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  1. So Royal & Langnickel brushes are hit or miss? Which types (eg: round, flat) are the hits & which ones are the misses?
  2. Are Royal & Langnickel brushes any good?
  3. Would the Winsor and Newton range of sable + synthetic mix brushes be good?
  4. Would a synthetic + sable mixed brush recover after being forked?
  5. I'm now also considering the Winsor and Newton Special Value synthetic brush sets. Are they any good?
  6. I'm a beginner when it comes to scale modelling. I want to get an adequate set of paintbrushes for the job. I've heard that acrylic paints go best with synthetic brushes. I'm currently considering the Tamiya brush HF set or the basic set. Which would be a better value? If you can recommend a good synthetic brush brand, please do so.
  7. I'm talking about the parts of the canopy that you will be painting, is it okay to leave the canopy frames exposed when using lacquer primers? Are all plastic cements by different brands the same? Also, whaddya think of the Tamiya epoxy putty?
  8. Hello everyone. I am currently building a 1/72 Rafale M by Revell (Italeri reboxing) & I have a can of Mr Surfacer 1000 that I will be planning on trading for some other primer at my local hobby store. I have made some mistakes with my kit (because I'm a total beginner) so I would need some kind of putty. I will need to fill both small & relatively large gaps. I have a few questions to ask. Would lacquer based primers fog up clear plastic? What would you need to thin Tamiya putty (basic type) & can you use Contacta Professional (the only glue that I have ATM) to thin the putty? My local hardware stores don't sell Miliput (I live in Australia BTW) so will the following epoxy putty do?