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  1. WIP: 1/72 Tamiya F4U-1D

    Fuselage being glued together: Some filler needed for the headrest: Cockpit shots: Some sink marks were in main landing gear legs. Putty to the rescue! Messed up on the oil coolers. More filling to be done: Wheel well shots. Some areas need touching up with paint. Superglued some copper wire for ignition leads: The wires have been cut to size & shape:
  2. I have read the instructions & looked at the parts of the landing gear doors. There doesn't seem to be a way to build it gear up OOB without modifying the parts (at least for the tail gear doors). Correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Looks brilliant! Especially from a youngster.
  4. 1-72 Heinkel He-280 V2

    Brilliant work!
  5. Pacific Pair - 1/72 Corsairs

    Excellent build of my favourite WW2 aircraft (probably my all time favourite)!
  6. WIP: 1/72 Tamiya F4U-1D

    Now visible. Swapped from photobucket to imgur
  7. WIP: 1/72 Tamiya F4U-1D

    Hi everyone! I'm currently building a 1/72 Corsair by Tamiya & applying all paint with the hairy stick. Will be doing my -1D in the tri colour scheme like above. Tailplanes joined onto both halves Interior painted interior green (Vallejo 'Flat Yellow' & 'Flat Green' in a 2:1 ratio) & sidewall detail painted black. Seat & rear bulkhead painted Rudder pedals have been drybrushed with aluminium paint to simulate chipping. Cockpit side & instrument panels have been glued together & painted. The reason the control stick looks wonky is because I accidentally snapped the thin rear section & accidentally cut off the handle in my rushed attempt to get it off. Glued them both back on fortunately. Gunsight painted Everything would receive a few more coats of paint & some weathering before they can be called done. The instrument panel & sidewall detail would get picked out before assembly [obviously].
  8. F4U-1d paint conversion

    I'm asking for model color, not model air.
  9. F4U-1d paint conversion

    I have a Tamiya 1/72 F4U-1d & I need to convert the colours from Tamiya to Vallejo Model Color. Here are the paints listed in the instructions: AS-8 X-3 X-4 X-5 X-6 X-7 X-10 X-11 X-18 XF-1 XF-3 XF-5 XF-16 XF-19 XF-58 What colours do these correspond to in Vallejo Model Colour paints? Which paints re neccesary & which arent?
  10. Anyone heard of RWBY?

    It's a web series that's inspired by anime (like the Last Airbender series). It's set in a world with four kingdoms that have to defend themselves from creatures known as the Grimm by training huntsman & huntresses to fight against them. Check it out, its pretty awesome. First episode of the first season
  11. Academy 1/72 F-4J or AMK 1/72 Kfir?

    Man, I'm really stuck between chosing these two kits for one of my next builds. I would like to build the AMK Kfir (cause I'm a huge Mirage fan), but I'm not so sure as to whether it's a good choice because I'm a beginner & haven't completed the kit I'm currently working on. OTOH, the Academy F-4J is more beginner friendly, but also costs more (22 AUD for the AMK vs 32 AUD (sale price) for the Academy). I also would be building an Eduard MK.VIII Spitfire for christmas & it should mean that I wouldn't really need to buy much paint for it if I select the Kfir (due to similar camo schemes). Does either kit have better fit than the other? I'm specifically looking for an easy & quick build.
  12. Difference between Vallejo polyurethane & acrylic gloss varnish?

    Does water work as an effective thinner?
  13. AFAIK, the difference is that the polyurethane varnish is more durable & dries quicker. But can the polyurethane varnish be thinned with water or acrylic thinners? Does it yellow or brush well?
  14. Recommend me a good acrylic gloss varnish

    Sydney, AUS.