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  1. Another HR Models Nieuport 10...a la Française...

    So far...I know I hoped to be finished by today (Tuesday). Alas, it was not to be. In any case, I have airbrushed on the aluminum which I found to be too bright. In the end I dry brushed some USAAF Grey over the whole thing which toned it down some. I don't think it came through in the pictures...still, it is there. The struts have been varnished with Tamiya Clear Yellow and the rifle is finished too. I forgot that picture, so later...that was Sunday. Yesterday I assembled the top wing and rudder. It came together pretty well. I neglected to drill the little holes (brain fart) so I will drill what I can and rig it with EZ-Line. Ultimately there won't be a lot of weathering on this since it is supposed to be a prototype. A note going forward: I have built enough of these HR Nieuports to report that the aileron cranks do not fit through he supplied gaps in the upper wing. I have always had to clear and clean the gap with a saw and then thin the cranks by about 40% to make them slide through. I do this by laying them flat on a sanding stick, placing my finger over the whole of the crank and then move it back and forth several times on each side to achieve the desired thinness. This makes them even more fragile than they already are. --John
  2. Matchbox II GB Chat

    Happy Birthday Arnie, my fellow Aquarian! And thank you for the very fun GB!
  3. Matchbox II GB Chat

    Yes...my hat's off to all of us, and those who organized the event. So many excellent builds of so many types of kits...I am impressed by all of them. Bravo!
  4. Another HR Models Nieuport 10...a la Française...

    Thanks Will...actually, having built many Nieuports over the years I find the pre-set cabanes not to be so hot. They are thin and brittle and easily broken. Also, if there are any discrepancies with any of the fitting anywhere on the fuselage or bottom wing, even by a fraction of a millimetre, it throws off the 'pre-fit'. I would much rather have individual cabanes. It's a more flexible situation. Scratch building cabanes is not a big deal should they need to be custom fitted. Oh yes..only the Fokker Scourge should fear the Nieuport!
  5. Another HR Models Nieuport 10...a la Française...

    Worse than that Cliff...he would stand up through a hole in the top wing and aim carefully! So, imagine it...flying at +/- 75km per hour, standing up in a plane that is going every which way, and not being strapped in with no parachute...egads! I think the photo above shows this too.
  6. Ki-61-Tei Tamiya 1/48

    Great build and superb paint job...ok. What is the technique?
  7. 1:48 Sopwith Dolphin Tangmere 1918

    I noticed that too but didn't want to say anything...
  8. Nice looking build(s) Russ...I also like the steel barrier backdrop...is that a photo or a constructed piece?
  9. Another HR Models Nieuport 10...a la Française...

    Back from a couple of days on the mainland... I have repaired the cabane strut that I broke last week. I have also attached the lower wings and the stabilizer. I made the control horns the same way as the previous craft--holes drilled, a little piece of sprue for the support, horns cut from Evergreen, CA'd and then the sprue bit sanded down. I will try to make the horns smaller with some gentle sanding as they look a bit large. I have also scratched a rifle for the observer. I am thinking I will mount it on the side of the fuselage, a la cowboy saddle style, so we can see it once the build is complete. That may not have been how it was originally carried, but I don't want it to disappear inside the cockpit.
  10. We should award a special prize for this. Some kind of medallion or sash...flying wings perhaps.
  11. 1:48 Sopwith Dolphin Tangmere 1918

    I think we can consider the Dolphin as the precursor to the IL-2, SU-25, Warthog and all the rest of the heavily armed ground attack fighters. Weren't the Dolphins also armoured wit steel plating under the cockpit and engine areas? Superb build and reminds me that my CMR 1/72nd sits in the stack. Inspiring!
  12. 1/35 Italian Forest Bird, Part 3.

    Not much of a helicopter fan, but I like what I see. Lovely whirly-bird.