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  1. Always love to see a good 262, and that is a fantastic one.
  2. Tamiya Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Never done one, but I've always had an itch to build a dino, so I'll be watching with interest.
  3. Buffalo Bill's stagecoach.

    You can put text either before or after any of the pictures in the same way that pictures can be but one after another. Fantastic model - what scale is it?
  4. Buffalo Bill's stagecoach.

    Do you know it's possible to put all this and multiple photos into one post.
  5. With the caveat that I'm not a car modeller/collector, I can see that 1/8 will be very big (incidentally, what dimensions would 1/8 be?). But as it's a one off, does it have to be a standard scale? If a serious collector wanted it, wouldn't they want it because of either it's uniqueness, beauty or quality of workmanship, not because it was a particular scale? It seems odd to me that if the model is as stunning as I suspect it will be (judging by the workmanship I have seen so far) that a car nut wouldn't want it even if it was 1/11 scale. I would also have thought that the bigger it is, the fewer collectors would have either the money or the space for it. So I would say if it's unique and quality, collectors are going to want it whatever the scale, so you are best placed to decide the sweet point between cost and the size at which it's practical to do the detailing.
  6. More Pet Hates grumble grumble grumble

    I like that people on this site use their imaginations and try to come up with unique and unusual titles. The more imaginative, the more I'm likely to look. Another site I frequent, has titles that are 95% of the time the name of the kit, and it gets very repetitive and boring. Long may Britmodellers individualism reign.
  7. I'm wondering if the searchlight beams could be improved a little. I've Just have a look at photos of WWII searchlight beams and they seem to fade significantly along the length of the beam. They also, very slightly fan out from the source, unless of course they are pointing away from the viewer. (Incidentally, I did try to use a link to the photo, but couldn't find the photo on the page it sent me to. Mods, please remove if this breaks any rules). I know, now that you've done the hard work, that re-positioning the aircraft is relatively easy, I think it would make for a more dramatic picture if the 110 was seen from the rear three quarter view, as if it is turning to join the bomber stream. At the moment it looks too much like a profile picture to me. Other than that, I remain in awe of the process and the result – fantastic stuff.
  8. From Failure to Failure

    Although it isn't about historical events as such, I would recommend 'Medieval Lives' by Terry Jones (of Python fame). It pretty much turned my ideas about that period on its head – not so much the 'dark ages' after all. It concentrates more on the stuff that most history books leave out – the lives of ordinary (and some not so ordinary) people of the time. I found it a very interesting, informative and entertaining read. £2.45 second-hand, it was a bargain as well.
  9. From Failure to Failure

    Nooooooooooooo!!!!! Get a dog instead (not a puppy, they're just hairy toddlers). Dogs are better then kids, pro's: Dogs give unconditional love and affection. Dogs won't demand the latest iPhone (That might change in the event of Apple releasing an iBone). Dogs are a great excuse; “I'll stay to look after the dog”; “I would love to do that unpleasant thing, but I need to walk the dog (for the exact amount of time it will take you to do that unpleasant thing)”. You can get them neutered - legally. Dogs are better then kids, cons: Dogs wouldn’t be good at choosing your old peoples home. Can't think of any other cons.
  10. Road Trip! Visiting Coventry from Oklahoma

    That's a wingy-thing heaven holiday. You must have a VERY understanding wife. If I were to suggested to Mrs. Gorby that our holiday would entail four aviation museums and two aerodromes, I would be getting a letter from a solicitor, and one of those looks that could stun a rhino. I hope it turns out well for you.
  11. Road Trip! Visiting Coventry from Oklahoma

    Unfortunately not close at all, over a three hour drive each way, so I'm not sure why it was mentioned. The address is : Unit 35, Harbour Road, Oulton Broad, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR32 3LZ, England. Greg, out of interest, why Coventry? It's not the usual destination of choice for most tourists.
  12. First time with resin...

    Can't help with the resin stuff myself, other than to say wear a mask as the dust is carcinogenic, and to sympathise. A second hand kit I bought a couple of years ago had an aftermarket resin ejector seat included and it took hours to fit the bloody thing, even though it was intended for that particular kit. I think I read somewhere that this is supposed to be a pleasurable and relaxing hobby and resin seemed to be more like work. Too much of a pain in the rear end, and has put me off using it ever since.
  13. That's coming along beautifully. Unfortunately the second picture is too dark and I can only make out the highlights. Did you create this background as well?

    Although I love aircraft, I'm fascinated when I see crashed or scraped air-frame models/dioramas. My skill and my budget wouldn’t be up to the task, but I think this scene would make a good diorama.