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  1. Dornier Do 18-D *Finished*

    Just spent half hour catching up after the outage which, for me at least seemed like 3 or 4 days. Now going to spend sometime looking for some dungarees like Annette’s but in a slightly rotund (circus big top) size! Posted the above but forgot the reason I came on, Tony she looks awesome, been watching this build from early days and am gobsmacked at your enhancements (to the Dornier, @CedB) I wish you all good health and happiness for the New Year! Ian
  2. So does the Observer not navigate? Henry the Observer just doesn’t sound right. Can just see the scene, Christopher Columbus, where are we, then, what, oh sorry, I’m just here to observe! 😂😂😂. Merry Christmas, Crisp, thank you and all the other BMers for the entertainment this year and look forward to seeing some more outstanding modelling next year!
  3. Mr Airfix must be happy as yet another one with a 111P in the stash. Will take a seat if you don’t mind! Merry Christmas all and health and happiness for next year!
  4. The Gentlemanly Pursuit

    I like your attitude towards stash reduction, my stash reduction measure foundered during the seasonal Aldi Airfix sale when a dozen “paint mules” fell in to the trolley! Fortunately, SWMBO was at work so I was able to get them home and stashed before return of said lovely lady!
  5. Dornier Do 18-D *Finished*

    During the 80’s, when the Deutschmark was around 2.80 to the £, allegedly, so I was later informed, you could use a shilling (5p) in place of a DM1 coin in both NAAFI vending machines and some off-base call boxes. Of course, I deplore the use of such deception and if it ever occurred then it was a genuine error!
  6. Dornier Do 18-D *Finished*

    Sven Hassel, that brings back some memories!
  7. Airfix Canberra B(I).6

    Yep, she certainly could sit on her “haunches” if 3 or 5 tank was filled before 1 and 2!
  8. Top picture, outboard and inboard pylons only used on GR Tornado, 3rd pic, again GR only, refuelling probe, stowed and deployed versions and finally pic 4 shoulder and centreline pylons, GR specific again. The fuel tank looks like a 1500L but is the other a buddy buddy refuelling pod. Looks like you will have a lot of spares for your next Tornado build, Nikkita!
  9. Airfix Starter Kits

    Apologies if it’s a duplicate post, but Aldi have got several Airfix Starter Kits for a fiver including the JP4, Red Arrows Gnat, Spitfire Mk1, Bf 109 E-3, Cromwell V tank and HMS Victory. Only a couple of days left, but got to be worth it even if it’s just as a paint mule!
  10. 25 yrs in Betty Windsor’s Flying Circus as a sooty (aircraft engines) and been flying in helicopters for the past 11 yrs, Avtur, the real man’s aftershave! Love the smell of burnt Avtur!
  11. Going back to the exhaust on the bottom two pots, it may have actually been for cabin heating. The mighty 207th Aggressor Wing (dH Devon C Mk 2) had the cabin heater pipe through the exhausts.
  12. I had had a call from a gentleman with a sub-continual accent called John Smith who professed to be from “Computer Security”. I took great pleasure in letting him tell me what was wrong with my Microsoft OS and how he could fix it, so I gently walked through into the conservatory taking an Acme Thunderer with me, closed the door and then with a great deal of gusto, blew said Thunderer down the phone while telling him to go forth as I had a Mac! Visions of for poor Mr Smith as I hung up! Hope his shift got worse after me! The Wessei wannabe looks tres lovely!
  13. Remember having to wash these in the evenings after carting VIPs around the place. Had to be careful not to touch the white paint or would need to wash the whole side of the aircraft! The riggers had the joy of emptying the racasan recliner for which they could claim Sandu (sanitary duties - about a whopping £2 in 1982!
  14. 🍿 & 🍺 and heading over towards the window, too!