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  1. Excellent model, how did you achieve the chipping on the inside?
  2. Fantastic model, in particular I like how you've handled the white wash weathering.
  3. Just a pic for scale. Well, this one is now finished, and I will be moving onto my next German project, which should be posted in WIP shortly. I had a few issues with the weathering with this one, and ended up going a little heavier on the mud than I planned, however, I do like the effect of the oils, and the fuel stains. My main worry was that this model would look too similar to my H35 Panzerwagen, recently finished, however, I think that it looks sufficiently different now.
  4. Decided to finally experiment a bit more with some pigments to differentiate it from my latest model, the H35 Panzerwagen. I will admit that the weathering was a bit haphazard and improvisational, as the first lot of pigments did not go well at all. Looking back, I could probably have left the dirt effects how they were before this, and simply done the oils, but you live and learn, I suppose, and I'll bear this in mind on my next project. More photos are in RFI.
  5. After a pin wash and some very very light chipping, this is now ready for a final matte coat.
  6. Decals are on, one photo is a little bit blurry again. Messed up the above cross on the side a bit, but it'll look better with some weathering to blend it.
  7. I, uhh, thought I'd spelt it wrong- funny how Americanisms seep into our lexis, isn't it?
  8. Rubber tires! I learned from my mistakes and thoroughly washed the tires on my latest model (link below), and have been careful not to handle them too much, and I've had no real issues. I heard that PVA glue on the rubber tire can help paint stick.
  9. So, this was a quick paint job by my standards, considering I painted the base coat this time last week, but it's certainly one I'm proud of. I feel like the weakest aspect of the weathering are the wheels, however the paint did not want to stick to them, making me loathe to try too much.
  10. Some dirt effects were added with oils. This is now finished.