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Jim Wasley

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  1. Meng IDF Merkava 3D Early

    Its looking good,even though you had some fitting problems,I built sometime back the Academy Merkava MK.IV,found that a nice kit.Cheers.
  2. 1/35 60cm Morser

    That's a good idea,it's the best way to view my models(from afar )
  3. 1/35 60cm Morser

    Bought this kit just before Christmas,from a local guy who was moving and down sizing,really got a great deal on it with the Dragon German Artillery crew to go with it,it's going to be a large kit when finished,first time I have every put so many wheels on one kit(22) all up,it comes with one single shell,beautifully turned,but it would have been nice to have a few more even in plastic,so far in the early stage of build all is fitting well,just one hicup had a wrong number on a part,was a bit puzzling till I worked it out(confession with my wife's help),Cheers.
  4. 1/35 60cm Morser

    I have all parts in Primer,and a base coat of rust for the exhausts,there was a few little things that I had trouble with,the guides for the tracks along side the rollers came in 2 parts,they fitted with a D shape and when taken off the sprue you lost most of the shape,a real devil to align,in hindsight should have sanded flat and fitted,would have been better if they came with a pin and hole fitting(live and learn?).Do like the little added touch of 2 springs that go inside the Gun gives the impression of a recoil,have not fitted the tracks as yet,will paint base and then fit them,they come in 4 lengths for top and bottom and the rest go round the sprockets,may hear a bit of swearing when I get to that stage,This has been a real nice kit,only the small hicups I made no fault to the kit.Next stage will be some paint.Cheers
  5. 1/35 60cm Morser

    Sure would give you one hell of a headache,may need to drink some of that stuff in your bottle,Cheers Clive.
  6. 1/35 60cm Morser

    Thanks Kris,will soon have some more pics soon. Has been a good build so far.Cheers
  7. You always do inspirational work Clive,Great to see it,and in the case of the beer he may have Vodka no smell,or you could say he is an Aussie,do know they like their Beer Cheers.
  8. Bought this kit over the Christmas holidays,I'm not really a car builder,I build AFV but I thought I would give this a try,think it is an old kit,it was very basic and a little rough in areas,came with decals but I wanted a clean look,I smoothed the back side panels and made a fly wire grill,everything else was out OOB.front glass and chrome surround was a little tricky,if it was a Tank I could have threw some mud on it Cheers.
  9. 33 Willys Panel Van

    Cheers Mate.
  10. 33 Willys Panel Van

    Thanks Vince,you are very right,it came with all that and a chute,but this will be garaged as the boys in blue down here would not be to happy if I took it out Cheers.
  11. M10 Achilles

    Neat little build,do like the tie down gear,when I tie down anything have to take a knife to cut the knots off at travels endCheers.
  12. 1/35 60cm Morser

    Thanks Lloyed,yes this is an old kit,but at the price I got it,could not pass it up,I would not have gone out and bought one.I'm up to the last stage of putting the gun together,then I will paint the 3 stages,must say I was surprised what was in the box for its size think it is the biggest box kit I have opened so far,I built a Soviet (9P117M1)Launcher with R17 rocket,if I remember it had over a 1000 pieces I was only to glad to finish it,but this kit has been a dream so far,and yes I agree the Germans did tend to over build some things,I'm lucky all my kits are on shelves in the garage,a place my wife rarely ever goes.Cheers.
  13. 1/35 60cm Morser

    Thanks for all that info,much appreciated Cheers.
  14. 33 Willys Panel Van

    Thanks celt,the dark green has a gold fleck through it,but alas it can not be seen in the pic.Cheers.
  15. Matador Ferret Mk 2/6

    Nice little kit,.Cheers.
  16. Superb build,and that paint work WOW.Cheers.
  17. Great build,and I like the paint work.Cheers.
  18. Scratch build 1/8 scale trucks.

    Every one has said what I was feeling when I saw your models,a master craftsman at work,Truly GREAT WORK.Cheers.
  19. 28mm Napoleon's Old Guard Grenadiers

    Have some more finished from this kit.
  20. Just received these in the post on Monday so I thought I would get a start on them,give me some painting to do over the Christmas break,I was told by the seller that these are an old set of Victrix,I have spent more time cleaning up the seams and mould lines,I'm just over half way with all the figures,(60 in all)not sure that I will build everyone,but once cleaned up they look OK to me(I'm no expert) .Cheers.
  21. (Trumpeter 1:35) KV-1

    Nice build and weathering.Cheers.
  22. OBJECT 279 , 1/35

    Odd looking,never seen one before,great work.
  23. T 55 A in the Sinai

    No matter new or old you have done a fine build on this,wishing you all the best,Happy New Year,Cheers.
  24. VW Race

    Wishing you the same,thanks Pat.
  25. 28mm Napoleon's Old Guard Grenadiers

    Some progress with this kit,have painted all the figures,finished a small dio for some and have to paint in the faces of all the rest,will put some on another dio,that I have a pic of.Cheers.Sorry the pics are not that clear my camera is just not up to that standard. .