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  1. Undercarriage down signals

    Turned up at work? Have you possibly got the near best job in the world???
  2. I'll be following along.....you'll be fine! BTW you going to recreate the ratan matting from the 3rd picture
  3. Spitfire LF Vb

    Cracking job!
  4. Need help with my Mosquito

    Fwiw i'd say msg (or the colour the rest of the wing is). I'd imagine that it wouldn't have been left bare metal. I did a strike wing mosquito (airfix 1/48) and did the area you're on about sky (due to the scheme i did) but put some staning on it out a bit past the "door" not got a photo to back it up - just mho
  5. What Color are Luftwaffe Cockpits?

    I went through this very question over the weekend.... RLM02 for Humbrol seems to be: AA2240 (enamel) AB0240 (acrylic) for Model Masters seems to be: 2071 (enamel) 4770 (acrylic) - these numbers seem to be Model Master's stock code. RLM66 for Humbrol doesn't look there's an exact match for Model Masters seems to be: 2079 (enamel) 4449 (acrylic)
  6. Original Mosquito blueprints found

  7. 1/35 Dragon UH-1N Gunship Rambo 2

    Like the "hind" you did the sense of the aircraft in motion is 1st class!
  8. spitfire xii

    It certainly wouldn't work out too well I use MIG thinners - maybe a bit milder than turpentine. If you have a look at the hurricane I did about a month ago you can see that some of the oil wash actually seems to have got under some of the stencil decals..... I sealed them with Future but on the spit did 2 coats to be sure.
  9. spitfire xii

    Thanks all! And John, yes an oil wash. It isn't actually as well defined or dark within the panel lines up close - looks darker in the pictures for some reason.
  10. Hello folks, my latest attempt. Built OOB apart from a resin seat I somehow aquired.... Liked building this one. Painted with tamiya acrylics. (sorry for the quality of photos) and next to it's older brother - the tamiya vb....
  11. Spitfire Experts Help!

    This post may be of some help...
  12. Eduard 1/72 Spitfire VIII

    Nice! And no stencils? Heaven.....