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  1. Paasche Vision, Help Needed.

    I took a decent sized book and a nice flat table where I rolled the needle, which fixed some of the bends, but not enough to not buy a new needle, sadly. As a matter of fact, I've learned to make a list of what I need, since nothing is more annoying than getting home from the store to realize that you forgot something important. Especially since the closest hobby-Lobby is a near 40min drive from my house to it.
  2. Paasche Vision, Help Needed.

    Upon further inspection of the needle, it turns out the is a bend along the entire needle itself, I figured its in my best interest to go out to my local hobbly-lobby and buy a replacement needle(In hopes that they sell the .2mm needle). Thanks for the help. Mark
  3. Trumpeter King Tiger

    Progress has taken a turn for the worse. Over the past weekend, I was painting the main parts of the model that I knew was finished so that I wouldn't have to take so long having to paint it later on down the road. So Saturday night I found out my airbrush needle was bent, and when I used masking tape on the model I would peel up the paint I was trying to protect so needless to say it was a very busy and frustrating weekend for me. Also, I am looking for the correct diamond pattern in for the turret basket, and the floor surrounding the turret. Mark
  4. Paasche Vision, Help Needed.

    So recently I have noticed that my airbrush (which is almost a year old now) is now spraying up and to the left, when it's supposing to be spraying straight. I am not sure if its the needle if its bent or what. But I have tried every solution I could think of and it hasn't changed. I airbrush works fine other than that, the paint spread it great, along with the airflow, but because of the paint spraying up and to the left the paint siphon is getting covered in a thin layer of paint. I have properly cleaned the airbrush after each use, so the problem cannot be a direct result of poor maintenance. Mark
  5. Trumpeter King Tiger

    Quick update, I scratch builtwon'tost everything radio-wise. I plan on painting some parts later tonight, so it won't be one great big project at once. Mark
  6. Trumpeter King Tiger

    Started back on this beast after I finished up the Tiger I cut-away model. I'm in the home stretch with this model all I have left to do is the turret basket and some smaller details then I'm done.' I also scratch built the correct Bow-MG mount with the eye-sight and headrest. Along with a PE mg34 barrel. I still need to build the stabilizing spring for the MG that connects from the roof to the MG, have the correct placements for the spring I now Just need to get it correctly sized up and built then Ill be done with the bow MG. Also, the diamond pattern provided with the kit is incorrect and I need to find the correct type, along with the Turret basket floor. The kit provides the correct type the only problem is that it doesn't have a non-slip pattern to it. If anyone has an idea of where I could find the correct types I would greatly appreciate it, since those are the last 2 "big" details that need to be corrected. Thanks Mark.
  7. Tiger I Cutaway. -Finished-

    The LEDs are really nice and easy to work with. I would highly recommend using them. You can get them off of amazon or ebay for cheap.
  8. RFM tiger I Cut-away

    I would like to do that but at the moment I am short on space for any cases for my models because of my 1/16 KT that's just spread across my workspace and shelf. Also, the model itself wasn't all too terribly detailed, and a majority of the parts weren't small so I'd say I spent more time actually cutting away the armor then I did building it. Mark
  9. RFM tiger I Cut-away

    This is the finished product of my first Cut-away model. The kit has a complete interior, and was a quick build.
  10. Tiger I Cutaway. -Finished-

    Finally got around to painting the tank and weathering it. I didn't heavily weather the exterior as the main focus of the tank is the interior.
  11. Tiger I Cutaway. -Finished-

    The tracks were amazing, I just wish RFM decided to mold the teeth to the individual tracks instead of making them as separate parts that also needed to be glued on. And for the led lights I bought a strand of 20 small LED lights that were meant for a wine bottle as a decoration piece. Amazon sells them very cheaply like 3 for 10$(USD) or something like that. After the interior was painted and weathered to my liking I taped the lights to where I wanted them then I used hot glue to put them in their final position. With the hot glue it allowed for some room to make errors since I was able to carefully lift up on the light strand and peel the hot glue off of the roof, w/o any paint being removed. And hopefully RFM's Panther will be much better than this Tiger, because from the images they have released it seems to be the most detailed out of the others (Takom, Trumpeter, etc.).
  12. Tiger I Cutaway. -Finished-

    I missed a spot with the LEDs so i'm going to have to rewire it and place a new light in the dark spot. and I'm sure they do sell zimmerit for the Tiger, but that's one more thing I have to buy, but I am currently buying more materials for my 1/16 KT right now so I'll just paint this Tiger w/o any zimmerit on, unfortunately. And this kit was disappointing for how much I paid for it, I was more impressed with Takom's KT than this. I felt like they could've added more detail and done a better job with the instructions. But that is just me. Mark
  13. Tiger I Cutaway. -Finished-

    Heres some more progress I have made on the Tiger I. I was busy working during my break so I haven't gotten a whole lot a work done on it as I would've liked to. I also added a string of small LED lights throughout the entire interior of the model.
  14. Tiger I Cutaway. -Finished-

    I'm pretty sure it's my air compressor, because its putting out low PSI pressure, or something could possibly be stuck in the hose.