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  1. I can't photograph it now - my usual lighting rig is designed for macrophotography, and this is too big - it'll have to wait for daylight. But it's almost finished - wheels, and tracks fitted... WOW - it looks like an Achzarit - really exciting. It'll be, I think, the first kit I've built this millennium... I 'went digital', where photography was concerned, early in 2000AD; I have no digital photos of finished models, ergo, I assume I must have stopped modelling before that? Still to do - painting the periscopes (whoops - I forgot about masking them before the painting process started!); fitting an antenna (why do the white antennae have 'random' black bands?); fitting crew and stowage.
  2. Applied another dusty wash to certain areas this morning. Once that dried I painted various metal bits. Just now I added grease marks on some wheel hubs, and stains from spilt fuel around the fuel fillers... The latter two were done in oil paint, so there will be a delay while it dries... It's getting perilously close to finished!
  3. A small update - vehicle done with first lot of sandy muck, after all sorts of pin-washing, chipping and the like. One more, lighter-coloured, applcation of dust to selected areas, plus some metal (including metal detail-painting - such as MGs) and it'll be about done.
  4. I've been distracted by the weather, and by helping some refugees...But I've done a lot of pin-washing, and today I did some chipping. Matt varnish next... Today would be ideal for that, because it's warm and dry, but it's also windy. After that we're on to dust and sandy muck.
  5. Yet more 1/72 brilliance! I dunno how you guys do it.
  6. It looks really good - especially for such an ancient kit. Great build, and really well-finished too - it looks really worn and grubby, as desert tanks seem to have done.
  7. That's brilliant - there are some great 1/72 models appearing at the moment.
  8. Thanks! Today I've fitted the decals; the decal sheet is short by one number-plate decal for each variant - there should be five, but there are four, so I had to resort to hand-painting the etched brass plate. I've also done most of the detail painting - at least of the things which can be 'mucky' - things like MGs will get paint after the weathering process. I'm beginning to think it's going to look pretty reasonable. A photo may follow tomorrow, but I need to tidy up the workbench first.
  9. It's easier to use a hairdryer, I find.
  10. Looks great - really well finished and weathered.
  11. Looks great, with its red dusty, dirty, appearance - just like the newsreel footage I remember.
  12. Hi all, im currently trying to put the number plate decals on my Meng Achzarit Early. Israeli number plates are 'embossed', so the number plates are provided as brass etch, with decals. The trouble is that I can't get the decals to settle down into the relief on the etch at all. I started with MicroSet and MicroSol, and that had no effect. So I reached for my bottle of Walthers' 'Solvaset' - which is a 'hotter' version of the same thing. Solvaset usually turns decals to 'jelly'. But it's had no effect at all. Has anyone else had this problem and what am I to do? Thanks, Phil
  13. Here are the wheels with the rubber finished, and the tracks which I forgot to photograph yesterday - they look much less bright and shiny in real life - who says the camera never lies?