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  1. Retirement - what the hell do you do with your days?

    I took early retirement in 2005 when I was 53, I always remembered an old colleague of mine who retired at 60 telling me that he did not know what to do with himself as his wife had her life all planned out and was in a routine that had no room for him, he was getting in her way instead of going out to work. His advice to me was to find hobbies that you could do every day. So I made sure that I could fill my days constructively. Of course there is modelling, which includes research as well as building plus the hunt for that elusive kit/resin detail set or tool which can take hours/days glued to the internet. Being a fervent book reader, I always have a book on the go and have a read when I stop to have a cuppa and I always put aside 1/2 hour every evening purely for reading. As a penance for not working (no exercise) I cycle every day usually in the morning after the mad women's time of the school run, and do some stretches, I not a cycling nut I only do it to get out and have some exercise so about 8-10 miles a day does it for me, I do this no matter. I also am a fan of DIY so I am the painter/decorator/plumber/joiner/gardener in our house and for my 3 daughters (and now granddaughter) houses who either do not have a partner or have one who is not into DIY. On Wednesdays we go to the cinema and go for a meal afterwards, we also book a coach day trip once per month to ensure that we get out and about with the added benefit of it being without the hassle of driving and parking. Fridays we always go out for dinner and Saturdays is chippie night so that 3 days per week my wife does not cook. My wife is normally running around looking after the "kids" grandkids and now great grandkids, plus going to the gym twice a week so I can get stuck into my projects, when I first retired I restored my 1976 Honda motorbike this took me 2 years, plus on sunny summer days I go out on the bikes either on my own of with a friend as my wife is not impressed with bikes anymore. As others have said get into a routine and you will find that there are not enough hours in the day to do all the things that you want to. Cheers Dennis
  2. Dutch aircraft colours

    Sounds good to me as I have a Fokker as a "future" build. Cheers Dennis
  3. What a great build, ship models fascinate me, however I've never been brave enough to have a go at building one, but who knows one day maybe. Cheers Dennis
  4. Looking great, and what a great modelling set up you have, mind you with two 1/48 scale "heavies" on the go you certainly need it Cheers Dennis
  5. TRUMPETER 1/32 MIG 3

    Looks great, the Mig 3 always reminds me of a racing aircraft, it looks like it's doing 300mph sitting on the ground. Cheers Dennis
  6. That's looking great, I'm waiting for the non Hi Tech version to come out before I get one as it is outside my normal WW2 subjects so I don't want to fork out a load of dosh for something that will not fit in with my collection. Cheers Dennis
  7. Italian fighter cockpit colour?

    More from Stormo, Humbrol mixes from Mike Starmer. http://stormomagazine.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=831 And more Cheers Dennis
  8. That looks great I love the late war markings, they seem to really suit the Spitfire. Cheers Dennis
  9. The six hour Spitfire.

    Blimey that's amazing, I spend weeks agonizing over the paint before I even open the box Cheers Dennis
  10. TRUMPETER 1/32 MIG 3

    That,s looking really smart now, the stars and flashes really bring it to life. Cheers Dennis
  11. Don't know anything about the radio installation but I'm impressed with the whole project, chopping up two 1/32 scale Mosquitos is a very brave thing to do, do you have plans for the left overs ? Cheers Dennis
  12. Aviation of Japan Blog

    Great news that Nick is OK Cheers Dennis
  13. That brings back memories, the Lensman series was instrumental in getting me hooked on reading science fiction books when a friend of mine was clearing out his house prior to moving and gave me a couple of the books. Cheers Dennis
  14. I'm with you Mike, it was a grand sight (and sound), let's have another one, please. Cheers Dennis
  15. Aviation of Japan Blog

    Yes Nick has spent quite a bit of time and effort advising me on all things Japanese, as I haven't got a clue and there are few reference books out there. Cheers Dennis