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  1. Humbrol White Wash

    Dear all I have got a bottle of Humbrol White Enamel Wash, and I would much appreciate it if anyone could answer these two questions: 1) What can you actually do with white wash 2) Can I use it in any way on an airport runway diorama which I am doing? All replies much appreciated. BetaSingh
  2. Dear All I am not sure whether this is in the appropriate selection so feel free to move if it is in the wrong section. As my Hasegawa F/A-18 Blue Angels Hornet (Egg Plane) just cannot sit on its gear, I felt it needed a runway base so that I could create some sort of 'taking-off' diorama (first time I have ever even thought of doing this). I had an old cardboard 15*0.5*10 box which I stuck the ends together. My question is, from here, what do I need to do to make this into some sort of runway display base upon which I can put my Egg Plane. All replies and advice is greatly appreciated (as you can probably tell, I know very little about dioramas) BetaSingh
  3. Welsh Models 737-400 Alaskan

    Yeah, you are spot on, I’ll just build the Alaskan 734 as is, thanks!
  4. Testors/Hawk US Coastguard Cutter 1/600

    That I’ll do, thanks!
  5. Welsh Models 737-400 Alaskan

    Ok, that I will do!
  6. Dear all I have managed to get the Testors Coastguard Cutter 1/600 kit for only £1, but since I have never really built a ship model before, and can't find too much on the internet regarding this model, I am wondering whether anyone on this forum has had any experience with the kit, and could helpfully provide a ship 'newbie' with some tips regarding the kit itself. All answers and replies appreciated, BetaSingh
  7. Welsh Models 737-400 Alaskan

    Yes, I have tried to look on https://www.scalemates.com/ for any tips but I found nothing. BetaSingh
  8. Welsh Models 737-400 Alaskan

    Dear esteemed Britmodellers, I have just gotten a Welsh Models Alaskan 737-400 for a tenner, but I am wondering what I would need to do to convert this into a 737 NG (737-700 or 737-800) aircraft in the old Alaskan livery. The decals I have are for a 737-400, and I don’t really want to modify these. Furthermore, I have some spare winglets that would fit the 737. Any advice on such a ‘conversion’ for a newbie like me would be greatly appreciated. BetaSingh
  9. Tamiya Aircraft Choice

    Thanks, my LHS sells it for 12.50 so after I finish the three which I have, I will get that.
  10. Tamiya Aircraft Choice

    Thanks John for the recommendation, I will definitely look into the Skyray, but as I do not have the Metalcote spray, I am a bit worried about the results.
  11. Italeri F-51D Mustang 1/72

    Thanks for all the replies guys, your advice is really useful, and as for my next one, it is either a red arrows hawk or an academy Zero Best Wishes BetaSingh
  12. Hello all This is my Italeri F-51D Mustang, and before I go on with the photos, there are a few things I would like to clear up first, The kit? The kit is pretty good, the only problem I had was the fit between the wings and the fuselage, but apart from that, went on a dream. Some of the yellow decals for the blue edges of the wingtips were slightly too long, but I forgot to cut them off, and I painted it with Humbrol 56 Aluminium and a mix of Aluminium and Silver. I also had my first attempt at some sort of weathering, by trying to create some panel colour variations (I don't know whether that counts as weathering so correct me if I'm wrong), and I also did some oil stains, which unfortunately aren't visible on these pictures. Overall, I feel it is pretty good, and that the colour variations on the fuselage were nice, but that I still have some way to go before my models reach the standard of those seen on Britmodeller. And so, on with the pictures https://imgur.com/gallery/IXkZu Kind Regards BetaSingh
  13. Tamiya Aircraft Choice

    Thanks for the advice, and how would the Hs-129 stack up against the Spitfire MkVb by Italeri, as I've heard the MkIV isn't good at all but I do not know about the MkVb, which is also £3 cheaper. Best Wishes BetaSingh
  14. Tamiya Aircraft Choice

    Thanks for reminding me about the F-51, I'll put up an RFI ASAP, it was my first attempt at weathering. Best Wishes BetaSingh
  15. Tamiya Aircraft Choice

    Thanks for the reply, but my LHS doesn't stock the Italeri ones, just the Tamiya ones, so out of those two, which one would you pick? Best wishes BetaSingh