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  1. Flying boats and float planes GB chat

    I have only seen average images of the Douglas WC on line, and none with floats. It'll be very cool to see this, with a WiP to boot! That breakdown of builds is fascinating. So many civilian craft! One would not find that in, say, a GB of 109s or other wartime craft.
  2. From what I have seen so far, this is going to be quite the beautiful hydroplane. Such lovely detail...
  3. Matchbox II GB

    I have a feeling that I will be finished with my amphibian DH 60G and be able to dovetail right into my Matchbox Boeing P-12...one GB into another!
  4. D.H.60G Amphibian, 1/72nd from Avis Models...

    Thanks folks. I am off-island (on another island actually, Aegina) until Monday night, so nothing new until Tuesday evening next week. I hope to make broad sides all next week and hope actually begins to look like something.
  5. D.H.60G Amphibian, 1/72nd from Avis Models...

    Thanks guys. I'll post some new pics soon--tonight maybe--and then I am off-island until Monday evening. One note is that the plastic seems to be kind of crumbly, which is alright for the larger pieces but makes the smaller, more delicate bits too unstable. I may have to end up scratch building the cabane struts and almost certainly the landing gear. Evergreen and Contrail will be my saviours!
  6. 1/72 Academy P-38J Lightning "20th Fighter Group"

    Superb build...a benchmark to shoot for.
  7. Caudron C714R scratch 1/48

    Very cool!
  8. D.H.60G Amphibian, 1/72nd from Avis Models...

    OK...after a short break, I was ready to close up the fuselage. Or so I thought. You'll see that I forgot the interior decking beneath the seats. I'll have to scratch build a replacement from Evergreen. That's ok, since I will have to do some filling anyway with putty for the seams, etc... While the fuselage glued, I drilled the holes for the rigging in the wings and attached the upper portion of the radiator. I had to sand some in there since the radiator was wider than the space it will fill. It left a couple of small sections that will need some putty. As you can see, there will have to be some filling and the largish rectangular piece will have to be scratched in with evergreen. After all of this is dry, sanded and buffed I will mask off the fuselage and spray on a gloss coat of white along the flanks. A test fit for the lower wing has shown that the space given is not wide enough. I should have tested this earlier, but as of now I think I can adjust it properly. Onwards and upwards! -John
  9. This is going to be something else!
  10. Savoia Marchetti S.55X 1:72 Delta 2

    This is going to be a very pretty and oh so Italian design...I look forward to it!
  11. Mig-19S Syria - 1/48 HPiM

    Nice Farmer indeed...
  12. Curtiss Racer #3

    This is truly amazing work! I learn a lot from these posts. In regards to going slow...this GB is good practice for me. I get to be patient and work on smaller details. Plus...I am off-island a lot this month so I can;t work on it anyway.
  13. D.H.60G Amphibian, 1/72nd from Avis Models...

    After the white had dried overnight, I airbrushed pretty much the whole thing with Vallejo Aluminum Air--right from the bottle at about 15 psi. That worked great! I let that dry overnight as well and then tackled the cockpit area. The wooden control panels were painted Vallejo Sand, then Wood Brown and the dial faces dotted in with Gloss Black. The seats were the same wood technique except for the cushion areas. For these, I cut out some small pieces of black gaffer's tape and used those for the seats and seat backs. I painted them Vallejo Sky Green, then washed with a black oil wash to bring out some texture. The safety belts are masking tape, painted buff with aluminum buckles. The control stick that came with the kit is kind of...meh...so I used a bit of sprue and a piece of melted, stretched ear-bud plastic for the handle. I am not sure if you can see it, but it's there! The interior of the fuselage has been sprayed aluminum and the detail bright out with black oil wash. I had to use a spare throttle lever since one of them didn't come off the sprue too well. The plastic on this kit is kind of soft and brittle so I will have to be careful with the more visible pieces... I'll close up the fuselage tonight and let that dry. When I get back from Athens I'll continue...
  14. D.H.60G Amphibian, 1/72nd from Avis Models...

    OK...first bits... Since the aircraft is mostly silver and white, I primed with a flat white....
  15. I have always wanted to see one of these built up. I feel it is one of those lovely French Golden Age designs. I forget...did St. Exupery fly one of these across the Atlantic?