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  1. Afaik the only addition you need to go from b1 to r are the wing tanks. Mr google seems to think these are included but not 100% sure.
  2. Hi folks, not really my scene but just watched an excellent program on channel 4 about the last airworthy vulcan. side note i very much enjoyed the other program guy did about the spitfire a few years ago. anyhoo, for those interested might be worth a view. lot of detail shown ian
  3. Following this with interest.......
  4. perfect - many thanks folks!!
  5. I must apologise for this post. What it SHOLD have said was "has anyone made templates to do cammo a" as opposed to "i might try and do some". Wine makes you uber confident in skills i most certainly do not posess and kinda switches off the common sense protocol
  6. The wings (and to a lesser extent) the fuselage from the paint guide yes but (it may be just me!) i have trouble mating the 2 together. I always seem to end up with lines that don't quite match. Mind you, i did get an"f" for art at school and i think even that was on the generous side
  7. Folks, after getting to the cammo stage on my 3rd type a scheme and trying (badly) to cut some tape to shape, has anyone already gone to the trouble of creating a pdf (or similar) total laid flat plan view? One i'm doing at the mo is a hurricane but i have at least one spitfire to do. if not, would anyone be interested if i were to attempt such a thing (foc of course!) as it struck me i have replicated this endevour with varying results and it (for me at least) would be a time saver. guess you'd need to have a light table or at the least a window so you could lay tape over the template to draw the necessary. i know commercial offerings are available but they ain't cheap......
  8. Glutton for punishment?
  9. Makes perfect sense! It stands to raeson the if the moulds were "new" the kit would be crisper (with less flash!) BUT the change in the plastic would also play a big part 57 plastic v's 2017 plastic). not so long ago ii did the 1/48 airfix mossie (the pr version) but built it as the fb. Now that kit contains the (if i remember right) 1981 "black ruff" sprues and also a few "new" mould ones for the pr version. I'm sure there was a difference in the plastic between the 2.
  10. in 1/72??! outstanding!
  11. thanks folks!
  12. The build was pretty straight forward. Had a few choice words when doing the landing gear, radar installation and canopy (getting the Schräge Musik guns to line up correctly) . However if it's Hess's one (other than the landing gear!!) you won't need to worry The scheme was oob - description given as 2./Nachtjagdgeschwader 4 at Langendiebach, February 1945
  13. I actually cut away the worst of the silvering but i've only just seen the bits that were left in the photos. I did gloss coat it and put microset down but it didn't seem to work too well