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  1. Mosquitocon 2018

    Hey Folks, My 17th Mosquitocon in a row. The attendees/entries have been excellent the past couple of years. Below is a link to some of the models I have captured digitally. Let me know if you can download them alright. I have never entered anything myself, my Spitfire is not done. I hope it is ready for the local show this September. Enjoy
  2. What are you reading?

    Just finished Alpha and Omega. Although I enjoyed "Coming of Age in the Milky Way" a tiny bit better, it was written in 1988. Alpha and Omega is more up to date (2003) and at only 8" tall, it was easy to bring to work for reading during lunch time.
  3. What have you purchased 9

    TY They are FRYE, made in USA https://www.amazon.com/FRYE-Mens-Warren-Engineer-Boot/dp/B00IM562XO?th=1 I got them at Allens in Austin, TX http://www.allensboots.com/?gclid=COr9p8Cnt9YCFcm6wAodZ68MdQ They had them on sale for $299. I wore them out the store and for the rest of vacation.
  4. What have you purchased 9

    My recent vacation to Austin, TX
  5. What are you reading?

    Well 'The End is Nigh' was horrible, so I am taking a break from the apocalyptic stuff. I always wanted to read Cuore, and finally found an english version online.
  6. What have you purchased 9

    Practical things to make building easier
  7. I took that picture while on vacation in Arizona. It is from the overlook on Airport Road in Sedona. BTW, I just saw you are from Bergamo, which gave me a chuckle, because my Instant Immersion Italian mentions that town. (I am trying to learn Italian and going for dual-citizenship)
  8. Imma breakin' in right here to say I am thoroughly enjoying this thread. I have 3 on my 'to-build' list. Excellent work and thank you for posting/documenting your build.
  9. The model I packed away ≈ 15 years ago. A quick image history to catch up to the present state of construction. My first use of MR. PAINT The test color came out much lighter. I guess due to the lack of primer. Camera color looks off between photos, I will investigate. My own masks... Not too shabby, although I'm always tense while taking off the masking tape.
  10. Tamyia Spitfire Mk. I

    A major update for me. I started another thread here to learn about markings. I wanted 2 things: 1. a code that would be credible 2. an aircraft letter with no photographic documentation so I can have 'artistic license' It took me a long time to decide, but I chose KL because I saw many MK I's with that code and I chose V because I could not find a picture of a plane with that letter. Once again, I made my own masks...
  11. Spitfire radio wire thickness

    Has anyone worked out what the thickness of a Spitfire radio wire on a 1/48 scale aircraft would be ? It is simple math I guess, once you know what the real radio wire measured. I'm doing some research, but decided to use the forum, as this answer is probably in here somewhere !
  12. burning question about markings

    Forgive my slow processing about this topic - but I have only recently realized that everyone is for the most part, building a replica of the same planes which actually existed. I have always followed the 'general rules' based upon my knowledge of the subject. However, I always took liberty with markings and camouflage. I feel that it takes away from the 'art' to keep replicating the same subject. Besides, who is to say that if I decide to build a plane with markings that has no photo history, what it actually looked like ? I would like some feedback as to the general consensus about this topic. Also, I am wondering if judges in model contests are so familiar with certain markings, that they have a good idea of what the rest of the model should look like.
  13. burning question about markings

    Thank you all for the input and info. After more research I have decided to use the code letters KL. I have seen that code on many early spitfires. As far as individual aircraft code, I have seen A, B, O, T, M, N, Z used with KL, so I will not use any of those none of those aircraft match what I have built.
  14. Tamyia Spitfire Mk. I

    Thank you. No, because I don't believe there should be any 'no walk' lines through the roundel. And I simply re-used the roundel masks when painting the 'no walk ' lines.
  15. Tamyia Spitfire Mk. I

    For the 'no walk' lines I used Tamiya tape for the lines and parafilm for the rest of the aircraft. For the camo I used Con-tact transparent self-adhesive (I got a giant roll that is about 20 years old), Tamiya tape and Blu-Tack.
  16. Tamyia Spitfire Mk. I

    A minor update. Hope I got the no walk lines correct. They're a little more subtle than the picture shows and the color is not a solid black. Thanks to everyone again here adding useful info. (found a thread about no walk lines here) I'm draggin' my butt on the markings, but the upcoming show on Oct. 16 has me motivated. I may enter it in the contest, but I think I have to become a member first.
  17. What are you reading?

    After reading one of the classics ('On The Road' which I found dated), I gave up and decided to read collections on topics that interest me. Currently reading "The End is Nigh", which so far isn't half as good as 'Wastelands : Stories of the Apocalypse'. But I will finish reading it, as I usually do. A book has to be really bad for me to give up.
  18. What music are you playing? Pt III

    I saw these guys play live half a dozen times. This song is from 2010. Their latest album takes a slight departure from their original sound.
  19. burning question about markings

    I don't have much hope in finding something that matches perfectly to what I am building. I made it up as I went along. However, I would like the code letters and aircraft letter to be plausible. What are my options as far as code letters ? Once I get that straight, I think I will chose an aircraft letter that has not been documented. As far as the size of the roundel on the upper wing surface, it is the same size as the kit's decal.
  20. burning question about markings

    Well you have anticipated my next hot question, much to my delight. Here is a link to my build Tamiya Spitfire Mk.I I started it a long time ago, and built it my way. The hole for the mirror is in the canopy, I intend to add it, the fin flash has 3 bars equal in height and width, and at present has no roundels on the underside. I would like to know what markings would best fit this configuration. I am up to page 14 in the book you recommended, but I haven't found much about my particular fin flash so far. I was considering a code of JH followed by a letter for an unknown aircraft.
  21. burning question about markings

    I've read over all the replies and they are encouraging. Currently, I am in the middle of my first Spitfire build. I became alarmed when I was able to find photos of the actual aircraft associated with all the available decal sets I checked. Upon further research, I realized that my model so far does not match any of the known aircraft because I chose some of it's characteristics (mirror, fin marking, absence of underside marking, etc.) My next quest is to research markings that would make my current build plausible. Would this constitute a 'whiff' or just an 'undocumented' Spitfire ? Though I do not plan to enter this Spitfire into a contest, I may do so with a future build. Thank you for the insight on what to do and how to present it.
  22. Tamyia Spitfire Mk. I

    Most of it is Tamiya masking sheet (grid) and on the wings is Con-tact transparent self-adhesive.
  23. please delete this post, it was a duplicaate
  24. Pennsylvania, USA

    Hello. I've read through a number of introductions, and my story is similar to many others. About 15 years ago I built a dozen models but had to pack everything up. Good news though - I have just reopened shop. Unlike my other hobbies, the model I was working on survived 2 moves and was in the exact condition I had left it. It is a Tamiya Spitfire, and that subject was the impetus for finding this site. Even though I was unable to build, I never missed a local model show named "Mosquitocon" held in New Jersey each year. I will try to leave a link in my sig for folks to view my flickr photos of each show. I am mainly interested in 1/48 WWII aircraft, but have 2 Tamiya tank models to break things up.