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  1. Trumpeter Large Scale collection

    Question is, will you have the room for the panther that will hopefully be soon to release? Because I know I won't, but judging by all of your other completed models, I'd say you probably could fit one or two more 1/16 kits in without anyone noticing Mark
  2. Meng and Takom Panthers

    I have seen some really nice cut-away models that were cut-away models that were made by the modeler. But like you said it would be nice to have some cut-away parts included with the kit so that you won't have to butcher the model yourself. I plan on either separating the roof from the hull or leaving the hull un-glued so that you can open it up when you want to. Mark
  3. Meng and Takom Panthers

    Here are some more pictures I have managed to find on Meng's and Takom's Panther. Heres some pics for Mengs's Panther. From the looks of these pics it seems that Mengs will not contain an interior with the kit. I have heard that they are making an interior for the Panther but they will be selling it as a separate kit like they did with their KT. From the looks of it, Meng is further ahead in production than takom, but I could be wrong. Hopefully, they do not release on the same date otherwise I'll be broke. Mark
  4. Tiger I x 4

    Rivets are very well done, keep it up, man. Mark
  5. New from Takom Panther Ausf.A Family

    I've searched through hundreds of websites and forums, searching for an estimated release date for this tank, and all I could find is "2017". No idea if this means when Takom released the photos or when the kit is due to release because if they release it around Christmas time, I'm going to be one happy camper for Christmas (assuming I would get them before Christmas). On another note, I have seen some pictures of Mengs Panther that look like it should be released soon, as far as I have found Meng's panther will not have an interior provided with the kit unless they sell the interior as a separate kit. Like that of Takom, I haven't been able to find an estimated release date for this kit. Any new info would be great. Mark
  6. Tiger I x 4

    So many bolts! Definitely going to add a whole new level of detail to your model.
  7. Tiger I x 4

    Sounds like a boatload of fun, make sure to keep us updated. Mark
  8. Trumpeter King Tiger

    I am going to take a nice long break before I even start back on the KT, my goal is to be back on the KT around Christmas. Mark
  9. Trumpeter King Tiger

    I have about 3-4 other kits with interiors in 1/35 so this headache will be bothering me for a while after this KT. Especially with all the new Panthers that are soon to be released. Mark
  10. Tiger I x 4

    Great job so far, and nice job with the zimmerit. Keep it up. Mark
  11. Trumpeter King Tiger

    Thanks, guys, currently taking a break from this beast for a while, currently burnt out on it so I don't want to force myself to continue otherwise it won't be up to my standard of quality. Mark
  12. Trumpeter 1/16 T-34/85

    I am currently working on the KT and I am surprised I haven't gone mad yet, but I was able to snag my KT for 200$ plus 15$ for shipping off of ebay, so it wasn't too terribly expensive, but all of the aftermarket parts and strine strips, those put the biggest dent in my wallet. I was planning on buying the JT up until I found out about the 1/16 Panther that is to be released "soon", and then when I found out about the other Panthers in development with Meng, and Takom. Those will be my next purchases. But I would also like to see a 1/16 Sherman, Tiger I, or a Stug. Good luck with the build and make sure to post pictures, very few people do 1/16 and once you finally do a 1/16 tank you wish there was a much larger follower base. Mark
  13. Tiger I x 4

    Sounds like a long road ahead of yourself, and when I got the metal barrel for my KT I was tempted to buy one to paint and another to leave as is so that I would be able to change out the two barrels.
  14. Meng Bradley M2A3 1/35

    Beautifully done man, great weathering and an even better job on the interior. Mark
  15. Tiger I x 4

    Do you plan on doing interior with this kit, or just exterior? Either way I'm sure that the kit will turn out amazingly as I've only seen a handful of 1/16 KT and 1 or 2 of the Tiger 1's in 1/16. Definitely looking forward to seeing this completed. And it's always a shame to have to paint over the metal barrels as I find the barrels works of art by themselves. Mark