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  1. Iii./jg2 fw190 a8 scheme

    So i've chosen another victim but be butchered.... VERY old otaki 1/48 fw190 a8. now sadly i don't speak japanese (what the instructions are in) so my questions are... is this scheme right?: (according to scalemates iii./jg2) (the pics i can find show yellow fin and lower cowl) and would these 2 mg/ cannon pods have been fitted: I am really not a 100% accuracy kinda chap but i'd least like to get the "stand out" colours right.... might leave off the under wing packs but there must have been ejection ports for the standard outer wing guns (inner have the ejection ports but need to be hollowed out)? there's a girl at work that's japanese but you have to be careful what you say to people these days.... tia ian
  2. BIG X's Gallery for 2017

    You have been a busy boy! still very impressed with the pair of 109's (not that I'm not with the others - just the pair are my personal favourite - could be something to do with the wip's!!). here's to next year! Ian
  3. Night fishing.

    Nice! Quite sinister looking all in black.......
  4. Hawker Tempest cannon bay.

    I can't say for sure but I'd have thought the same colour as a typhoon bay? Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me will be along shortly
  5. Bootiful! I have one of these to do at some point in the far future.....any tips or just read (about 5 times!) the instructions before getting the glue out?
  6. Hawker Typhoon main tyre diameter.

    Sorry - for some reason i read 1/48 as 1/72....d'oh! if it's any help i just measured the tyres from the airfix 1/24 and they are a smidge over 36mm...
  7. Hawker Typhoon main tyre diameter.

    according to http://www.triplanebuilder.com/uploads/specs/Compendium_of_A.C._Tire_Applications__1_.pdf it's 33.8 inches but that equates to about a shade under 12mm.....errrr think i've done my sums wrong.....
  8. Yes we did. Guess it doesn't make much difference to who "leads" the gb but if @old thumper isn't available then maybe @Ventora3300 and myself could have been asked. regardless, a fun gb ahead! 😄
  9. Typhoon photo collection

    Nice find!
  10. Very nice @RiotRolo! I have one of these to do at some point. Read about the accuracy issues and also some people seem to have had problems when mating the fuselage "halfs" - did you have issues with that and / or other parts? Cheers Ian
  11. Yup - any of the Boston boxings are fine
  12. BBC4 tonight from 10pm

    after all that I didn't get a chance to watch them Still, recorded so I'll watch over the weekend....
  13. BBC4 tonight from 10pm

    And of course BBC Iplayer won't play outside the uk (unless you set up a vpn or fiddle with your dns settings). Maybe some kind soul will put them on youtube or the like....
  14. Vintage Airfix Kits

    and of course @Crossiant Oliver you could always join the Airfix golden age group build (if we get through...):
  15. BBC4 tonight from 10pm

    Indeed it was sir! Now I wonder if I can source any decals for a 487 squadron mossie in 1/48......... (a quick google reveals that the above is a stooooopid statement with an obvious answer )