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  1. Sounds like you had to do more sanding and filling than the old Revell Hurricane, but but's looking good now. Cheers Dennis
  2. Consider yourself booked in for a front row seat, and yes I am seriously considering the new Revell Mk.IX as an extra option. Cheers Dennis
  3. Thank you for watching John, the next one is all lined up, for this year I will be going Japanese and the first victim will be Hasagawa's 1/32 scale Ki 84 Hayate. Cheers Dennis
  4. That's scary looking, I remember doing that for the first time to a P-47 model and frightened myself to death. Cheers Dennis
  5. Thank you very much for that. Thank you Joachim and yes he certainly had a long and varied career. Hi Steve, I'm glad that you enjoyed the build, as usual it was a mix of pleasure and frustration but in the end it was worth it, and the Mk.IX opens the door to lots of different finishes. Thank you Jaffajake for following the build, it's been very rewarding doing new things and the end result was well worth it. Cheers Dennis
  6. Hi Tony, your Mk.VIII build has got me thinking Australian but I also have a thing for French markings so we will have to see. Cheers Dennis
  7. Thank you very much it is appreciated I could not agree more, in fact the postman has just put the 1/32 Revell Spitfire Mk.IX kit into my hands, I can certainly recommend the RB productions seat belts, they are fiddley but look great. Cheers Dennis
  8. Most impressive, and so different, the postman has just delivered my Mk.IX, you should get something from Revell for making us buy the kit. Cheers Dennis
  9. Thanks you for the kind words I should have put it in the title the kit is the 2014 Revell 1/32 scale Spitfire IIa. Cheers Dennis
  10. Finished at last, though looking through the final photos I need to do some touch up around the cockpit and do something about the too shiny wheel wells. The build was ably assisted by the tweak list from the late and much missed Edgar Brooks and a lot of Barracuda resin parts. All marking are painted apart from the stencils and ES badge (thank you Sean) The subject aircraft was a Spitfire Mk.IIa flown by Pilot Officer Bill Dunn who became the first American ace of WW2 while flying Hurricanes and Spitfires with No. 71 Eagle Squadron, before transferring to the US AAF, he later went on to serve in Vietnam. After market parts used came mainly from Barracuda namely: Cockpit detail set Wing detail set Seat and armour Main wheels YAHU IP Top Notch Camouflage masks Top Notch markings masks Paints used, Xtracolor, Humbrol and Sovereign Colourcoats for the markings RB Productions seat belts, these are superb. Mistakes, all mine. The biggest let down for me was the prop and spinner, there is only one aftermarket prop and spinner available and that is far to expensive and when I last checked there was none available in the UK but I am still pleased with how the kit turned out. The worst problem was encountered when I was finishing off, the kit undercarriage is built up in two parts and one leg came apart as I was fitting it, and the holes that they fit in on the wing are greatly oversized, I had to pack them out with scrap plastic and flood the hole with CA to get a good fit. And here are the finished photos, not the greatest but the best I could manage. And here are all three of my US operated Spitfires Cheers Dennis
  11. And finally she is finished so it's over to the RFI section Cheers Dennis
  12. And on with the fiddley bits, prop, undercarriage, tail wheel etc. One of my many not so favourite jobs is aerial wires, so Spitfires are good in that few of them have wires between post and tail, however there is still the IFF cheese cutter wires, I used the same technique on this one as I used on the two Mk. V's. I drilled holes in the fuselage and the tail planes (with the elevators removed) then using some stretchy Aeroclub thread I fixed one end in the fuselage with some thin plastic rod and then threaded the other end through the tail plane and fixed it in place with some more plastic rod and all done and dusted. Then I came to the under fuselage recognition light, this is amber, so I decided to use an amber lense (Little Lenses). First up I had to drill out the clear plastic Revell insert, then glue the lense in place, I used the lense upside down after removing the silver backing, I did not get it quite in the centre but it's near enough and it looks far better than if I had tried to paint the circle in the insert. The lenses with the kit insert. The IFF wires being fitted. Cheers Dennis
  13. Here you go, I'll probably only use the RAF markings. Cheers Dennis
  14. Hi Antoine, I have a set of decals for Mk.XVI Spitfires from the PCM/Cammett conversion, it contains some different Spitfire markings, as well as the RAF markings there are South African, Greek and Belgian markings, I 'll take a photo of them and if you are interested in any of them they are yours. Cheers Dennis
  15. Hi great build starting up, I did not realise how much a can of worms was involved in identifying President Bush's aircraft, I do have one of these kits in the stash and hoped to build it as an FAA example but I think that will require a bit more thought. I also have decals for FAA Avengers, they came from Eagle Strike, Avengers Part II 32072. Cheers Dennis