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  1. Good day fellow modellers I would like to add some detail to old kits that di not have much detailing in the cockpit, especially the control panel... I am thinking now at revell ww1 models 1:72 for example. I do not want to buy the right One from Eduard for each One of them, but a generic cockpit detail set or only the panel would be good . I know its not the same, but better than nothing and better than my failures in scratchbuilding.... I hope you Can help me to identify some generic cockpit ( pack of 10 mixed?) Thanks a lot!!!
  2. thank you Greenshirt! I will surely do that its easier than try to do the other way round
  3. I have been using the pledge now for a few days... Result is ok! not super shiny as I apply it only once, which is ok for the effect I want to give. Its good because with the pledge the inside of the cockpit or the pilot are more easy to be seen... When I dip the canopy in pledge I shake off any excesses, so far its not bad! If I knew before I would have tried the 1 pound delight cited above! Thanks to all
  4. Good evening to all' britmodellers I am doing a biplane at the moment 1:72 with camouflaged wings... I am wondering if I have to build the top Wing First and then airbrush , or First Paint all' and at the end attached the upper Wing? So far i have tried a mix of these options and can't decide which is best! How do you do that? And all' tips to attached upper wings are very welcome as I struggle with keep them in line as well! Thanks Jack
  5. A quick update ... I bought some PP rods for 5pounds... Inspected them and returned. I have done a scratchbuild frog swordfish... After an Amazing post here on britmodellers.. My conclusion is that food packaging and sprues ho a very long way. Until I am much better any other material would be a waste. Regarding internal wires i like steples the One you use to close paper together in a Office... They are soft and right size.... Super thin for 1:72
  6. Thank you thats great to know ! What about the right size? I ve read for rigging ww1 Planes you want 0.07-8 What about for internal wires or extra wires for engine/ wheels compartment? (All' for 1:72)
  7. Thanks I will do that That is a Simone and very clear instruction to follow. I used masking liquid but It is not ad neat as the tape.
  8. Thank you. I like that recycle is old fashion and add anche extra challenge, ad well develop my skills. What about scale? I used Electric wires before but I found It a bit big for 1:72. Which is the right diameter for internal wires ? Keep the scale its very important to me... I want to try at least... I ve got anche Electric wires in a spitfire and oh boy looks odd. Thanks
  9. Thats great thanks, The sprue soup its the real cheap DIY way but a bit Extreme for my needs. I will try the icecream boxes way. Regarding shops in London, well There are few Yes but, The One I saw are small and not only modelling dedicated. So far the largest model selection I saw was at raf museum. Very last question. Ok for plastic I have an idea where ti find It now, what about wiring and control panels? 1) any recycling options for wiring and control panel detail ? 2) doing 1:72 which is the size of wire I should consider to use? If I decide to buy a roll for example. I ve thought of the metal wire inside electronics or the One used in Little strings used ti close food products.( The One covered in pkastic and flexible) I am a bit concern how to keep the scale ... Thanks a lot!
  10. Thanks a lot for all the great suggestions I didnt know of the different kind of plastic. Thats a Key I thougt to be a good idea to recycle, my uncle in the 70s used plastic plates ( the cheap White ones). I do 1:72 ww1-2 aircraft only and I want to improve my cockpit detailing skills. Some of you mentioned poundland . Do they have plastic sheets? Anyway i know its cheap to get a mixed bag of plastic strips but I recycle and re-use its fun! Boosts the creativity! Again thanks for all' good hints, I will go for sure to the shop, I thought There were no modelling shops in london... I found none so far.
  11. Good day I am starting to do the first steps in sratchbuild parts for cockpits.. I am wondering if I do not want to use the dedicate styrene sheets, but plastic I can recycle from household products... what do you suggest? I tried plastic bottles for windscreens, or general plastic thin packaging... and they work all right. I ve also tried sprues but to model it more that flat or stick shape seems hard I did a bit of research on the forum but I could not find a recent topic (I am sure there are some hidden somewhere) So I want to make this cost effective as I am not looking to make any special extra accessory. Thanks a lot!
  12. Thank you, but how actually to mask the 2 colors? did you use blue tac, masking tape or paper detached from the model? I am a beginner I apologize if its obvious... I really like the shadowy look on your model. ps I bet you used a masking tape cutted Thanks
  13. Thank you Ed for your experience can you also provide 2 elements on the product: 1) price 2) Availability As how we found out there are many products that do the same thing do its good to compare the best price/source. As update I received my Future product, the milky looking one. Works absolutely perfectly, and yes its the 1000 time we say but YES works as the old one. I am really curious to know how the poundland one works... Ps> i checked in 1 poundland and I didnt find it.
  14. Very nice! Can I ask which tecnique did you use for the camouflage ? Thanks
  15. the varnish I tried valleyo satin, matt and gloss as well as humbroll matt. they all fog canopies. then I have to scrap it when is already glued.,... as I did apply the varnish as last step!