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  1. Dornier Do 18-D

    The two cylinders popping their heads out of the door remind me of the British aircrew in ‘Allo! ‘Allo! Missed the weather discussion the other day but I asked a question in work as a joke but looking back on it has taken on a Dr. Strangelove-esque feel to it. I asked if the nuclear winter would cancel out global warming.
  2. Will the new Spit hang from the ceiling too? Unable to watch video due to bandwidth issues, but am home in the week so looking forward to watching the video along with a 🍺 or more! Ian
  3. Benedikt Not your car, hopefully
  4. Revell (Matchbox) Hawker Fury Mk.I 1/72

    Whereas our local eatery uses plastic containers. Wonder what I could use them for? 😂
  5. It's the Green Kawanishi...

    The drag from the floats must have cost it 25% in top speed and even more in range. Haven’t seen one of these beasts, but she looks very good, she looks like she would have been really good as a land-based fighter! Loving the build, Andy! Ian
  6. A pair of Airfix Hawks in 1/72

    Steve, Just caught up with the last eight or nine pages and all I can say is, wow! The cockpit looks excellent and then you go bonkers with the placcy VGs, only to make ‘em yer sen using Heisenberg technology. The patience, skill and determination are amazing and the support and advice from fellow BMers v entertaining.
  7. Dornier Do 18-D

    Althea and Donna, 50’s 🎥 and Lieutenant Pigeon, the senses are in overload! Instead of Georg Von Formby maybe Frau Gracie Feld und das großes Aspidistra im Welt - apologies to any actual German speakers for the strangliating of their fine tongue! 🐦🌿🌎
  8. Dornier Do 18-D

    The movie I was thinking of was “The Thing from another World”. One of many movies from the 30’s to 50’s that would be shown on the midnight movie! Excellent ladder, Senor Baronę! Enjoying the build immensely!
  9. Dornier Do 18-D

    The midnight movie on Beeb 2, Saturday nights! Oh such fantastic memories, the alien, nothing personal Mr Hale, under the ice caused me to throw the dregs of a cuppa over the wall, Mum wasn’t impressed after she stopped laughing!
  10. Supermarine's best? Mojo-restoration!

    It looks like it has a hinged tail, there is a detent in the aerial running along the port side by a crease in the skin - humble apology for the thread hijack, Crisp.
  11. Supermarine's best? Mojo-restoration!

    Would the sim at Kinloss just have been miles and miles of Ogin and a beach and a runway?
  12. Grinning like a right loon here! Good modelling and excellent presentation. Think sat ze crew of ze Dornier deserve a whole bottle of Alt each for all ze cheesy lines! 😂 look forward to to the next build! Ian
  13. Italeri Dakota Mk.III

    Smashing build, Shellie, must remember the in case of decal probs, drink more beer, thing!
  14. If you make the man-cave too accessibly, SWMBO may be tempted to go looking for stuff herself in said temple of modelling excellence, “and that would never do!” (in the voice of Sir Topham Hatt).
  15. Dornier Do 18-D

    More than likely on the wrong medication! 🍺🍺🍺🍻🍻🍻🍺🍷🍹🍷🥂🍻🍺🍺🍺🍸🤢🤢🤢 Ah, those days, I remember them well! (Just these days the hangover lasts three or four days!)