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  1. Monogram typhoon

    No backplates now i have the other decals from the hasegawa kit but it's a 3 bladed prop machine. i suppose i can still paint at as whatever option i go for it'll still be the same scheme...
  2. Monogram typhoon

    hhmmmm you could be right (re the checkerboard). Also see from that last pic the exhausts do not have the backplate (for lack of a technical term ). some heavy duty sanding to remove those me thinks. I may very well do it as per the last picture. Only question would be the colour of the spinner. I hope it's not sky as I have the hasegawa typhoon (china british) with sky band and spinner and this would look very similar to that......
  3. Monogram typhoon

    Thanks for that @Troy Smith Going to do it as MR N of 245 squadron. I have the airfix 1/24 which I intend (SOME DAY!!!!!...) to do as MR U (the sharkmouth). From what I've seen the monorgram decals seem accurate (and in good nick!).
  4. Sd Kfz 173 Jagdpanther

    Thanks for the info folks! I should have worded the original question better What I meant to ask was are the colour call out's on the paint guide accurate and if not what would be a suitable (tamiya) alternative..... And @BIG X by all means post the spoons shot on here
  5. Monogram typhoon

    finally plucked up the courage to get the cockpit in... seems to be pretty straight and right height... some primer me thinks.....
  6. Sd Kfz 173 Jagdpanther

    Hello folks, this is pretty much my first foray into anything other than winged things (other than the airfix cromwell starter kit which I really enjoyed). So I'm "building" this: I say building as other than the wheels there's not very many parts... Anyway, a few questions.... Can anyone give me tamiya equivilent (or mix) of the colours needed? The 2 options are: "unknown unit, western front, germany 1945" (helpful) - 411 "schwere Panzerjagerabteilung 654, 1 kompanie, alsace france 1944" - 113 Also I looked at the pics I could find on t'internet and very few show what I guess are towing rings front and back - but on the box it shows them. i've made up some little bits from fuse wire for these - should I fit them? And are the (pardon my ignorance ) "wheels" black rimmed (as shown on the box) as the painting instructions mention nothing. One last thing - the towing cable - nothing in the kit for that - any suggestions what I could use? Many thanks in advance!!! Ian ps. the paint guide can be found here: https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/2/1/2/102212-69-instructions.pdf
  7. Monogram typhoon

    it's a bit of almost a stretching exercise....this shows the gap but when the wing tops are aligned it kind of sinks in....
  8. Monogram typhoon

    it fits....nearly.... on dry fitting the wings there's a BIT (use that word liberally) of a gap between rear of the wing and fuselage. The wings seem to have the idea that they are meant to sink in to said gap - maybe try some plasticard into the fuselage before attaching proper....
  9. Monogram typhoon

    Well i can safely say that's the hardest thing i've done modelling wise. not sure if it's really fit for human consumption but.... not exactly good but after a LOT of swearing and seperating my finger(s) from various parts / cocktail sticks / and even one paint pot it's done. next problem is how to line this up in the fuselage as i had to remove the mounting points for the seat. I Dry fitted it and it kind of fits naturally but think i might leave that till tomorrow. hats off to everyone who does this on a regular basis - especially those who do it in a smaller scales. I lost like 6 parts that justbpinged off / settled in the little puddle of super glue i'd laid down to dip them in. My hat is off to you sirs and ladies 👏
  10. I was going to say you'll need to do something "from t'other side" next 😄 Ps. Is that 20 quid what you have left after the model show?
  11. Imagine the wallop when that came back to earth!!
  12. Monogram typhoon

    Indeed sir. Bonus of that 1 less thing to mask when painting 😄