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  1. Working Lift Bridge Diorama

    Hi, I was stationed in Singleton and used to drive that way passed it but I crossed it on my many trips between Sydney and Townsville via that road.I can remember waiting for it to close and finding it quite narrow. I am off to google maps to refresh my memory! I'm to busy with work at present to model so at least I can watch your mastery! cheers Rod
  2. Working Lift Bridge Diorama

    I seal foam with watered down white glue, sometimes use plaster & then seal with white glue.Loving watching the build, I use to drive over that bridge often. Cheers Rodney
  3. A pair of Blue Tits would be nice! I've got the Owl and the Woodpecker. But I would settle for a new tool 1/72 Mosquito, RAAF decals preferred. Cheers
  4. I'd be up for a Proctor and Vega Gull in 1/72. Any chance of a Miles Merlin in the future? Cheers Rod
  5. Help! -What colour for Egyptian JS-3

    Problem solved found the colour cheers Rod
  6. Help! -What colour for Egyptian JS-3

    Hi, Help! -What colour for Egyptian JS-3. Need a paint reference number, humbrol/Modelmaster etc I painted it but have forgot what I used (didn't write it down). Its the Trumpter kit which states sand yellow 80% &flat white 20% (don't like that one) Anyone know what colour Egypt used? Cheers rod
  7. Kon Tiki

    Hi, I'm looking to build a model of the Kon Tiki. There is a Mantua kit 1/18 and some out of China 1/16 (on ebay). I can't find a reasonable set of drawings, does anyone know of any? (what I have found on the web so far is pretty crummy.) If I can source scaled drawings I'll scratch build it, if not I'll look at an existing kit. Has anyone had a go at the Kon Tiki.I loved reading about it as a lad and want to build a good quality model. Cheers Rodney
  8. Roma side walk colour?

    Hi, Working on a 1940's Rome street scene, I have to find a good colour for paving stones Looks like a grey would suit? Any recommendations in Humbrol/Model master or AV? Cheers Rod
  9. Autoblinda AB41 Tunisia 1943 grey scheme? Help.

    Hi all, I still have a question is it sand or a green? Instructions list Humbrol 102 (Matt Army green)but Sabbia is sand is it not?(I take it that it could be Giallo Sabbia scuro (lifecolor UA 218) OR Humbrol 102 any guess which one best suits a AB41 in Tunsia 1943? cheers Rod
  10. Availability of 1/72 engines

    Hi John, I am after some of your Aeroclub 1/72 engines, what is still available? P&W Hornets (both types amongst others) required for scratch building. Please let me know either way. Cheers Rod
  11. Autoblinda AB41 Tunisia 1943 grey scheme? Help.

    Awesome! That's the sheet.Thank you so much JackG (made my day) Cheers Rod
  12. Hi, Building 6 Autoblinda's, one is an AB41 from Centauro Armoured Division Tunisia 1943 I have a set of Armo decals (Africa 1941-43 part 2) the crummy instruction sheet is a b&w photocopy and its impossible to discern between the colours.The vehicle is either overall panzergrau (Humbrol 67) or Dark green (Hu 30) or Sabbia (Hu 102) There is a Churchill III 25th tank brigade Tunisia 1943 which is one of the above colours different to the AB41, and Carro Commando M40 in the same colour as the AB41. Any assistance appreciated. Cheers Rod
  13. Junkers G31

    Hi, Thank you kindly for your reply. Finish on the RAAF G31 to my knowledge was bare metal (with black nose and engine panels) & markings as per the photo at ADF serials. However one of the drawings shows what appears to be camo markings, anyone know anymore? Cheers Rod