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  1. My, my, my. Airfix kits in a poly bag. Suddenly I'm 7 or 8 years old again. I remember model shops like that. Pegboard displays, yellow "cellophane" in the windows. Who needs a Tardis?
  2. F-5E - HobbyBoss 1/72

    Hmmmm, cracking build of the world's best looking jet fighter.
  3. I think someone needs to have a word with the stringbag's armourers. They're getting a bit forgetful eh? Cracking, cracking builds. I am always impressed by rigging on 1/72 kits, but this looks especially good.
  4. Nice piece of work and a treat to see a B17 in a less common scheme. Makes it look a great deal more menacing than the USAF NMF.
  5. Spitfire Mk.1 ; 1/72 Airfix

    Nice build. A few possibilities. The moulds for this kit are (at least in part) based on an older kit. I seem to remember one piece undercarriage legs being the norm on the 1/72nd kits I made in the 1970s. A design decision to reduce the fragility of the legs and reduce requests for replacement parts. A design decision made assuming a target market of fumble fingered 10 year olds. I know, I was that fumble fingered 10yo. To keep production costs below whatever Airfix (Hornby) decided was the optimum product cost of this kit. Two or more of the above. No idea if any of the above include the real reason, but they seem like logical candidates to me.
  6. Nice models and many thanks for brightening up my day no end.
  7. Can I join the chorus singing the praises of that NMF? It's stunning.
  8. Sopwith Camel Scheme 13 Squadron RNAS

    @Beardie @tomcervo Thanks for those gents. Hadn't checked this thread since early Aug so hadn't seen your replies. Thanks for digging around. If you're interested the finished article can be found on page two of the build record VMC's Sopwith F1. Not one for rivet counters; the main aim is to get something that looks reasonably prototypical and flies. I managed to drop and lose the noseblock & prop. in long grass a week or so back before I'd finished trimming it so I'm building a new block *sigh*, but the third trimming clip shows that she will fly pretty well.
  9. That is a very nice Hurri. Nothing wrong with the colours that I can see. Lots of people seem to worry about having the colour exactly "so" forgetting that IRL that no two batches of paint are ever identical (especially when produced under wartime conditions) and that any two aircraft painted from the same batch will look different from the off if painted by different riggers and even more so after not many weeks in use. Walks like a duck...
  10. Sopwith Pup, HR Models, 1:72

    That's a lovely little aeroplane.
  11. Airfix BE2c

    That's a little cracker. Very impressed.
  12. Revell He-219 (1973 issue)

    Twenty-three!? That's nigh on three a month and to a standard that high? This last twelve-month I've only managed one styrene kit and 1 and 9/10 stick and tissue jobs. Ease up a bit eh? You're making the rest of us look like a bunch of idle layabouts. +1 Full of menace.
  13. Caproni 310

    That's brilliant. What's the image on the propellors? It looks like the "eye" charm you see on small Mediterranean fishing boats. Is it?
  14. That's very helpful. It'll be easy enough for me to locate from the name. Thank you.
  15. Sopwith Camel Scheme 13 Squadron RNAS

    I hadn't. Thanks. That's a relief. Been too busy building to visit here over the last day or so and have already committed to (and finished) the cowling in olive green which from that image looks like it'll be "good enough". The fuselage underside will be finished in the best approx. to PC10 that the supplied tissue gives - although I do have enough spare tissue to go for CDL. Hmm decisions, decsions. The underside of the wings are CDL, well a very pale creamy-yellow approximation thereto. Except the stab which is now ~PC10 top and bottom cos I'm not going to go back and re-cover the incorrect ~PC10 underside; that can wait until the inevitable hedge landing.