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  1. Converting Plastic Soldier Stug III Ausf G to C/D and F

    Yep, it looks a lot more difficult to get a really true representation of these earlier Stugs from this kit. I had hoped it would just be a matter of losing the cupola and modifying the gun. Lesson learned.
  2. I am particular interested in armour from the Western Desert and Tunisia, so I have bought a Plastic Soldier Stug III kit which consists 3 models with the ability to fit 3 different gun/mantlet combinations. Unfortunately they are all Ausf G's with options for a long 75, and slightly shorter gun possibly of a higher calibre, both on the older angular mantlet, and a gun mounted in a 'pigs head' mantlet. All hulls are fitted with a Cupola on the port side. However I need to model the STUG III C/D with a short barrel, and an F/8, which I might be have the long 75 (?) Either way, I need to lose the cupola and fabricate a flat hatch on these earlier versions. I have a few spare barrels from a Panzer 4 kit for the short 75 And I think I might need to create some sort of air filter arrangement for the C/D vehicle. Is there anything else I need to consider? I am not expecting to get too creative, but half an hour with some evergreen and filler to create something reasonable in this small scale would be nice. Cheers Steve H
  3. Airfix 1/76 Cromwell, other models with similar tracks?

    You want try a 1/72 IBG Bren carrier, with individual track links. That will definitely ruin your day! I have done two. That was Definitely enough! Steve
  4. Loyd Carriers in the Desert?

    Thanks chaps, I have a Plastic Soldier Lloyd carrier set, which contains a pair of Loyd carriers with a pair of 6 pounders. I wanted to do them in desert colours. But although it seems that both types of equipment were in theatre, they were not necessarily paired up. Cheers Steve
  5. Loyd Carriers in the Desert?

    Did Loyd Carriers make it to the Desert? And if so, what, if anything, did they tow? 2 pounder? I am aware that they were used as tractors for the 6 pounder in Normandy, etc. Cheers Steve
  6. Cruiser A9 extended range tanks

    Yes, the interference with the front machine gun turrets, would be an issue if mounted like that of the A10, which is why I assumed they might be mounted on the rear. I have seen pictures of the A10 with a single tank mounted on the front. Like yourself, I have not seen an A9 with any sort of extra tankage. They are moulded on the same sprue as some of the other major items on the kit, so it is not as if there were for another similar cruiser tank, i.e. a future kit. With 3 of the same tank in the set, I was looking to differentiate each one in some way or another. All desert. I suppose I will just do two types of the caunter schemes, with a bit of invest (Did they ever got to Sudan?), and a basic mid stone/ dark yellow version. Regards Steve
  7. Cruiser A9 extended range tanks

    Did this early cruiser use them? In the desert? I am talking about the large barrel shaped tanks, as seen on many other tanks in the desert. I have a set of 3 1/72 kits from Plastic Soldier. 2 fuel tanks are supplied, per kit, but no indication on where they go, or if both are used. I suspect they might go on the rear quarter, one either side, longitudinally......Picture would be nice. Thanks in advance. Steve
  8. British infantry tanks in 1/72

    1/72 or 1/76? - you will probably find, as I did, that there is much more to be had in 1/76. And there is so much variation in old plastic kits with regard to size and accuracy. I have a mixture currently, 1/72, 1/76, resin, white metal and injection molded, even some slightly modified Armourfast items, but these will be thinned from the herd as I get better, more accurate, 1/76 replacements. But sometime you have to try a few things out.... Cheers Steve
  9. British infantry tanks in 1/72

    Milicast Model Company, all the British Armour you could ever want. Premier or Battelfield. I am working my way through the range looking at the Western Desert. I do have to limit myself to 2 or 3 a month to justify the postage and spread the cost. In Dragon Territory, pricewise, some of them. Steve
  10. Meng WW Toon Tiger I

    Did I not see that Tiger in "Kelly's Heros"?
  11. An old newbie question

    Whilst I have found Revell (including old Matchbox) and Italeri very good with he limited kits that are available in 1/72 and 1/76, I have found that I am more and more drawn towards resin kits from the likes of Milicast, etc. You do have to be careful also with mixing 1/72 and 1/76 as when displaying similar models together. I have also found that certain AFVs from different companies can be wildly different. I have found, however, that Milicast, Revell and Italeri seem to work well together, but that models from Armourfast and EWM can look overly large as they are 1/72. I have only one Dragon Kit - LRDG Chevrolet which was also okay. Airfix kits have also been reasonable as long as you steer clear of the Sherman and Grant. Very peculiar turrets and other measurements, same with a Hasegawa Crusader I did. I am sticking mainly to armour from the Western Desert. However, if you limit yourself, like I have, you will very quickly run out of mainstream plastic models, leaving the likes of Milicast for the more esoteric vehicles 2pdr Poertee, anyone? Steve
  12. Track Links.....

    I a sure those tracks are rubber.....
  13. Track Links.....

    Gaaaaah! Who thought it would be a good idea to build up tracks with individual links? Who thought it would be an even better idea to make these links out of multiple parts that are too small to see/handle? Is it just a 'parts count' thing? If so, then can I have some open hatches and some interior detail instead? Spending all weekend trying to build up track is not my idea of fun. I cannot be the only one who has been put off a kit by this recent trend? I have just built a 1/72 kit with individual links for goodness sake! Its bad enough in 1/35! I am starting to ask to look into kit boxes at my local shop to see it kit has old style rubber tracks - or at the very least have more flexible track sections that can be joined to get the sag that everyone wants. Rant Over.... As you were! Steve
  14. I was hoping that Milicast were genrally more accurate with their vehicles, especially when I compared the Airfix Grant and Sherman Turrets to Milicast versions - the Airfix ones are ridiculously small. I have found Milicast, Italeri and Revell/Matchbox models to be well suited for size (not that I have got out a measuring stick) when compared next to each other. I have the Airfix Bedford kit with two versions of the QL3 (?) in the pile to put with my Desert theme..... Steve
  15. Desert - German SPGs

    That is a pity as the model looks quite nice: http://www.milicast.com/shop/product.php?productid=1094&cat=0&page=1 Ho hum. Back to my comment about not believing the picture on the box Steve