd occasion when I do?) kits of small aircraft coming in a plastic bag and the penny went much further than the cent.Sorry just having a senior moment!! Thanks again for your help,A good Aussie Cheers(Good on ya Mate)
  23. Have been scanning such fine work in this scale thought I would give it a try,has been many years since I tried this scale in figures,and how they have changed,the amount of detail in this size to me is astounding,took me little time to build after dropping them more than a hundred times(so Small) now all I need is for my eyes to last and paint them,if that works out think I will be hooked,anyway much more room on the shelf. Cheers
  24. Skoda Fabia WRC S2000.

    Super Cars are a total difference they have air play nearly all weekend,and the Big Daddy of them all down here Bathurst which is next month is on all weekend,used to like it when I was young when they had a lot more different makes of cars and you could go to the dealer and almost buy the same make of car(I'm showing 9 hours,that is London time,don't know if you have time difference,we start daylight saving soon so will be a difference again,Cheers
  25. Zvezda 1/72 French Dragoons/Foot Artillery

    Thanks very much for that info,typical find something I like and its out of production,sorry the pics may have given a false impression nothing is glued or fixed just put them together to try fit and take some pics,and yes for years I have these plastic tops I use to paint all my small parts,but it was nice of you to give me the heads up,I have been modeling some 50 years and I'm sure I have made every mistake there is(learnt little)someone like you would have been handy,but this was long before computers,A Big thanks Cheers Jim.