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  1. That's looking really great, the Blu Tac looks really neat and even, should look the biz with the night black on. Cheers Dennis
  2. Spitfire wing walk stencils (yet again!)

    Hi Pip, not an expert, one may come around soon though, I have never seen a drawing with just "Walk" stencils on it I have just had a look at a Camouflage and Identification drawing for Spitfires and it states "Walkway inboard" and "Walkway forward". Cheers Dennis
  3. Is it me or is LSP down

    Thanks Mike, I wondered what was going on, though a crashed table conjures up some unlikely scenarios in my head. Cheers Dennis
  4. Is it me or is LSP down

    Just tried to log into LSP and nothing, is it me or is the site down ? Cheers Dennis
  5. Nice to see you back with another Spitfire build, I enjoyed the Hobbyboss one so I'm in for the ride on this one, I built one of the Revell Mk.II kits last year and really enjoyed it. Cheers Dennis
  6. Looks great and it's nice to see one built. Cheers Dennis
  7. Hasagawa 1/32 P47

    Nice one, particularly fitting as the real Dottie May had it's first flight since 1945 in 2017. Cheers Dennis
  8. Valentine Mk.VI - Miniart 1/35

    Very realistic, great finish and weathering. Cheers Dennis
  9. Tamiya 1/32 A6M2B Zero

    Very smart, nice work. Cheers Dennis
  10. Notifications - topics, PMs, etc.

    I am with BT and I have also received some notifications. Cheers Dennis
  11. The P-39 sure looks good in that camouflage scheme and markings, nice job Cheers Dennis
  12. Forum offline issues

    Thanks Mike Cheers Den
  13. Notifications - topics, PMs, etc.

    OK I'll play Mike, my email is BT and I am not receiving notifications Cheers Den
  14. Forum offline issues

    Hi Mike, my BT email is not receiving anything from Britmodeller, but everything else on the site looks fine. Cheers Dennis
  15. Forum offline issues

    Working fine here Mike Cheers Dennis