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  1. Looking good, I've read through the build from the start and it's nice to see the progress you have made, I always use Xtracolor and Colourcoats paints and I always leave them for a minimum of 3 days before masking to prevent pulling paint off, this usually does the trick. Keep up the good work. Cheers Dennis
  2. One of my favourite looking aircraft, and those French camouflage colours look great, a fine build. Cheers Dennis
  3. Tips on fixing RAF camo 'accident'

    I use Blu Tac and White Tac on my builds, rolled up into thin sausages which are then used to hold paper masks just above the surface of the model, it can leave a residue but I use a small roll of Tac to roll it off. And I keep using the same stuff for years. Cheers Dennis
  4. Hi Neal, no wonder I couldn't find you at Telford, I hope you are recovering well and I am sure some mail order firm will help you with the cash on the bedside table ! Cheers Dennis
  5. 1/18 Spitfire Mk. XIVe - Race #80

    Looked high and low for it yesterday at Telford I just had to see it in the flesh as it were, but I could not find it anywhere, then someone told me it had won the competition, I was made up it is such a worthy winner, well done Cheers Dennis
  6. Russian P-400 Color Scheme question

    Have a look here http://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/board/index.php?board=50.0 Cheers Dennis
  7. Great job on one of the kits that brought me back into the hobby, I will have to build another one now Cheers Dennis
  8. Hawker Typhoon Museum Restoration

    Fabulous, great idea and great execution, likes it Cheers Dennis
  9. Nice one, I did not know about the Greek Ansons so I have learned something new. Cheers Dennis
  10. Probably the best thing to do is put it on one side and build something simple to get the urge back, as for the canopy you could always get in touch with those nice people at SH for a replacement one or use an AM one, the kit one it looks just like the Squadron vacform Hawker Typhoon one that I used on my MDC Typhoon. Hope all that work does not go to waste though. Cheers Dennis,
  11. Nice work, very sleek indeed Cheers Dennis
  12. Revell 1\32 Mosquito Mk-IV

    Looking good, those invasion stripes certainly look good on it, I had my hands on one of those in Hobbycraft the other day and nearly bought it because it was such good value for money but thoughts of the large stash that I already have made me put it back on the shelf. Cheers Dennis
  13. Spitfire Mk22/24.***Finished*****

    Those markings look great, keep up the good work Cheers Dennis
  14. 1/32 F4U-1D Corsair

    Looking good, that is one impressive kit. Cheers Dennis
  15. 1/32 Revell Spitfire

    What a great looking Spitfire, great finish especially considering that it's a brush jobbie Cheers Dennis