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  1. Eduard 1:48 Fokker Dr.1

    Beautiful job John. This kit has just move further up my 'want' list (in fact it's nearly in the 'NEED' list now).
  2. Eduard 1:48 Fokker Dr.1

    Thanks for taking your time to document the build in such detail. I'm sure it will help me in the future.
  3. I love the model - very impressive. I'm just a little confused by: I didn't realise that Hawker hedged their bets.
  4. The level of detail is unbelievable! Jaw-dropping work!
  5. Tamiya 1/48 SS-100 Heavy tractor

    Would be very nice if a V2 and trailer were to follow.
  6. M3 Grant (Academy 1:35)

    Amazing result Clive - very realistic.
  7. What have you purchased 9

    Sorry to hear about your little-un. Many Brits take the NHS for granted, but stories like yours bring home how lucky we are. When my American daugther-in-law was young, she spent three days in hospital, which cost her parents $30,000. They are still paying it off ten years later. My dad has just spent three and half months in an NHS hospital – no charge. I hope that Procopius Minor gets well soon.
  8. First Diorama

    Excellent job - particularly for a first attempt. The only improvement I could suggest is tyre tracks/ruts in the muddy road.
  9. Modern Equivalent

    I suppose they have used it as an example because our brains can't visualise large numbers. Try to see a mental picture of 100 people. Pretty much impossible to do with any accuracy. So what chance do you stand with 70,000? So the example is just breaking it down so that it can be more easily conceptualised. It brought home the enormity of it to me anyway.
  10. Modern Equivalent

    Thanks @Vince1159, because of this I've just read the Wiki entry for this battle – fascinating read of a part of history that I don't know much about. It left me thinking that humans have a remarkable eagerness and talent for killing, and have had for quite a while. What would they thought that 200 years in the future that pushing one button could kill ten times that number?
  11. Corps de Dromedaires

    Looks a remarkable group! Exceptionally well painted. What size are they?
  12. Pavlov(ski) Grenadiers

    You must have a keen eye, a steady hand and lots of patience. I agree with Jim - excellent job!
  13. What's For Tea???

    You can get some good stuff from Aldi, definitely worth a visit. There is some rubbish, but there are a surprising number of quality items. I don't know how different the stock is in the US, but they do some excellent whiskeys for very reasonable prices here. Their 'Highland Black' was voted the best blended whisky by 'Which?' and it's only about £13. Incidentally, I do buy things other than alcohol. Occasionally.
  14. What have you purchased 9

    @Vince1159 @Max Headroom @Pete in Lincs @hairystick I'm sorry to show you the holy grail and then whip away the promise of fulfilment, but the supplier was Costco, which unfortunately may not be available to everyone. A quick search for 'Craft beer advent calendar' brings up a number of results: although quite expensive options. I don't know if these have full sized bottles: mine has the smaller 275ml to 300ml bottles. I found this – it includes a whisky calendar! (best look at the price before you add it to your 'want' list): http://www.independent.co.uk/extras/indybest/christmasgifts/advent-calendars/best-advent-calendars-alcohol-christmas-adult-gifts-drinks-by-the-dram-whisky-gin-a7402646.html As for starting it early, I've got Mrs. Gorby to contend with.
  15. What have you purchased 9

    I have discovered the true meaning of Christmas… Normally, I'd be the first to say “What! It's only September!”, but some things are worth making an exception for. Contents: Is it December yet?