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  1. Is the squished look due to the higher gravity on your home planet?
  2. WT478, remember it well. Just after arriving at Wyton it did a belly landing, being a t-bird, one pilot selected wheels down, flaps up the other pilot selected the reverse! It came out of cat 3 repair not long before the OCU arrived.
  3. Bubble-wrap condoms, poppycock!
  4. Welcome, Mario! I prefer propellers myself even though I spent a lot of years keeping Cold War jets in the air! Ian
  5. Welcome to the house of fun, fellow Ian! Ian
  6. Some Earthlings find fugly dogs attractive, pugs for instance to me are the Roc of the dog world and yet others find them attractive! Each to their own and especially our very own visitor from the Red Planet!
  7. Sweet or savoury pie?
  8. Nooooooooo! Even I can't ignore.......what, tea, oh yes please dear!
  9. Whole heap of ignoring going on here and am hard of hearing so am also ignoring the whistlers, too!
  10. Welcome Clem, same issue here except two and two so positively luxurious compared to you. Share a room at work too, so by the time showers are done it's bedtime🙁 And not allowed any sharps so kind of limited there, too!
  11. Not jealous at all, with any guitar I can only make a racket! Any room for a triangle player in the supergroup?
  12. Groan! That's a Dad joke if ever there was! (Must make a note of it!)
  13. Might have to start stalking you, Prof! You're about 6 months ahead of me, followed the VC airbrush experiments and when the diy season calms down and the gardening stuff is under control then I shall endeavour to get my VC and BoB sets done! Thanks for sharing your learnings and good luck on the next one! Ian
  14. Repeated post - soz
  15. Had the same thing when they took Andovers to Deutschland, brand new APs with every single flipping amendment, all 120-odd! Fortunately, they seemed to re-issue the same pages over and over again, first one took a day to do, second took a couple of hours! Oh, the joys........ 😴