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  1. Discovered why Tamiya may not have given more figures- the seats are not wide enough to fit two figures. Looks like I'll have to find another arrangement.
  2. Found some spare soldiers from a Tamiya Opel Blitz kit which fit the bill for additional crew members. Only issue is that they're not wearing steel helmets, but I can convert them, or just have them wearing caps.
  3. Spent a while trying to get the tracks to sit down on the wheels, not fun, and I'm not 100% pleased with the result. I'll come back to it when I'm prepared to tangle with them again.
  4. Assembled the front wheel (and spent the best part of an hour peeling paint off my turntable- very cathartic.)
  5. Italeri 1:35 Leopard 1A2

    Looks good, I've never got on with Mig paints either.
  6. Picked one of these up on ebay for more that what I'd want to pay. Sadly, Kettenkrad kits seem to be few and far between and it was a bit of a struggle to get one. This should be a nice little project anyway. Exams are coming up, so larger projects that occupy undue desk space may not have much progress on them. You don't get either of the figures shown on the box art, but I was aware of this, and may use the later war German driver figure included. Started by constructing some of the vehicle's internals. So far, it's a typical Dragon kit, with a bit of flashing and some mould seams to clean up.
  7. Mercedes Benz L4500 Maultier

    Turned out great, the details of the motorcycles really add to it.
  8. Pzr IV/70(A) Sd.Kfz.162/1

    I have their Pz iv ausf c in the stash, I'll be interested to see how you get on with the tracks- the instructions claim they are workable
  9. Looking forward to seeing your progress on this one, always had a thing for the Ausf N.
  10. Gun is basically finished in terms of building (Yes, one leg is upside down in these photos, I didn't notice until I uploaded them) I have also been working on the vehicle etch, I have done the ammo box lashing, (fiddly, and it's not all exactly straight, I need to neaten it up) As well as the straps for those two wooden panel things that are in the centre. Need to find out what they are.
  11. Using Eduard Etch sets

    Thank you. To clarify, that is not the set I had, just the first example I could find at the moment. That's what I thought I should do, and I'll try that relatively soon. Thank you.
  12. ] this also seems to show a fold... (Edit... I don't think it does, actually... think it's time for me to sign off for the night, I'm getting confused over simple things like this.)
  13. Using Eduard Etch sets

    I am unsure how exactly to use the film provided in eduard etch sets (like in the pic provided). I have a rough idea, but I'm not sure if I should paint the dials from behind, or what. Could someone with a little more experience please help? I have a few projects where there is film provided for dials and etc. Thanks, CS.
  14. Slight dilemma. Here you can see the eduard lower gun shield pieces, and the Tamiya kit one. The instructions in the tamiya kit claim that this part was removed when the gun was towed, however, that doesn't seem to be the case. It is clear in these two photos, however it seems to only be the upper half of the piece. I'm working if it would be folded back, seeing as it is on hinges? Help would be appreciated. Studying the first picture more, this seems to be the case?