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  1. Do-26 Seeadler taxiing on water

    Thanks a lot chaps glad you liked this rather rare sea bird. There weren't too many around, only 6 built, which of none survived WW2. This plane was the V1 (prototype 1) and later rebuilt to suit Luftwaffe standards, to armament and accomodation. With a range of 9000km, the V2 Seefalke flew non stop from Germany to Chile with medical equipment, after the big earthquake there in february 1939. The trip got a lot of attention and PR, surely a great PR stunt for german tecnology at the time.
  2. While I’ll keep the Me-110 in the waiting box for a while and deciding it’s faith, I went back to another of my unfinished projects and trying to make something of my Dornier Do-26 Seeadler model. One of the two last Dornier 26 «Mōwe», which were sunk in the Narvik area, april 1940. It’s wreck still lies on the seabed up there. This model is several years old, the first I did in Modo, since then I’ve come back to it many times, fixing it here and there. I see I would have done it very differently if I’ve done it again today. This is how it looks now, taxiing on water just after landing. This must be the summer of ‘39 as it was sunk in the spring and the light indicates summer sun.
  3. I’m throwing myself on the train of impressed spectators. Amazing work and creativity, absolutely top notch! If possible you should have left the upper ball half transparent . I’ve you’ve ever seen a Star Wars movie, you’ll quickly spot how the Martin ball turret inspired the tie fighters, also on Harrison Ford’s spaceship you spot elements from B-17’s Not to forget the troopers running around waving with white painted MG42’s, in a galaxy far away...... hehe
  4. @ Keefr22 > even with the brightness turned up full on my monitor I can barely see it ... that was the general idea behind the night fighters I think but I've lightened up the image for you, (without the moon - honestly I doubt moonlight would have mattered much anyway...) But as said, check the original on the bottom of page one, now, if it's any better? (and I've also also the missing Schräge Musik guns back there now. Also now the rear gunner/radar operator, is busy checking his instruments, facing forward here, which must be more realistic in this situation I would think..)
  5. The first scetchup of a new scene for the G-4. Although another dark image (nights often are) it's always a little bit of a problem to balance realism and presentation of the model in a proper way for the spectators. I chosed to darken the image after it was finished rendered, try to indrease the realisming. The idea is that the Lancaster passes over a opening in the dense smoke cloud cover, revealing it in a glimpse for the waiting predator. (does anyone have an idea how much exhaust flames would be visible therough the flame dampers? if anything at all??)
  6. So, I think I say most of the modelling of the G-4 type, is done for now. Next will be to try to find a proper scene for it. I've added a new nose shape and new tailfins/rudder, plus added even more extra bits.
  7. Gorby thanks, perhaps you'll need to up your monitor a little, it's fine here in my end. Of course, when lit up by background fires, it's not much light but it's also my intention. It's a night scene. Yes I made the background too, a pretty quick Photoshop scetch really..
  8. Falke Eins that’s exactly that area I’m not satisfied with and the easiest to fix. I have the old F.nose available so I just rework it from there
  9. Current status of the texturing work, I'm also still keep adding small bits and pieces. It must have a been an aerodynamic nightmare with all the external addition to the original Me-110 design, but that aside very few could compare to it, when it comes to a beastly looking appearance. A little test image of the G-4 in it's right enviroment. The background is just a temporary night sky fire scene..
  10. Dunkirk movie

    In danger of stepping on some british ties, I must say I was generally disapointed by the whole film. Most been mentioned already, lack of extras on the beaches could easily been done with CG. Just look at the Lord of the Ring movies. What struck me most was the almost non existant armada of yachts, fishing vessels, military vessesls . One tiny Motor yacht and a 70’s minesweeper. I’m sorry, not well spent money. I’ve other and older british war, movies on considerable lower budgets, far better than this.
  11. I started applying the first basic coat of paint. But I'm planning to do a G-4/R-3 of Stab III./NJG1, the plane of Major Martin Drewes, summer of 1944. Here's current status..
  12. Mazda T2000

    Veey nice work and an interesting model. I understand I live in a development country when it comes to interesting kits. Here has almost all kits vanished from the shops. Even the ‘ready to go Airfix kits’ of a Spitfire kit molded in plastic with a brush, glue and two colours of paint..
  13. Missouri Mule II

    Hi Andy your post hd evaded my attention.. it’s 100% computer generated, both plane and background terrain (althought you don’t see much of it)
  14. Perhaps a full day’s work per file, 10 hours perhaps ..
  15. Here's the UV maps, that should explain a little better what I'm saying There's thousands of ways of doing this. This is how I prefer to do it. Greenhouse file is 4096x4096 Fuselage and wings are 8196 x 8196, pretty big files, but so much easier to handle the detail work. Greenhouse: Fuselage: Wings: