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  1. Po-2 medical, 1/48 ICM

    Beautiful job! I'm sure your customer will be very happy.
  2. Recycling plastics

    That bugs me as well Vince. Apparently the laser can't identify what type of plastic it is if it's black, which the manufacturers are well aware of. But because food looks more appealing in black packaging, the recycling aspect gets ignored. Unlike the majority of previous posters, I think that recycling is something that we should all be doing. The population of the planet is getting bigger - all striving for the chance to consume more of our planets limited resources. OK, most of what we have now will probably last for the rest of our lifetimes, but maybe not the next generation or the generation after that.
  3. BBC4 tonight from 10pm

    Thanks Lawzer - I'll set both up now.
  4. David Cassidy

    I looked like little Jimmy Osmond, Damn! So near yet so far!!!!
  5. To be honest, the recorded voice may have said that - I was half asleep at the time so 'Revenue' may have seeped into the soft spongy bit between my ears and got converted into old money.
  6. I didn't catch the number, but you are probably right about being charged big time for the call.
  7. I had a phone call this morning with a recorded message saying something along the lines of: “This is the Inland Revenue, a serious error is linked to your name blar blar blar blar…call this number blar blar blar… don't ignore blar blar blar.” I didn't catch it all as the (expletive deleted) thing woke me up from a power-nap (sounds more dynamic and definitely doesn't make me look like an old knacker if I say 'power'). I also missed most of it because I put the phone down. I doubt very much, that if the IR had you in their sights, that they would use this generic, robotic method, isn't a letter written in blood the norm? I concluded that it's a scam. Please don't fall for it. Gorby
  8. Hitlers Pocket Rocket

    This looks good. I don't think I've seen a WIP for one of these before. I'm just off to see if 'Airscale' do those sets for 1/48.
  9. Uber Noob

    Welcome to BM Mark and to the wonderful world of messing with plastic. This is the most complete list of modelling scales I have ever seen: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_scale_model_sizes And if you are interesting in dioramas, then you wont go far wrong to check out @Badder's stuff. Gorby
  10. I for one would love to see more of your non-aircraft nostalgia builds @Ratch. That Black Prince is excellent.
  11. Days to go

    Yesterday, I saw my first Christmas tree of the year, in the front window of a house. It isn't even December yet!
  12. What have you purchased 9

    If you are betting on kazoos being the number one present for Christmas, I hate to inform you that the 1970's are over.
  13. You must be a magician to do something this remarkable in 1/72!
  14. Airfix 1/48 Ju87 Stuka

    Very, very nice build! Excellent job on the camo.
  15. Pair of P-47s

    They both look great - I particularly like the camo one.