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  1. In the words of Churchill (the dog, that is) "Oh Yes!!" Pete
  2. Lovely work, I've been following the WIP with interest. Pete
  3. She's a beauty, especially considering the tribulations you've had. I keep doing a bit on mine & then putting it back - not inspired. Pete
  4. Fantastically detailed collection - top notch. Pete
  5. A great SHAR. Couldn't see if the pilot had a beard. Pete
  6. Very nice trio. Pete
  7. Nice recovery. Pete
  8. Very nice collection indeed. I hope the old guy managed to get a replica of his aircraft. Pete
  9. All coming together very nicely. Pete
  10. Top job & a great scheme. Pete
  11. Room for a little 'un? I built one a few years ago, can recommend RB productions seat belts. Bloody fiddly but worth the effort. Pete
  12. Looks great, how did you get the prop looking so woody? Pete
  13. Modelling at its finest. I read an account of a US Navy pilot inspecting the Barracuda. His comment - "Interesting but it'll never replace the airplane". Pete
  14. Flawless. Pete